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The SEO business can be a tough industry to crack, even for those who have been working in it for several years, much less those still starting their career. Luckily, we live in the modern era of the internet. This means information is readily available to most people who have an internet connection. It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of SEO experts and newbies have banded together to create an online community whose main goal is supporting and helping one another grow.

Below is a list of the top 10 best SEO forums currently active online.

  1. Google Webmaster Help Community

Ever since Google did a study that showed that the term webmaster has fallen out of favor for most developers, they’ve rebranded their “Webmaster Help Community” into “Google Search Central.” This comes as no shock since those working in the field prefers to use more specialized terms like blogger, SEO, article writer, or online marketer.

A lot of changes rolled out during this transition but one thing remained, the new branding will still host Google’s help forum which only got a new name, from “Webmasters Help Community” to” Google Search Central Community.” The forum is a popular place where site owners who use Webmaster Tools share insights, news, and network.

More than anything else, the site serves as a place to ask questions and find answers on topics related to SEO, site management, marketing, etc.

  1. Warrior Forum

For many years, Warrior Forum has been front and center within the internet marketing world. Many of the top marketers we know today trace their roots back to the forum. It is of no surprise, then that, a lot of aspiring SEO experts and professionals have flocked to Warrior Forum to gain knowledge about online marketing.

Warrior Forum is an advertising company that also operates an online forum dedicated to marketers as well as entrepreneurs. The company was founded by one Clifton Allen back in 1997 and operates out of Sydney, Australia.

The forum usually caters to two groups of users: one is those who create products aimed at a certain internet marketing niche; and the other are those looking to buy said internet marketing products.

  1. WickedFire

The WickedFire forum sets itself apart from other SEO and marketing forums by being able to “walk the walk.” Unlike Warrior Forum, there is no one trying to sell a product within WickedFire. There are serious repercussions for users trying to sell other users unnecessary products so this rule is followed.

Members of WickedForum can be classified into three groups:

  • The Newbie – Also called newb, these are the users who happen to stumble upon the forum. Most newbs follow one of two routes: they either, adapt and learn the ropes of internet marketing, or they leave after asking a few questions.
  • The Players – When members start making money online, they share their ideas and experiences on the forum. These members are sought after by the newbs.
  • The Companies: People who run their own companies often use the forum as part of their market research as well as a recruitment tool for talented marketers.
  1. Digital Point

People who are new to SEO and internet marketing, usually first come to Digital Point. It also doubles as a marketplace where members can list digital products they want to sell. Other members also turn to Digital Point to buy such products. The site has a premium membership that comes with perks such as receiving free items that come on to the marketplace.

Because Digital Point is the go-to forum for those new to online marketing, the site is bogged down with countless threads that are useless, especially for the more experienced marketer. They would need to sift through the pages of information they already know before they find what they’re looking for.

Members of Digital Point can be classified into three types:

  • people who want to make money and ask all sorts of money-making questions on the forum;
  • people who make a lot of meaningless posts just so their signature gets exposure; and,
  • true members who have been with the site since the beginning and offer information and insights to others.
  1. Reddit

Undoubtedly, Reddit is one of the most popular fora that has entered mainstream status. The flexibility of its architecture makes it possible to easily create threads, posts, and search for information.

The site first came into being back in 2005, serving as a social news aggregator, and discussion website. Posts are organized by subjects, called “subreddits,’ and cover numerous topics from news, politics, movies, gaming, music, and many more.

The subreddit for SEO falls under r/SEO. A lot of news and updates pertaining to seo agency updates are regularly posted on that subreddit. Users can also post questions and start discussions about SEO. Currently, the r/SEO subreddit has almost 150,000 members and is a great way to find information as well as to network. It is controlled by moderators, users who implement the rules, and monitor user etiquette within the subreddit.

  1. Moz Q&A Forum

One of the big names within digital marketing and SEO is Moz. The software company boasts over 35,000 customers and is the number one go-to resource for all things related to SEO. Needless to say, Moz has clearly established itself as the industry expert and sees a lot of marketers and industry professionals turning to them to find answers to SEO questions as well as advice on how to become better at SEO or running a digital marketing company.

The influx of questions and advice-seekers spurred the creation of Moz’s Q&A forum. It is here that questions about SEO and digital marketing can be posted and answered by those already working in the field. The service is available for everyone with a Moz account to use, although those with a Moz Pro account will get immediate and credible responses.

  1. SEO Chat Forums

The great thing about SEO Chat Forums is it’s for free. After registering, users will immediately have access to more than 400,000 threads that cover news, updates, and article pages on SEO and digital marketing. SEO Chat Forums has more categories than Google Search Central. The categories are also well-structured and organized making it easy to navigate directly to the desired topic.

Creating a thread on SEO Chat Forums is also relatively straightforward. All that it entails is going to the appropriate subcategory and clicking the orange button to post. Furthermore, the forum has a search feature to make searching for topics and information a breeze.

The only downside that many users have with SEO Chat Forums is its lack of security. But this can be rectified with the use of a trusted VPN.

  1. Black Hat World

Joining Black Hat World is easy and won’t cause anything. The moment members complete the simple registration process, they are immediately taken into the black homepage of the forum. Black Hat is all about SEO with a few marketing topics here and there. Subcategories are available for members to easily find different solutions to their SEO issues.

Members of Black Hat World highly rate the forum because of the ton of useful information they gleaned from its threads. The amount of categories for them to peruse in the topic of SEO is also a great jumping point for beginners in the field. However, a few of the SEO techniques that circulate within the Black Hat World community are frowned upon by Google and will most likely incur some heavy penalties.

  1. Quora

For the most part, Quora is already a well-known and well-liked information-sharing website that sees over 200 million visits per month. Joining Quora can be as easy as using Facebook or Google credentials, and it’s for free. Once registration is complete, members can go through various topics of their interest and start posting questions. It goes to show that, like Reddit, Quora also has a dedicated category for SEO.

Quora is not just for the curious looking for answers; it is for the experts who want to share information. The site has a feature that allows members to go through unanswered questions within the category for them to answer.

Some of the big pros with Quora is its popularity and its features that make it very easy to answer and ask questions.

  1. Local Search Forum

This local SEO forum is an important source of news and updates for local marketing. It caters specifically to marketing professionals who have questions about local SEO. The site is also the first place that local SEOs go to talk about changes and new ideas.

Like all forums, the Local Search Forum has many sub-forums for various queries and discussion threads. Local marketers are often seen joining in discussions about local SEO and marketing.

Local Search Forum has seen a lot of changes ever since it’s been taken over by Sterling Sky in September 2018. They send out daily and weekly summary emails that outline the top topics being discussed at the moment. Local Search Forum also has a dedicated Facebook group under the name “Local Search Pros.”

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