Top 50 SEO Companies in Dallas

Top 50 SEO Companies in Dallas

01) Thrive

Thrive is a Dallas-based SEO company. They offer a diverse range of SEO services for small and large companies in many domains. Their SEO services focus on boosting your reach and generating sales leads. Thrive offers both on and off-page SEO services and has a solid technical and content team. 

2) Scorpion

Scorpion delivers SEO services in Dallas. The firm offers SEO services for home service companies. Scorpion focuses on SEO for plumbing and many other home services. They are great at technical and local SEO. Their SEO team focuses on getting your home services firm more visibility in the local area. 

3) Haitna

Haitna is a leading SEO company in Dallas. They offer a vast range of SEO services. Whether you need help with link building, keywords, technical or content help, Haitna has the skills and the experience to get it done. They have provided SEO services to 100+ clients across industries. 

4) RevLocal

RevLocal helps small and large businesses come up with great SEO campaigns. Based in Dallas, they were founded in 2010. The company provides Local SEO, PPC, SEO, and Social media services in the Dallas region. The team has worked across various industries such as medical, auto, and more. 

5) JSL Marketing

JSL Marketing is a family owner SEO company in Dallas. Their range of SEO services includes Local SEO, keyword research, and more. They can help you with quality external and internal link building. Contact them for a free website audit and quotation for your upcoming SEO campaigns. 

6) Wired SEO

Wired SEO specializes in SEO services. They have worked with diverse industries and dozens of campaigns over the years. Each project is tailor-made and driven by metrics. Popular SEO packages include PPC, Keywords, Social media, and content strategy. They can help with SEO for sites that are penalized by Google. 

7) IOVista

IO Vista is a Dallas SEO company that offers many SEO packages. They specialize in Local SEO and optimizing your GMB (Google My Business) profile. Other services are content writing, keywords, and site audits. They have over 15 years of experience working with small to mid-size firms in Dallas.

8) Markitors

Markitors is a leading SEO company in Dallas. Founded in 2012, they have offices all over the USA. Key SEO offerings are audits, keywords, content, and paid media. The company offers specialized packages for small businesses. Markitors can also help your business with SEO lead generation services. 

9) WebFX

WebFX offers SEO services in the Dallas area and is a well-known firm. They offer many types of specialized SEO services. Core offerings include Local and national SEO, E-commerce SEO, and Enterprise SEO. Their clients have made more than $2 billion in revenue through their SEO campaigns. 

10) Wright IMC

Wright IMC offers a range of SEO services in Dallas. Their primary services are local, technical, and enterprise SEO. Keywords, content services, and paid media are other top offerings. They have over 10-years of experience with SEO and are recognized by companies such as Moz and Google as partners. 

11) Cibirix

Cibirix is a leading SEO company from Dallas. The company works with companies of all sizes and has experience working across many industries. They can assist new companies with SEO and content strategy. Key SEO services are keywords, PPC, Local SEO, and link building. Contact them for a free audit. 

12) DigiTech

Digitech is a Dallas-based SEO company that offers a wide range of SEO services. Spanning over 10-years, they have won multiple awards. They believe in a focused approach to SEO and do not take on more than 20 clients at a time. Expertise areas include SEO and content strategy. 

13) Atomic Design & Consulting

Atomic is an SEO company from Dallas founded in 2002. They have worked with various industries, including non-profits. Atomic offers many SEO services. Expertise areas are SEO, Content strategy, and link building. Their site features a resource section with great blogs. Detailed metrics and reports are shared with all clients. 

14) EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings has extensive SEO experience. They have worked with many domains and leading companies in the Dallas area. They have 100+ experts on staff. Services offered are keywords, competitor research, content strategy, and more. They provide many SEO packages. Choose one that best suits your budget and needs. 

15) Fannit

Founded in 2008, Fannit is a leading SEO company in Dallas. They are a team of experts with technical and content expertise. Fannit uses many top platforms to deliver top-notch SEO and lead generation services. They are partners with leading SEO giants such as Google and Hubspot.

16) SeoReseller

SEO Reseller offers SEO services in Dallas. They have delivered 1000+ campaigns with a 92% retention rate over the years. All SEO campaigns are data-driven with clear targets. They know the Dallas market well and work out custom campaigns for each client. Get started with a free consultation. 

17) Cardinal

Cardinal is a leading SEO company in Dallas. They specialize in SEO services for small and mid-size firms. The company uses powerful proprietary software (Ladybug) to drive results. Cardinal offers all types of SEO services, from link building to keywords. Local SEO is their top expertise in Dallas. 

18) EverSpark

EverSpark is an SEO company in Dallas. Started in 2009 by 3 SEO veterans, they have worked with all types of industries in the Dallas area. They have done SEO work for companies like Disney Baby and Main offerings are Local SEO, audits, SEO training, and competitor analysis. 

19) SERP

SERP is a Dallas SEO company offering services to companies of all sizes. They specialize in eCommerce and Local SEO. SERP has worked to grow more than 1300 companies through their SEO and Ad services. They help companies with strategy, content, link building, and keyword research. 

20) Dallas SEO Geek

Dallas SEO Geek is an SEO consultancy in Dallas. They help local and national companies with Local SEO strategy consulting. They offer penalty recovery services in case your site was earlier penalized by Google. The company provides a free audit and quote for your site’s SEO efforts. 

21) KissPR

KISS PR is an SEO company in Dallas. They have expertise with Dallas Local SEO and offer various packages for the same. The plans offered are general and premium, which are suited for all budgets. The company can also help with content, keywords, link building, and more. 

22) TOP

TOP is a Dallas SEO company that offers custom SEO services. They are a dedicated team of specialists who also provide SEO training services. Clients include both startups and local service providers. They have worked with many local companies and specialize in Local SEO. Contact them for a free proposal.

23) Authority Solutions

Authority Solutions offers many SEO services for companies in and around the Dallas area. They have worked with many industries and have years of experience. Along with regular SEO, they offer Social media and Video SEO services. Their team has many experts who use their own proprietary system to deliver. 

24) Agency Partner

Agency Partner Interactive (API) offers many SEO services in Dallas. They have an experienced team that has worked with many industries in the past. They provide consulting as well as core SEO services. Regular services are backlink building, keywords, content, and site optimization. Call them for a free quote. 

25) OTT Seo

Over The Top (OTT) SEO is an SEO company with an excellent reputation in Dallas. They have worked with dozens of top companies in the area across industries. They have won 80+ awards and maintain a client retention rate of 96%. They specialize in Local SEO for the Dallas region. 

26) V Digital Services

V Digital Services offers several SEO services in Dallas. Core services provided include SEO, Link building, on and off-page optimization, and content strategy. They are a Google and Facebook partner. Their team has both technical and content experts on board to help you with every aspect of SEO. 

27) Ivoire

Ivoire has extensive SEO experience working with leading vendors and brands in the Dallas area. They help brands reach their target audience and generate leads. You can get a free discovery call to discuss your site SEO strategy. Along with SEO, they also provide reputation management services. 

28) Texas Digital

Texas Digital is a leading SEO company in Dallas. They offer end-to-end SEO services for companies. Top clients include companies like Intel and Ferrari. They have solid experience with SEO and have worked with small and large companies. Each campaign is custom designed to suit budgets and needs. 

29) AGS

Auxano Global Services (AGS) is an SEO company in Dallas with 10+ years of experience. They offer SEO monthly packages for various budgets. You can choose their aggressive plan if you need to get SEO results quickly. They provide Local SEO, keywords, content, and PPC services for SEO. 


1Digital provides top-tier SEO services to mid to large firms in Dallas. Founded in 2012, they have worked with top Dallas companies to boost SEO and sales. Each campaign is custom-made for you. 1Digital’s SEO experts specialize in eCommerce projects. Contact them for a free SEO quote.

31) On The Map

On The Map is an SEO company in Dallas whose area of expertise is medical practices. They offer extensive SEO services for dentists, veterinary and orthodontist clinics. Other domains serviced are plumbers and law firms. Contact them for a free proposal for your local Dallas business. 

32) Yellowfin Digital

YelloFin Digital provides several SEO services in the Dallas area. Their specialty areas are Local SEO, keywords, content strategy, and link building. They are experts in eCommerce and Amazon marketing. You can hire them even for franchise SEO to boost sales. Please request a free website audit on their website. 

33) Firestarter

Firestarter is a reputed Dallas SEO agency with many awards under its belt. They have provided SEO services to many Dallas brands and know the local dynamics well. They offer all regular SEO services, including content. Their clients include top companies like Sprinklr. View detailed case studies on their site. 

34) Marqui Management

Marqui Management is a top-rated SEO agency in Dallas. They have more than 100 clients in Dallas and serve businesses of all sizes. Marqui provides premier SEO services that include both technical and non-technical aspects of SEO. Reach out to them for a detailed SEO audit at no cost.

35) Blue Matrix

Blue Matrix Media is an SEO company in Dallas started by industry experts. Each client campaign is tailored to meet specific traffic and sales goals. They have 20+ years of experience in the industry. The team consists of designers, programmers, content experts, and more. All services are performed in-house. 

36) Next Brain

Next Brain provides end-to-end SEO services in Dallas. Top services include link building, page optimization, and keywords. They offer a wide range of content services to boost sales. They have SEO packages starting from $1000 to $5000, depending on the services provided. They have worked with all types of industries. 

37) Coalition

Coalition is an SEO and digital consultant in Dallas. They have extensive experience and have more than 600+ client case studies for SEO. They offer premier services that include all aspects of SEO. Payment plans are month on month and flexible based on your needs. Contact them for a free review. 

38) WebITMD

Founded in 2008, WEBITMD has set itself as a tech-focused SEO company in Dallas. Their clients range from local startups to Fortune 500 companies in Dallas and around the world. They use a homegrown CRM to deliver the best experience to clients. Every campaign has detailed reporting and is metrics-driven. 

39) Regex SEO

Regex SEO enables Dallas companies to grow with more sales and qualified traffic. They have worked with big names like John Deere to deliver top-notch SEO services. Their team has years of experience and helps clients boost existing campaigns or create new ones. They offer free site audits for new clients. 

40) Urban SEO

Urban SEO is a leading SEO company in Dallas. Their team includes technical experts, content creators, and analysts. They offer a wide range of SEO services. All their campaigns are performed in-house. Clients get sent detailed monthly reports tracing the online rank growth. Contacts are month-wise and flexible. 

41) Social SEO

SocialSEO is a 100+ member strong team of SEO experts. They have many years of SEO experience in the Dallas area. The company has grown steadily over the years and offers a wide range of SEO and content services. SocialSEO specializes in Local SEO services in the Dallas area. 

42) theSoulwithin

theSOULwithin is a local Dallas SEO company that serves businesses of all sizes. They have expertise in SEO and web design. Their hiring model is unique. They hire verified freelancers on a project basis. It drives your costs down and ROI higher. Call them for a free SEO audit. 

43) Dritschler media

Dritschler Media is a Dallas SEO company founded in 2017. The company has SEO expertise in the hospitality and the services industry. The company is locally owned and creates a tailor-made campaign for each client. You can opt for SEO packages starting at $500 per month. 

44) E-67 Agency

E-67 is a company offering Local SEO services in Dallas. They have delivered dozens of campaigns for both startups and mid-size companies. They have curated many affordable SEO packages that have proven to show results. They focus on keywords and on-site SEO to drive traffic and sales. 

45) Legnd

Legnd is a Dallas SEO company founded in 2001. They won the best SEO company award by They offer all the regular SEO services for every industry. It follows the Agile process and has flexible pricing plans without commitments. The company dedicates a manager for each client project. 

46) Vizion

Vizion is a team of SEO experts in Dallas. They specialize in Local Dallas SEO and have worked with top firms in the region. They are experts at driving leads and boosting brand visibility. Vizion has provided SEO for leading companies like Universal. Contact them for a free quote. 

47) Spade Design

Spade Design Lab has years of expertise in SEO and branding. They were founded in 2015 and work with local Texas and national businesses. Their SEO Accelerator is a unique program aimed at boosting SEO scores for new sites. It is a monthly service without long-term commitments. 

48) RedMark Digital

Redmark Digital is a Dallas SEO and digital company with over 25+ experts on board. They have worked with over 200 clients over the years with positive ratings on Google and Clutch. They have a range of pricing plans to suit all budgets and industries. 

49) Pixelcutlabs

PixelCutLabs offers specialized SEO services. They offer a host of other services in the Dallas area. This includes Local SEO, PPC, and more. Founded in 2014, they have worked with many top companies in the area. They offer hourly consultation and strategy services for new companies. 

50) Xtreme Technologies

Xtreme Technologies offers SEO strategy services in Dallas. They specialize in Local SEO and reporting. Xtreme helps firms create an SEO plan from scratch and implement it in phases. Their pricing plans are reasonable and offer good ROI for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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