30 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

Productivity receives high value and weight in businesses. Companies recognize the importance of having a team that is proficient in different industries. These digital marketing agencies are adept at handling various projects that would meet the challenge of getting productive results for your company. 

  • Rocketship

Rocketship, also known as  Rocketshp, is a marketing agency that has headquarters in the Asia Pacific and Australasia. The agency was founded in 2014 by Mark Hayes. They provide coaching through implementation should you only need a little guidance. If you have a team set up already, the agency would plan, manage, and coordinate the effort. The agency desires that you find new markets, new leads, and an effective conversion rate.

Neon Hive is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, web design, and web development. The agency has an innovative team of developers and designers that provide help to companies and businesses grow, adapt, and thrive in a connected world.  
Neon Hive is passionate about great design, as well as creative thinking, and working together with clients to provide and create simple solutions to problems.

A full-service custom web design company based in Auckland NZ and London UK servicing clients in NZ, Australia, UK, and Italy.
Web design services include Branding Design, Graphic Design and Print, Management, Custom Web Design and Development, Mobile Web Design, SEO Optimization, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Digital Marketing Strategy, Google AdWords Management, and Photography.

Professional SEO company Trustcorp is an SEO agency based in London with a proven track record in 27 countries. Our team delivers a full stack of SEO services: SEO audit, on-site optimization, keyword research, content optimization, link building, outreach, and SEO consulting.
They provide three supplemental services: PPC management, email marketing, and SERM (search engine reputation management).

Mantis Digital is a marketing agency that are experts in web development and design. They partner with their clients’ businesses to provide intelligent digital solutions that will bring in desired results and improve their bottom lines.

The agency, Alexander PR, along with its content arm, The Content Place, provides services to business personalities and decision-makers with branding, communication, along with crisis and reputation management, and strategizing opportunities in commercial and content. They are a licensed affiliate of Cohn Wolfe, with offices around the world. 

Dottystyle Creative is a team that is passionate about translating great ideas to digital success for their client’s brand and their intended audience. They have established offices in Sydney, Australia; Manila, Philippines; and Auckland, New Zealand. Dottystyle Creative focuses on providing quality service and projects at a competitive cost. They have a diverse range of products, including basic landing pages to advanced applications. They bring their expertise in providing great UI and UX and developing industry-standard web and mobile applications that push the limit of boldness and freshness in their designs.

Disruptive Unicorns is a marketing firm that provides services to businesses and clients through fully-diagnosed solutions for their advertising and marketing problems. They offer the right answers through in-depth immersion and understanding of the situation and problem. 
Disruptive Unicorns has a team of digital experts with speciality and expertise in design thinking, growth marketing, and inbound marketing. 
Disruptive Unicorns claims to dedicate their time to training and certification to make sure that they are up-to-date and able to provide and recommend the right results.

Inbound is a marketing firm that is experienced, at the same time, young and vibrant. They use Hubspot in teaching, implementing, and running effective inbound marketing campaigns. They work with the mindset and methodology to provide immense value upfront to the client at no cost to their audience. They work with you to figure out who your target audience is, your minimum viable market, and the reasons for them to need you. Inbound helps you develop and adequately strategize applications that draw people to engage with the content within your website. 

Cyber Infrastructure, known as CIS, aims to utilize their expertise, empowered by more than 12 years of experience in IT. This marketing agency delivers quality solutions to meet your technology needs. Their knowledge gives you leverage as you soar to the heights of success that you are aiming to achieve. CIS provides highly optimized services and solutions for a diverse range of industries. They bring mobile application development, open-source development, business analytics, and process management, digital marketing, cloud infrastructure development, and front-end design.

Method is a digital marketing agency that has been around since 2003. They blend art and tech with creativity and smart thinking to create unique digital experiences for their client’s target audience. Their mission is to challenge the norm and educate people that it’s not just about “making pretty stuff.” They know that change is constant, and they embrace it and flow with it as they achieve results that clients need.

With a solid foundation on user experience principles, Popart Studio offers cutting-edge web design that stands out. With a full digital creative team, they provide a wide array of innovative services like graphic design, web design, and interactive design. They are a full-service web design agency that offers a personal touch to their projects that ensure a unique approach in providing a visual solution for their client’s needs.

Mebsites is a digital marketing agency that provides their expertise in re-working and improving existing sites and improves on website SEO. They also help your company create additional features to aid in automation and web performance. 

  • Techzuke

Techzuke is a digital marketing firm that gives its clients the capability to reach their target audience. They do it by using their expertise in making the best web design and development, content creation, and digital marketing.

Special Group is a creative company that is known for producing diverse brand experiences and creating innovative social media ideas. They build relevant and strategic brand campaigns, brand reinvention to deliver a brand experience that will make a real and positive experience.

Gleetech is an international tech consulting company that is committed to delivering value for their clients by making use of emerging technologies. They specialize in AI transformation and in providing Machine Learning solutions for their client’s companies. They also have experience in delivering custom software solutions for different products and services.

Techcloud is an IT solutions service provider that has a headquarter in Auckland, New Zealand. They have technical expertise, as well as experience in business and engineering processes, to create innovative products and software to suit their client’s needs.

Digital Hothouse is different than most companies in this list as they do not claim to be a design company or that they have a big team. But they put the limelight on digital marketing. They are focused on keeping you on target. They have impressive articles and case studies that you should check out. The bottom line is they provide expertise and practical know-how on apps and software used for SEO, content marketing, analytics, AdWords, CRO, and social media.

Atooz is a team of developers and freelancers that work together to provide the best solution suited to meet the need of the client. They are among the top web designers, developers and app development companies in Auckland and Coimbatore. Atooz aims to deliver innovative solutions for your business.

Powerhouse Agency is a digital marketing firm that is helping small-medium enterprises (SMEs)by providing brand personalities that spur interest that commands market authority. It has an innovative approach in generating sales and leads through marketing funnels that the clients can track on their own. The agency believes in creating long-term, full-service relationships with its clients.

PurpleBug NZ, an international branch of PurpleBug, Inc., is a digital marketing agency that promotes high-quality digital marketing services and solutions to different industries and sectors internationally. PurpleBug’s goal is to provide the New Zealand market with cost-effective, yet quality marketing services

The Moustache Republic is a digital marketing agency that was founded by Tony Hou way back in 2009. The agency is meeting the challenge of the world of eCommerce. The Moustache Republic knows how to convert browsers to clients. They also are passionate about integrating multi-channelled cross-border eCommerce to provide maximum results for their clients.

Tandem NZ is a digital marketing agency that believes in delivering quality and delivering it well. They commit to providing world-class quality work and services. Tandem NZ listens to what you want to achieve and listens to how your company works. They, then discuss with the clients what is needed to grow your business to the next level.

Verum is a digital marketing agency made up of world-class creatives, developers, consultants, and strategists. They are a team that is passionate about providing results for their clients and grow their business.

Muli Mobile is known to take up and work on the most challenging mobile application projects. They have shown leadership and focus in comparison to how challenging the technical plans are. Muli Mobile has cross-functional expertise in delivering its innovative enterprise mobile applications.

Starlinks is a digital marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce website development and corporate branding solutions. Based in Auckland, NZ, they are an affordable and reliable partner in digital marketing.

Proclivity Digitech is a digital marketing agency that is primarily based in India but has a global presence in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA and is known as Web Maniacs. They specialize in software design, workflow automation, website design, mobile applications development, and business intelligence and analytics.

Based on the North Shore in Auckland, NZ, Orchid is a digital marketing agency that aims to meet their client’s needs by using their expertise to achieve maximum returns from their client’s investments.

Located in Auckland and Wellington, NZ, Catch is a digital marketing agency that has expertise in mobile application development, enhancement of user experience, digital design development, and website development. They are a group of designers, writers, and strategists that have banded together with the passion for telling the story about your business and connecting it to people.

99 is a digital marketing agency that has a long history with retail and instore. It has the art of persuasion and developed it further scientifically. The agency believes in understanding their customers and genuinely connecting with them to give the best product and result to grow their business.
The world has changed drastically, especially the digital one. Digital marketing is more than just choosing the right collaborative software. It is about finding the niche and team to work alongside you and your company. Your company’s needs may or may not be truly unique, in a sense, but with the help of these digital marketing agencies, you can improve your sales and growth of the company bu understanding what the market needs now.

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