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Social media verification is a highly sought after service available to a limited amount of users who meet the qualifications. The main things you will need to have before you can be considered for social media verification are an official website and a valid I.D. or passport. RahulDigital submits verifications directly to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. The verification process can take anywhere from 7 – 60 days. To be considered for verification submission you must be at least 18 years of age or older with a valid I.D or passport.

RahulDigital is currently accepting verification submission requests for Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests for verification services we are only accepting serious inquiries. The RahulDigital team only guarantees your submission for verification Twitter, Facebook & Instagram all have their own qualifications you will have to meet before they will verify your social media account. 

Social Media Verification For Professional Public Figures

One of the best ways to improve your social presence and credibility is by becoming a verified user on popular social media websites. The verification icon might appear just like a small blue-color check mark or badge displayed next to your username. However, the icon’s impact is very significant.
Getting verified on social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. depicts that the user’s account is authentic and reliable. Several social media users think that getting a profile verified strictly relies on how many followers or likes you have. But, the verification process is even more complex than this and varies from one social media platform to another.

Benefits Of Having A Verified Badge On Social Media Accounts

  • Becoming verified will help you stand different from others who provide the same content to the audience.
  • It lets other users recognize your account as authentic and credible. By creating social media credibility successfully, you stand a better opportunity of getting exposure and acceptance.
  • Besides instant credibility, a verified badge also offers potential to increase audience engagement. When a person searches for a verified user on social media, that will be the first profile listed on top of all other similar or closely related profile names. As such, having your profile appear first when search makes it easy for potential followers find you, without having to search more.

However, an important thing you should remember is that buying followers and likes will have a negative impact and hurt your chances of becoming verified. Each social media platform comes with its algorithm. As such, adopting such a false move will result in the platform flagging off or shutting down your account. Hence, you should essentially focus on building your followers organically.
To help you understand the verification process on major platforms, below mentioned are tips to get verified across social media.

How To Get Verified On Twitter

The user profile should be of public interest and on the public setting to get your account verified on Twitter. To prove that the account is of public interest, Twitter suggests that the actual name of the person or company should be the name of the Twitter account. Besides, the profile photo and header should also showcase the user who is operating the account. The bio which displays on the user profile should reflect the identity of the user and show his/her areas of expertise.
One more important factor which Twitter reviews are the engagement level the user has with the followers and also with other accounts which have been verified already. Engagement is similar to following alike accounts or posting tweets. If you successfully meet all requirements set by Twitter, you can fill a request form and submit it. While submitting, you will be prompted to write why your Twitter account should be verified and why you believe you are eligible for that blue badge.

How To Get Verified On Facebook

You will find three types of Facebook verification: personal page, profile, and business page. Below is a step by step guide to verify your Facebook page:

Facebook Personal Page Verification

This is a very simple and easy process but involves you taking a few unofficial steps to help make sure that your request gets approved. You should make sure that your Facebook page is filled properly, including most of the “About” section. You should ensure you have a proper profile as well as a cover picture that make your Facebook page look as official as possible.
Your page should comprise of valid usage proof, including uploading posts and audience on a regular basis. It would be a bad idea to spend just a little amount of money on an ad campaign for your Facebook page. This social media platform is more likely to consider your request for account verification seriously if you have spent a fair amount of money into your page.
It is also important to remember that not all the kinds of pages are approved. Facebook states that the verification badge is eligible for public figures, government and media organizations, and brands that meet the requirement of Facebook and are thought to be influential.

Facebook Profile Verification

This is a process which is very similar to applying for Facebook page verification. You should make sure that you have filled in all the right information mentioned above. You do not have an option to select a category for your user profile, but similar rules apply when it comes to who is eligible to get the verification badge.
The only differentiating factor from the personal page verification process is you should make use of this form instead.

Business Page

It is almost guaranteed for a business to get a verified badge if you follow the right steps.
Before you make any move though, ensure that your business page has an appropriate profile as well as the cover picture. Also, it is important for you to be an admin for the page before requesting for the badge.
You can also get your business page verified by putting up an official business document. The document that you upload should comprise the name and address of your business. ‘
Lastly, Facebook will review the request you have made and got back to you within a couple of days.

How To Get Verified On YouTube

A verification check mark on a YouTube channel implies that it is operated by an established video creator or is an official channel of a business, brand or an organization. To be eligible to submit a verification request on YouTube, a user needs to have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.
Once your channel has received approval from YouTube, you will see a verified badge on your profile. The badge will remain there even if your number of subscribers changes over time. However, if you decide to change the name of your channel, you will then be losing the verified badge for your new channel.
Do note that YouTube holds the right to revoke verification at any time in case a channel doesn’t adhere to its Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

How To Get Verified On Instagram

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t provide a way to apply or request for a verified blue check mark. Instagram verifies those accounts directly which the platform thinks have a ‘high’ chance of being impersonated. The verified badge is used to let the Instagram users easily figure out legitimate accounts and don’t have to waste time guessing which the real account is.
Instagram works hard to be a safe and authentic platform for people to engage with each other creatively. For an account to be considered for the verification process, it must follow the Community Guidelines set by Instagram. Just like Twitter, the account which comprises a high number of followers and engagements stand a better chance of being verified. However, Instagram has verified a few accounts who are not a well-known celebrities or brands, and who don’t have a high number of followers.
Some other things which can help boost your chances are uploading a new post on regularly, using the right hashtags, and using just one theme that properly reflects your vision to the audience through the account.

How To Get Verified On Linkedin

Currently, a verification badge is not used to verify a LinkedIn profile or business page. If you wish, then you can upgrade to a Premium LinkedIn Membership that will offer you with a golden-color LinkedIn logo. However, even though this logo appears to be official and might be good for a business, it does not verify anything, so do make a note of this.

How To Get Verified On Soundcloud

This is known as the easiest, but most expensive, a way of getting verified on the social media. All you have to do is create a Soundcloud account and later get it upgraded to a Pro or a Pro Unlimited subscription.
This process will cost you somewhere between $55-145 annually. However, it will help you instantly have a star mark right next to your name. Besides, it will also let you enjoy various other benefits which include the freedom to unlimited uploads, additional information on the users who listen to your files, and the power to pin tracks as well as playlists on your profile’s top.
Any personality or organization having a verified badge is more likely to be considered as an influential account which other people will like to know about and follow. So, do not let your hard work go in vain. By using these tips, you will be able to make your account more worthwhile for your current and potential followers.
As such, the more you are connected with your audience, the more will they trust and respect your business. Always offer quality information to your audience and remain true to them. This will more or less help you gain the desired amount of followers and earn the official verified badge.