Businesses to start with 10k near Delhi

Businesses to start with 10k near Delhi

Starting a business in Delhi can be tiresome but if you are wanting to start it is not a bad option. Delhi is a metropolitan city and incorporating your business there will surely provide you with certain gains.

While starting the business location is the topmost priority where many individuals tend to start their business by having maximum customer interaction.

Before starting a business people tend to see a lot of factors. If you are wanting to start a business in Delhi, the first thing you need to consider is whether Delhi is the right place.

Is Delhi the right place to Start a Business?

Well, if we are looking towards Delhi, we can say it is a favorable place due to several factors but basically, there are two reasons to start your business in Delhi:

  • Due to the ready availability of the wholesale products
  • Ease in the establishment of business due to the availability of the resources.

There are surely numerous business ideas that you can work on to establish your business in Delhi.

Business Ideas in Delhi under INR 10k

For this, all you need to do is thorough research and look for the business that suits you the most. Below are certain business ideas that you can work upon to settle your line of business in Delhi.

Freelance Writing

During the pandemic, work from home has become a new normal, where while the physical offices are shutting down but individuals are working from home to full fill their assignments.

In such time freelance writing is something which has come to face more. All you require is creative writing skills and then you are ready to start a freelance writing business. Delhi is an interesting place for freelancers as there are many organizations that require a lot of content.

Printing Clothes Business

Printed clothes are the new fashion and the latest trend which requires minimal capital to start your online clothing business. This business is nowadays famous among youngsters.

They just love the idea of printing different patterns or names on their t-shirts or clothes. Though this is a small business it attracts a lot of people. And starting this business in Delhi can be beneficial as this is a regular attire for the Delhiites.

Organic Gardening

The most economical idea to do business in Delhi is that of organic gardening, not only the people there are health conscious but they try to induce the consumption of fruits and vegetables in their regular regime.

You will surely gain a lot of customers who will be attracted to your business. With a plethora of vegan populations in Delhi organic gardening is sure to win business.

Tiffin Service

With a lot of people moving to Delhi for their careers or future careers, they hardly make food on their own and majorly crave homemade food.

Thus, there are many food services that are in demand at various Offices, Paying Guests, and Hostels. It is a low investment business at the initial step but it expands further with time.

Hostel Service

As said earlier there sure are people who are moving to Delhi for various careers and Delhi is even a hub for various educational institutes.

Such with people coming out to the city, they require accommodation facility and thus hostel business is a sure business,

Event Management Company

Delhi is a metropolitan city held the most grandeur parties and functions. The event management company is the sure business to succeed here with the minimum amount of capital. All you require is manpower.

Fitness Center

We already know that people in Delhi are fitness freaks. Having a fitness center at home can be determined as the most economical option for starting the business here. All you require is a large hall for having the yoga or the Zumba classes. If there is no space you can rent it even.

Handmade/Crochet Items

Delhi can be said as the trendiest city in our country. There is always a high demand for handmade items like crochet, embroidered clothes, handbags, wall hanging, dream catchers, etc.

You can surely sell these items online through your website. This is the best way to start the business all due to the crowd and their adoration for such types of items.


For a business, there are a lot of factors that are required to see. But it becomes necessary for the business to have a unique product or service. And for this, you need a perfect idea and a team to convert that idea into reality.

Though success comes with hard work you need to require a strong footing, despite not having a significant start. All you need is perseverance. In a place like Delhi, you require creativity and innovation with solid marketing.

If you are starting a business in Delhi you need to focus on the customers the most because without them surviving there is next to impossible.

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