Top 20 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs to Monetize your Crypto Blog

A digital asset is a cryptocurrency that, for work, is designed as a medium of exchange. And in this, records are stored of coin ownership individually in a ledger. And this ledger existing in a computerized database, and to secure these transaction records, it uses strong cryptography. It is also controlled additional coins creation and verify the coin ownership transferring. Typically, it is not exciting in physical form, and it is also not issued by any central authority. Typically cryptocurrencies a decentralized control are using as opposed to central banking and digital currency centralized systems. Typically blockchain serves as a transaction database for public finances. 

However, in 2009 first open-source software was released that known as Bitcoin. After its release, other cryptocurrencies were created. In 2019 the worth of the cryptocurrency industry was about $237.1 billion. But this number of prices was surprising, but the surprising cost of this industry in 2018 was $128.78 billion. This value of the industry is increasing rapidly and continues to grow.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies and exchanges with new technologies popping up very fast, so it is the best time to invest in this industry. And people that have an interest in this earning can join the affiliate programs of cryptocurrency. There are many affiliate programs of cryptocurrency available. And most people have not yet invested in this industry.

Ways of making money with affiliate marketing of cryptocurrency

In the cryptocurrency niche, there are many types of these affiliate programs for marketing. An excellent way for cryptocurrency marketing is mining hardware that helps in this niche to make a high commission. So with different currencies, it works well with additional hardware.

Another popular super way is cryptocurrency marketing courses to making a commission. So in the market, available a lot of excellent and best practices for cryptocurrency marketing. And we can get all time the updated visions. In this way, it is very easy to doing marketing.

There is mention below the best 20 top affiliated programs for cryptocurrency marketing.

These are:

  1. A-Ads
  2. Abra
  3. AvaTrade
  4. Privacy Pros
  5. Binance
  6. Deribit
  7. Bitbound
  8. Bitcoin Mining
  9. BitMEX
  10.  Bitpanda
  11.  Bybit
  13. Changelly
  14. Coinbase
  15. Coinhouse
  16. Coinigy
  17. Coinmama
  18. Coinsquare
  19. Crptohopper
  20. CryptoTraders.Tax


An advertising network is A-Ads that serves the niche of cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency niche, the advertisers can pay for clicks and impressions. And the beginners that want to start and invest in cryptocurrency marketing, this program is perfect for them. Because their marketing services become comfortable with their low fees, we can join for every advertiser, and for six months, about 50% we will get off the company’s price.


At the moment, the super trendy are mobile wallets. And these mobile wallets become marketing through the Abra program significantly more comfortable. However, this app is very intuitive and beautiful and the users over 30 cryptocurrencies can purchase by using their credit cards from their mobiles.


This affiliate program is a partner network. So AvaPartners over $250,000,00 has paid out to affiliates this marketing over its industry 14 years. So this biggest network of affiliate cryptocurrencies in existence.

Through this program, we can trade securely. And this security itself its best selling point. However, the affiliates also supply with tracking tools and marketing that do easy cryptocurrency marketing. Moreover, the partner network they have closed. And the commission’s details are disclosed for only approved partners.

Privacy Pros

This is the best affiliate program for cryptocurrency marketing. So with affordable prices, it is a reliable and best selling point. And it offered a commission of mid-range. So it is also an easy way of making a commission.


A leading cryptocurrency exchange is Binance. And this affiliated program gives access to the traders in the market to each major cryptocurrency. 

So its reputation makes interest in users invest through this affiliate program. Through this program, people can earn a high commission. And due to this benefit, everyone wants to join this program in cryptocurrency marketing.


Relatively Deribit is a new trading portal. This platform with intuitive design and low fees. So this platform perfect for new traders and also for old traders.

The Bitcoin wallet is a high commission rate that makes it the best affiliate program for bitcoin exchange. However, Ethereum trading also is enabled through these platforms. And the fact of its popularity is that it offers prolonged periods of commission that make it for each marketer to must-join in this niche.


With the Bitboud affiliate program, the browsing and lending were significantly becoming more comfortable and faster. And this platform speeds up custody, issuance, or settlement of bonds. And the twist is that this program is in the form of cryptocurrencies and transferred funds.

Bitcoin Mining

In the cryptocurrency niche, the best way to earn a commission is bitcoin mining connecting with Parallel Miner like hardware companies. The pre-built mining PCs, rigs, GPUs the company sells. And with cloud mining companies, we also can join. And we are making commission through these companies that into paying customers converting our visitors.


The right platform is BitMEX if we are looking for every user to make a commission for a lifetime. It is a bitcoin exchange. And this platform is designed explicitly for experienced traders to use cryptocurrency.

By joining, we can be paid to the users’ lifetime commission because it provides very decent commission rates. And the thing that makes it best bitcoin exchange its structure of the robust commission.


Bitpanda platform enables cryptocurrencies purchase from both mobile and desktop. It is the perfect and best platform for crypto beginner traders that provide them with fast support and excellent security features.

It makes this program the best affiliate cryptocurrency program that provides a cookie window for 30-days and high commission rates.


Suppose we are looking for a fast-growing trading platform of cryptocurrency that provides maximum profits and influence. Then the best affiliate program for this purpose is Bybit. The conversion rate of this platform has very best and extraordinary, about more than 60%. And it means that we will make money even for every two users we register. Additionally, it refers to all traders, the other affiliates they also can join. It is one of the best referral crypto programs.

The changes that charge lower fees and easy to use not find easily. But both traits happen that affiliate program is And this platform also offers in the industry the best commissions.

The customer base garnered this exchange over 3 million customers, and the customer’s funds it has never lost. That explains its best reputation.


Relatively Changelly is a new exchange. This platform among traders is trendy. Because it offers the traders momentary and secure access to over cryptocurrencies 150, this portal interface has very voguish and modern. It provides the traders in the industry the lowest fees. If we are connecting with this platform, it will give us revenue of about 50% of every user to each transaction. Bitcoin another Changelly affiliated program benefit we also can pain in it.


A crypto brokerage is Coinbase that a wallet offers and the users their cryptocurrencies can store. Additionally, in affiliate links, this Coinbase program ad banners supplies that we can use on our website.


Three-tier ingenious pricing structure boats in-house enable the traders with all levels of skills to invest in cryptocurrencies. The classic tier of this program is free. And the Platinum and Premium tiers give users access to reduced fees, advisory of premium investment, and support.

It is best to an affiliate program that provides top-tier material of marketing and excellent high commission rates. 


Professional traders want to make more trading opportunities, and they need management tools for the premium portfolio. And the traders of crypto are no different. This affiliate program gives access to the traders across all devices over 45 exchanges. But to traders to selling it should be a breeze. But if we want to connect with the affiliate program, it requires us to create a link to generate from under its referral menu program.


Coinmama affiliate program is right and best for those who want to convert the crypto traders worldwide for excellent commissions. 

To join this program is very easy, and it also enables us to convert our visitors from any 190 supported countries. And from every transaction, a chunk we will get that make our referrals for a lifetime.


This affiliate program provides traders security and quick trade of Etherum and Bitcoin. It is a Canadian platform that is leading and also allows purchasing gold. And if we want to sign up for this affiliate program, it is very easy to sign up and get a referral code; all you need to submit is an email address.


For beginners, traders selling advanced products of cryptocurrency can be difficult. So the traders can quickly sell at any level of skill an automated affordable crypto trading bot. 

Copying traders and exchange accounts managing become very easy on this platform. And the users through this platform also manage their portfolios efficiently over a different 100 cryptocurrencies.


Traders know that when with cryptocurrencies, they trade then can get complicated filing taxes. So through this program, we can calculate how much we owe the traders and upload their trading documents.

Cryptocurrency trading is on trend at that time. Because it is the best time to invest in this marketing, people are looking for the best cryptocurrency programs. But not all people know which one will be best for them, hope the mentioned cryptocurrency affiliate programs will help you select the best one.

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