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India is among the world’s largest producers of textiles. The domestic textile and apparel industry in India contributes 5% to the country’s GDP, 7% of industry output in value terms, and 12% of the country’s export earnings. Numbers speak in themselves. For this huge textile business, there is definitely the need for specific applications to run the business. 

In this digital age, everyone is looking for their presence in the industry, but sometimes they get lost in this web and unable to reach the customers. Leave all hassle to us because we are here with 5 useful apps that may be helpful for you in your daily life for your textile business. One can choose from a variety of features provided by them.

1. Textile Learner

It is the most popular application of the textile industry, just like the textile business in the world. It has been developed with the purpose of providing people with accurate knowledge about the garment and clothing industry. The feature of this app is to provide the best information regarding the textile industry. It has 500+ guests authors from different countries.


  • It is a kind of a group blog, you can post content related to textile, reports, thesis papers, news, assignments, and every other analysis from around the world.
  • It consists of a lot of information regarding the textile industry across the world.
  • It is a great platform to display your creativity among the textile and apparel-related industries across the world.


  • It is full of lots of information, which makes it tough to scan for something specific.

2. Lio

The Lio app will let you manage your business documents and data in one place and you can access it in a few clicks. It has specific textile business templates in it for your ease. You can also create a new template in the way you want. It has 20 lakh+ users currently which gives the idea that your data will always be safe and secure.


  • It is a free app, which is very convenient to use on your smartphone.
  • It is available in your regional language as well.
  • You can share the file in excel sheet or PDF, with your employees or clients on Whatsapp, Gmail, and other social media apps.


  • People who have been doing business in a traditional way can find it a little difficult to access.

3. Fabric GSM Calculator

As we know GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, this calculator mainly helps in calculating the same for woven fabrics like cotton, denim, sateen, poplin. It is a free application that you can download from the Google play store.


  • No issues while downloading the app, there is no need to wait for the verification process.
  • GSM Calculator can be conveniently used for Textile – students, technicians, traders, and other textile-related fields.


They have limited features in their application

4. Hello Textile

This application puts the textile industry at your fingertips as it helps in textile sales and purchases. It lets you locate raw materials to finished goods all over the world and that too from thousands of customers and manufacturers of the textile industry.


  • Hello Textile app helps out in trading every kind of textile fabric at the lowest possible cost.
  • Very useful for professionals who are in the textile business.


  • Difficult to use by people who do not have much knowledge about smartphones.

5. Textile Duniya

The concern of your prototype being duplicated by your competitors is being solved by the Textile Duniya application. It provides you the choice of showcasing the price and images of your goods to the widespread public or only your company contacts. 


  • With the help of this app, you are able to run your business the exact way you want it.
  • Easy to use, within a few taps you can display your business to the world.
  • It has advanced search options that help buyers to search for specific kinds of garments. 
  • It provides the facility of a news feed where one can get updates regarding the making of the vendors.


  • There are some bugs in the application that needs to be fixed.


These applications will be a lifesaver for the people who are going to enter the textile industry in India or wanted their established textile business to go digital. With the increasing scope of the textile industry in the country, it will surely give better returns to your investment.

We have covered the GSM Calculator, tracking the budget, textile-related reports and thesis, a platform for buying and selling goods, and an app that solve your concerts of the prototype being copied. These apps are put together by keeping the textile business in mind, hence will definitely help your business to touch the sky.

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