Top 10 Best Web Push Notification Software

Whenever a notification pops up on your screen, you immediately look into it. No matter whether it is a product delivery info from an e-commerce site, a special offer announcement from a clothing and apparel brand, or a breaking news update from a news channel, you certainly get tempted to know what the message is. 

With technological advancements allowing deep linking and the incorporation of rich media like videos, buttons, images, GIFs, emojis, and more into push notifications, the effectiveness of this media has increased by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, only a few brands make use of this promising channel.

If your brand or business seeks to tap into its largely untapped potential, this blog would be very much useful to you. For, it lists and describes the top 10 best web push notification software to help you in your web push notification marketing. 

  1. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is the no.1 on this list of the best web push notification software. It allows you to send web pushes on mobile and desktop and re-engage users even when they are offsite. The platform works on Chrome for Android, Chrome for Web, Firefox for Web, Samsung Internet for Web, and Safari for Web. 

Notify Visitors has a customer segmentation feature that enables grouping your users based on their geo-location, device used, on-site behavior, browser, info provided, and subscription period. You can send personalized and triggered notifications using this tool. To keep up with the current trend of many sites turning AMP, it offers AMP page support. 

Additionally, you can integrate this tool with multiple platforms like Zapier, volusion, Drupal, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, opencart, Magento, PrestaShop, cs.cart, BigCommerce, WordPress, and MailChimp.  

  1. PushEngage

PushEngage is a push notification software that allows you to automate your push notification marketing. You can also use it for manual custom message sending. Both amateurs and advanced users find this tool easy to set up and use. It supports all browsers and devices and works both on HTTP and HTTPs sites (get to know the difference between http and https). 

PushEngage includes features for custom triggered campaigns (for sending price drop alerts, scheduled messages, abandoned cart notifications, and more), smart opt-in reminders, automatic drip campaigns, A/B testing, and more. It also has powerful analytics that lets you know how each of your campaigns performed and the revenue generated therefrom. 

Its segmentation feature is dynamic. You can segment your users based on their actions such as buying something, adding things to the card, viewing a specific page, etc. This will help you target them with aptly personalized messages and thus increase your revenue generation. 

  1. iZooto

iZooto is another reputed tool for sending recurring, real-time, and scheduled push notifications. This tool allows powerful segmentation and personalization for targeted messaging. It has ready-made notification templates where you just need to add your message and your logo to craft your notification. It also has useful features for sending time-zone-based notifications, capturing users’ key attributes and interests, analytics, and more. You can even A/B test push notifications with it.

You can use the automated, triggered notification feature for recovering abandoned carts, abandoned website sessions, and abandoned video watching. This works effectively in increasing conversions. 

If you plan to switch from your current web push notification software to iZooto, its customer success team will aid you in transferring your subscribers over to it. However, do remember that iZooto works only with HTTPS websites. So, you can use it only if your site has an SSL certificate. 

iZooto comes with a 14-day free trial, which you can avail of without submitting any credit card details.  

  1. OneSignal

OneSignal is a renowned push notification software that also has features for connecting through marketing mediums like mobile push notifications, in-app, SMS, and email marketing. It is easy to set up (it won’t take more than 15 minutes for the installation). With it, you can create automatic push notifications, abandoned cart push notifications, triggered push notifications, and more. It allows you to set your pushes such that they are shown to the audience after a specific number of page reviews and/or time duration.

It allows user segmentation, personalization, and customization for better targeting. It also has features for intelligent delivery that leverages machine learning. 

Apart from these, you can also perform useful real-time analytics and A/B testing using it. Using this software, you can also create emails and in-app messages. If your subscriber base is only within 10,000, you can use its free plan. However, the paid plans come with added features and sophistication. 

  1. VWO Engage 

Formerly known as PushCrew, VWO Engage is a web push notifications software for use both on mobile and desktop. Using it, you can create push notifications with text, image, and CTAs; and campaigns with entry and exit triggers. Moreover, you can automatically opt users out of a particular campaign if they act like signing up, filling out a form, or clicking a button. 

Just like the formerly discussed tools, VWO Engage also offers personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, and in-depth analytics. Its analytical reporting includes geo-location, page visits, elements clicked, and API cookie/JavaScript of your users. 

The drawbacks are that its engagement campaigns and segmentation tools are quite limited, and it offers no free plan. Nevertheless, you can avail of its 30-day free trial without submitting your credit card details. 

  1. PushAssist

PushAssist is a push notification that supports three browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, on both mobile and desktop. You can use it with HTTP and HTTPS sites. You can easily install and configure it. It has tools for personalization, segmentation, scheduling, and analytics. 

An exclusive feature of PushAssist is that you can monetize your push traffic by allowing advertisers to send out pushes to your viewers. This way, you can generate revenue. You can avail of its free plan if your subscriber base consists of 3,000 or lesser subscribers. Though this plan allows unlimited push notifications, these come with the PushAssist branding. If you don’t want this, you need to use their paid plans, such as the Business plan. 

  1. Kumulos

Kumulos is not only a web push notification tool but also a tool for sending mobile pushes and in-app notifications. This omnichannel platform is easy to use and gives you a complete idea of user experience, customer behavior, and user sentiment. So, you can connect with your users meaningfully and create a loyal customer base.

Kumulos has the features for making interactive and rich push notifications. You can choose to create either omnichannel campaigns or separate campaigns. You can schedule and manage your campaigns with its configurable message expiry feature. 

Kumulos also has other attractive features such as templates for creating messages, media library for storing your brand assets, geofencing and proximity marketing for better targeting, A/B testing to know the best performing variants, automation for preferred and intelligent delivery to enable timely interactions, result reporting to fine-tune your future campaigns for increased engagement, and crash reporting and diagnostics for letting you know when there is a technical error. 

  1. Batch

Batch is a push notification tool for both web and mobile platforms. It allows you to send a high volume of push notifications and has advanced targeting options to better target your audience. It has features for multi-level segmentation, theme editing, time-zone management, retargeting, triggered campaigns, scheduled campaigns, geo-targeting, scheduled campaigns, expiry notifications, marketing pressure management, A/B testing, and engagement analytics.

Batch’s user-friendly interface allows you to create, set up, and evaluate push notifications easily. It has customizable CTAs, dynamic content, and more to allow you to come up with the best engaging content for your audience. You can flexibly make use of these features to brand your notifications to aptly suit your business. 

Batch has good customer support with an extensive knowledge base and forum/FAQs as well as help desk, phone and chat support. So, in case of any issues, you can get quick and timely assistance from their support team. 

  1. LeanPlum

LeanPlum is another leading web push notification tool that also has features for communicating via mobile notifications, email marketing, and mobile app notifications. That is, it has everything for a successful and scaled-up push notification strategy. It also has features for personalization, automation tools, A/B testing, real-time messaging, analytics, and more. 

LeanPlum’s high-caliber analytics allows you to track your users’ behaviors, giving a complete 360- degree view of the results of each of your campaigns. So, you can derive useful insights and implement those in your future campaigns. This helps to increase conversions, lower churns and drop-offs, and improve retention. 

Over the net, you can see numerous positive reviews about the incredible assistance from their support team. The only and the biggest issue with LeanPlum is its lack of transparency with regards to contracts and pricing. So, you should be completely about these if you plan to use this platform for your marketing.

  1. Webpushr

Webpushr is an easy-to-use web push notification software that supports all well-known browsers. You will find the platform easy to understand and completely transparent. It comes with many high-end features and offers flexibility in that it integrates easily with 3rd party platforms like Zapier, WordPress, WooCommerce, and more. 

If your subscriber base has 10000 active subscribers or lesser, you can avail Webpushr’s free plan, which includes all of its features. If you are switching from another tool to Webpushr, this tool makes the transferring of your subscribers from that tool to itself easier. 

Webpushr offers many templates to choose from and customize. It also supports rich media such as large images, emoji, and action buttons. All types of publishers would benefit from some of Webpushr’s vital features like visibility into the opt-in funnel and Load Shield. 

The only demerit of using this platform is that it offers customer support via e-mail alone and not through quick communication channels like chat or phone. 

Final Thoughts

With web push notification marketing becoming a powerful channel, many options with regards to web push notification software have emerged. We have listed the top 10 from among those. Do choose the right one from among these based on your requirements. 

Also, do keep in mind that the success of your push notification marketing won’t solely depend on the software you use. You also need to come up with an effective strategy. Well-crafted push notifications sent at the right time can increase click-through rates and user engagement. 

So, ensure that your copy is engaging enough with attractive and interactive content; and that your users receive your notifications at the right times. You can learn more tactics, tips, and ideas on making your push notification marketing work from our push notification guide. 

We wish you the best of luck in your push notification marketing endeavors!

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