Top 20 Delhi Food Bloggers That You NEED To Follow

Top 20 Delhi Food Bloggers That You NEED To Follow

Is food a big part of your life? Are you always looking for food recommendations? Do you reside in Delhi? Well, we have some good news for you. Here are 20 food bloggers that you must follow if you want to learn about all the delicacies this majestic city has to offer.

Food bloggers have made the life of foodies a whole lot easier. Now you don’t have to suffer the heartbreak of wasting time and money on food that is not worth it. All you have to do is log in to your social media account, follow these food bloggers. They will do the hard work for you. These bloggers go all over the city, discovering different nooks and crannies looking for the best food. All this taking of food sure has me hungry; let’s not keep you waiting and get right on it.

Be sure to give these food bloggers a follow and let them lead you to the best food places in Delhi.

V_For_Veggie – Shubhneet Jain

 If you are a vegetarian, this blog is a must-follow! Shubhneet Jain is the mind behind this fabulous blog. As a food lover, Shubhneet wanted to share his love of food with fellow Delhiites and thus came into existence V_For_Veggie. Shubhneet has been blogging about food for two years now and has high hopes for the future. His target audience includes people who are strictly vegetarian as well as those people who occasionally enjoy vegetarian cuisine.

FunFoodandFrolic – Hina Bisht 

This financial analyst turned food blogger has some great content on her food blog. Hina had an epiphany that numbers were not her true calling; food was. That’s when she decided to start her very own food journal where she not only talks about the food available throughout the city but also food that you can easily make at home. Her blog features esthetically pleasing photographs of lip-smacking food. Hina has been blogging for over five years.

Iamdatingfood – Nikita Varma 

If you are a pure foodie, you must have thought about marrying food. Life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what Nikita Varma thought and ended up naming her food blog ‘iamdatingfood’. Nikita’s blog features amazing photographs that will have your stomach growl in pleasure! Keep a napkin near you when you scroll through her blog, you are bound to drool! You can find everything on her blog, from street food to high-class entrées.

Delhidelites – Anish Kapur   

Are you a Chinese food fanatic? This Delhi blogger brings you the best of both worlds. His blog features Indian food as well as desi and authentic Chinese cuisine. The mouthwatering pictures on his blog are more than enough to have you running off in the middle of the night in the search of some steaming momos. Don’t worry if you are not that big on Chinese food, you can also find desi food such as sugary goodness commonly known as jalebis.

Chatpati_shikha – Shikha & Harun 

Street food is the essence of Delhi. Shikha’s blog features the hottest street food stops in Delhi. Delhiites are big fans of Shikha’s blog as she talks about affordable yet scrumptious food places that are adored by all foodies. She has over 125k followers on Instagram, and the number is only going up. If you are craving a hot plate of chole bhature, Shikha’s blog can be your saving grace.

Alwaysbhukaa – Arpit Garg 

Bhook has got you worried? Jump over to Arpit Garg’s blog. Arpit is just an average guy with an extraordinary love for food. He blogs about all the food he eats. His blog includes food from street dhabas to high-class restaurants. He has everything you are looking for. His love of food stems from his childhood when his mom and dadi made different dishes, all for Arpit to taste and enjoy!

Missfoodiefiesta – Komal Chawla 

An accountant by day and blogger by night, Komal Chawla has been blogging about food in Delhi for a long time. With a knack for writing, food, and fashion, Komal decided to make the social world her stage and tell the world about her food-related adventures. Her blog is a great way to get good recommendations for your weekend day out plans!

Sisters Corner – Divya & Nikita 

Food and family – surely a deadly combination. This duo of sisters is taking Delhi by a storm. Belonging from different careers, the two sisters bond over their love of food. Their journey to food blogging began when they took pictures of a dish made by their mother. Doing this made them realize that food blogging is their escape from mundane life.

Depressedhogger – Dr Trishnika 

Stress eating is a hobby for our food blogger- Dr Trishnika. Food has been her companion in the worst of times. This time she decided to give back to food and start her own food blog. Her creativity sparks when there is a hot plate of food in front of her and a camera in her hand. Her blog gives solace to all souls who connect with food on a deeper level.

Bhukkhadbybirth – Udit Batra 

You would definitely want someone who loves you the way Udit loves food. His love for chicken and basically food has him travelling all over Delhi for the perfect blend of spices and life-changing morsels. His blog features the best food Delhi has to offer. Want to spend a day out with your friends and relive those college days when you used to gorge on street food? Rush off to Udit’s blog as his recommendations are too good to ignore.

Myfoodproject – Shagun Raizada 

Want to know about the hottest spots in the city to bring your friends? Shagun has got you covered. Her blog features a large variety of food items. From Biryani to pasta, Shagun can give you the best recommendations to treat your taste buds. Her food blog has been ranked as the 3rd best, so don’t think twice and give her a follow!

Delhi_food_menu – Aman Sharma 

Lawyer in the making, Aman Sharma has much more to offer. Channelling his passion for food, he started his very own food blog at age 21. With his blog, you can visualize the food potential Delhi has to offer. He does not follow a specific cuisine just like Delhi itself, his blog portrays diversity! Much like its name, the blog is essentially the menu containing all food items Delhi can offer.

Khaata_rahe_mera_dil – Paresh Gupta 

Paresh Gupta brings you the best food from Delhi. Following his blog will forever give you options to try once you are out and about! He has a large variety of food on his blog. You can read up about street food like aloo tikkis to nachos from an indie food café.

Agirlwithork – Nikita Aggarwal 

Travelling and food are the two hobbies of Nikita, which lead her to start this journey of scrumptious food. Nikita travels around the city in the search of good food and documents her experience for the Delhiites to see. She has an eye for photography, and her convincing reviews attract foodies all over the city to pay heed to her recommendations.

Foodwarzinc – Mohit Mahajan 

All is fair in love and war- Mohit has taken to this quote quite seriously. He gave birth to a community that celebrates food. The members of this community call themselves the food warriors as they are always searching for good food and spreading the news. If you really want to know where to find good food in Delhi, this community is the answer you have been looking for. No fake reviews, only the truth is their motto.

Zingyzest – Sarah Hussain 

With the mission to explore Delhi and the food it offers, Sarah started this blog with a friend of hers- Saurav Nagar. Her audience gets to see the best food from around Delhi. Within the three years of her blogging life, she has reached great heights. She has been able to collaborate with local and international brands adding more flavour to her blog. Head over to her blog if you are on the search for some engaging content.

The_Sassy_Foodie – Srishti Sharma 

Fitness Freak and also a foodie? Sounds strange, doesn’t it. Srishti Sharma is breaking all norms. After completing her and the B.ed she decided food was where her passion lies. That’s when she pursued food blogging. Just like her personality, her blog is very sassy. You can all sorts of food there.

  Teekhi_Mircheee – Dr Radhika Agarwal 

Radhika is living a dual life. Where one phase of her life involves helping outpatients in need, the other side focuses on pleasing her love of food. Radhika has always been a big fan of food, and her blog is sure to turn you into one.

Haqsayhungry – Ravneet Singh 

Ravneet has always been the person people go for food recommendations. Understanding his passion, he decided to give it a platform. His blog is a crowd-pleaser as his recommendations always live up to expectations.

Thechatoridiaries – Nishi Tilara 

Nishi uses food to express herself. Her blog is for all those people who are travellers and foodies at heart. Being called ‘Chatori’ because of her love for food, Nishi decided to name her blog just that. Leaving her cushy job for a full-time career in food blogging has done wonders for Nishi. Go over to her blog and see for yourself.

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