15+ SEO Forums for Digital Marketer to Learn SEO and Improve Website Traffic

What if you could sit down with a dozen or so people and brainstorm some SEO ideas? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if you could discuss best-SEO practices with hundreds of people? You can with forums, a somewhat underutilized tool.

According to Marketing Charts, more than 80 percent of decision makers check out vendor-independent or vendor-sponsored communities or forums. The reason? It’s a great way to share ideas and communicate with experts all over the world. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top SEO forums. Do you visit a SEO forum that didn’t make this list? Then send us an email and tell us about it.

SEO Forums: Best 15 Sites to Share Knowledge About SEO

  1. Warrior Forum claims to be the largest SEO forum on the internet. With more than 770,000 registered members, this is the place to go to find information on SEO, digital marketing and social media. The Warrior Forum also has a unique service “Warrior Special Offers,” which are deals you can only find on their forum. 
  1. Digital Point is another large community with more than 730,000 members. Topics range from from keyword optimization for specific search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.) to website design and development to marketing. 
  1. SEO Chat is dedicated to helping beginners and professionals alike. Topics include social media marketing, SEO for European and Asian search engines and mobile optimization, to name a few. There’s just over 190,000 registered members. 
  1. Black Hat World has more than 610,000 members and covers a variety of topics, including marketing, domains, white hat SEO and black hat SEO. 
  1. Traffic Planet is a relatively small community with around 12,000 members. With an emphasis on SEO topics, tools and services, this forum provides answerson email marketing, social media marketing and includes a topic for SEO beginners.
  1. High Rankings is a no frills site with a little more than 19,000 members. The forum is focused on SEO but includes a few other topics, like running a business and industry news. SEO topics include web design, tips and tricks and a section on what not to do. 
  1. SEO Forums has about 89,000 users and covers topics related to Google, Bing, social media and link building. 
  1. Moz is not your typical forum.This Q&A Forum features Moz Points. Answer questions on SEO and other topics to earn points. These points can get you anything from a free month of Moz Pro to a Moz Swag Pack. 
  1. SEO Guy is a no frill, no splash forum with more than 14,000 members. It features topics on SEO, internet marketing and web design. By providing a forum just for the newbies, this site has appeal for the amateur, the professional and everyone in between.
  1. SEO Forum has about 55,000 members and focuses on optimization for Google and Microsoft while also covering topics for beginners and experts alike.
  1. SitePoint focuses more on web development than SEO but still features many threads on the subject. The threads touch on everything from keywords to rankings. 
  1. Lets Forum is focused on improving SEO for beginners and professionals. Their dedicated SEO forum features topics on multiple keywords, favicon and more. 
  1. WebmasterWorld is a hodgepodge of webmaster threads with some useful SEO threads thrown in. Look under the Google thread for most of the posted SEO topics. WebmasterWorld has been around a long time, guiding people through years of technological advances.
  1. V7 Network community is focused on all aspects of internet marketing, web development and SEO and includes more than 300 pages of threads on SEO. 
  1. Wicked Fire is a relatively small forum that packs a punch with information on affiliate marketing, SEO and industry news. To access posts on this forum, you must have an account. 
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