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11 Digital Marketing Tips For Doctors & Physicians

Today, digital marketing channels are widely used by consumers (doctors and patients) in everyday of life at home and at work, using computers, tablets and smartphones. To be more successful, pharmaceutical companies has able to deliver the brand’s message across different marketing channels, including digital channels (websites, social networks, mobile apps, email, electronic publishing, and […]

Affiliate Programs

Top 10 Chatbot Affiliate Programs

No one ever imagined that we would be using a smart tool to converse with humans just like naturally. And this buzz word got a boost in the past few years. Businesses and even people at home find it interesting to interact with chatbots and add seamless ways of executing a trade and other personal […]


Top 10 PPC Services Delhi NCR, PPC Management Company India

Digital marketing is not only the need but also the focus of the new India. Pay Per Click advertising is one of the domains of digital marketing and advertising that offers instant results. In comparison to methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Content Marketing, PPC offers an immediate solution […]


SEO Vs PPC: Difference & When To Use SEO and PPC

Business firms these days are consistently relying on online marketing techniques for building brand awareness, expanding their customer base and increasing their gross revenue. A subject that has remained a hot debate topic over the recent years is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and which one provides better and […]

Social Media

A Complete List 100+ Banned Hashtags You Should Avoid (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

When people think of expanding their business reach, it is inevitable to imagine using social media. Over time, these platforms have added to the benefits of digital marketing where community engagement such as likes, followers, and shares can be monetized. Business experts execute this by converting viewership into purchases and follows into loyal customers. Since […]