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Social media verification is one of the most sought-after icons on the web.

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The credibility of the content offered by a brand or celebrities on social networks can be enhanced through the verification of their social network accounts with a verification badge.

These coveted verification blue badges offer a number of benefits to verified account holders including improved credibility, better social presence, as well as the ability to appear more “present” with fans.

At the checkout please provide the following information

Your Instagram username

Your short biography or if you are a company  outline your mission

The link to your official website (if you have one)

The additional URL links to support your request. Please choose sites that provide more information about the account holder

Benefits of Verified Social Media Accounts

The verification badge on social media profiles can bring a number of benefits to users. First and foremost, verified accounts can protect the integrity of account holders and help prevent identity theft.

In addition to protecting the online identity of a brand, verified accounts also help brands attain better visibility. When fans search for a notable user profile, the presence of the checkmark will alert them that the verified profile will offer them the most relevant information to their search. The increased impressions on the page will help brands increase their performance on the social platform and ultimately contribute to brand credibility.

Brand credibility on social media is becoming increasingly important in today’s social-media driven communications. Pages with high credibility promote interaction between the brand or user with their fans, prospects, or customers on a more personal level, building trust and better public reception.

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