Blog Post Promotion Checklist: 8 Best Ways To Promote Blog Post


After brainstorming Content ideas, and Writing a well-researched blog post, it is now time to promote your blog post to reach tons of readers.

Content promotion might be a “pain in the butt” if you don’t have a blog post promotion Checklist. You must ensure your content reaches your potential audience.

Promoting your content doesn’t always mean things you do after publishing a post; it also applies to things that can trigger your content’s organic promotion.

The idea of “If you build it, they will come” does not apply to a blog post. Instead, if you published it, you must promote it. Promotion is the key to blogging.

Being the only one promoting your content is really tasking, you can get others to help you. This post is focused on the best ways to promote your blog post.

It also tells you what to do before hitting publishing so your content will get free promotion from your readers.

Are you in for a treat? I bet yes!

Blog Post Promotion Checklist (8 Ways to Consider)

Below are the 8 best ways to promote your blog post to reach the right audience.

1. Promote To Email List

The importance of building a good email list can not be overemphasized. It’s a golden tool for all marketers. Email marketing is (and will continue) making waves in the marketing industry.

After writing that astonishing content, it’s crucial to share it with your subscribers. You should already learn ways of improving your email open rate, so a bigger portion of your list will read your mail.

The juicy part of promoting blog posts to an email list is that you will have engagements (shares, Comments, Dwell Time) before search engines rank your content in the right position. To search engines, good engagement means a better ranking opportunity.

Neglecting list building is a common blogging mistake that must be avoided.

This technique is what a friend of mine uses for promoting tech interview pro review, and  it works like fire.

2. Reach out to Mentioned People

The law of reciprocation is still at its peak. People tend to return favors, especially in the blogosphere. If you mentioned a few people in your post, give them heads up by sending them an email or reach out to them on their social media platform.

They will surely reciprocate your kind act by sharing the post with their audience. If you are lucky enough or your content is so good, they might link back to it in their next post.

For a promotion strategy, this technique works fine. It’s also an avenue to create a cordial relationship with other publishers. Think it like buying a gift for someone, that person will feel indebted to you and want to return the favor.

This strategy might fail if you aim too high. You don’t want to focus on really busy pro bloggers, your chances with them are slim, they might not share your post except if you are also a known blogger in their circle.

I learned this promotion tip from a friend who uses it to promote his Shopify Enterprise Pricing Guide. A friend of mine also uses it to increase the visibility of alidropship review post.

3. Ask Readers To Share

Readers have a good sense of humor, especially if your content is problem-solving. Why not take that advantage and ask them for a little favor in return? You can simply ask them to share your content.

Even though some readers will willingly share your content, yet, it doesn’t hurt if you request they do so. This will increase the share rate of your content.

In fact, Some experts labeled this as a CTA that should be included in blog posts conclusions. Ask politely, and witness how much your content will be shared.

After my friend Khris wrote his Thrivecart Review, he asked his readers to share it and he was able to boost the reach of the post. This technique works like fire.

Intelligent Guest post

You have a small email list? Your social media engagement is poor? Well, You can still showcase your amazing content to a broad audience through guest posting.

Guest Posting is the act of contributing a valuable piece to another authority blog. Most often, you will be allowed to link back to your blog.

This gives you an edge to promote your content easily. The benefits of guest posting are far beyond link building. It should be leveraged as a tool to build a reputable brand. It also helps to increase your productivity as a content writer.

Contributing to other blogs is not just the best way to promote a blog post; it also hints to search engines that your content is receiving love (backlink), and should be ranked well.

Leave Super Helpful Comments on Others Blog

Blog commenting is an essential skill every blogger must have. Dropping helpful comments on other blogs is vital to building a good rapport with bloggers.

Aside from that, It’s also helpful to promote your blog posts. When commenting, there’s always a space to insert your blog URL (some blogs disabled it), if your comment is valuable enough, you can drop a link to your latest blog post.

Don’t see this as a backlink; comment links have little to no SEO benefit. See it as a way to showcase your blog post to a targeted audience.

If your comment added value to the post, other readers would love to check out your blog in search of more valuable content.

It’s professional to drop a link to your homepage. However, you can link to a blog post if it’s related. Olusola promotes his Ali2woo vs Alidropship review with this exact technique, and he see a good result.

Create Cool Visuals

If you add appealing visuals (chart, Statistics, or Infographics) to your content, it will trigger readers to promote your post. Even if they are not doing it for the content’s sake, they will share it for the visuals they find enticing.

Visuals like infographics attract lots of engagement. They attract lots of shares on social media. This might be because they look beautiful and contain valuable information.

This strategy is more like having tons of people share your content by enticing them with visuals.

A good example of this could be found on Folajomi’s Shopify for Restaurants guide, he added a cool infographic to summarize the whole guide with one image.

Run Targeted ads

Running ads as a content promotion strategy might sound a little odd. Sometimes, it’s the best option, especially if you want to reach a targeted number of readers at a stipulated time.

For example – Content related to winter is only useful during the winter period. This means you must reach as many as possible within the winter period, else, you wait for next winter.

A few experts suggest Facebook ads work best. Saying the conversion rate is pretty high compared to other types of ads.

Running Facebook ads requires expertise; you might want to hire a social media expert if your budget is high.

To top it, only rely on running ads if you have a reasonable budget, and you want to achieve a particular reach at a stipulated time. Paid promotion is expensive. You must work with your budget.

When Eniola wrote is Kicksta Review, the first thing he did was to run Google ad to promote it and he was able to gain massive visibility to the post. Also, if you search for Clickfunnels Pricing, you might discover an ad from my friend John ranking first, that shows you how powerful this promotion technique is. You should try it too.

Promote Your Blog Post On Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee (VCB) is the social media platform helping users to promote their content to their target audience. It’s a marketing tool offering a wide array of features that will boost any social media campaign.

Once you have your account created, connect your social media accounts. Now, start to promote other bloggers’ content to earn points. Those points are what you will use to create a campaign and have tons of users promote your content.

In my opinion, VCB is a robust way to promote blog posts without having to spend a dime. Even though it allows paid promotion, free promotion is still super-effective.

I have seen tons of blog posts receive massive love from Content bee. For example I saw posts on Shopify Monthly Costs and Alidropship Premium Store review gain massive likes and shares from the platform. Also, Content Bee is free to use.

Wrapping Up My Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Generating great content ideas and writing a good blog post is not enough. You must push your content to the right audience.

Content promotion is what every marketer must understand. If you leave your content to find an audience on its own, it will behave like a fart in the wind.

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