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YouTube is the number one video platform in the world, creators showcase their talents, entertain people and earn money. 

However, navigating the platform’s complex policies and algorithms can be daunting, even for mature creators. This is where YouTube MCNs (multi-channel networks) come into play, providing creators with the necessary support and tools to succeed on YouTube.

One such MCN is Yoola MCN, a network of over 3,000 creators linked across 47 countries. Yoola MCN has been providing support to creators since 2014 and has helped many creators achieve their goals on the platform. With personal strategic managers, flexible payments, and creator support, Yoola MCN is a top choice for creators looking to take their content to the next level.

CEO of Yoola MCN, Yury, states, “Our primary goal is to help creators achieve their dreams on YouTube. We understand the challenges that creators face on the platform, and we are committed to providing them with the necessary support to succeed.”

One of the most significant benefits of joining Yoola MCN is the creator support. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help creators with any questions or issues they may encounter. In the last year alone, Yoola MCN has answered over 20,000 creator questions, helping creators navigate the platform’s policies and algorithm.

The Customer Support Lead, Elena, shares, “We are committed to providing the best possible service to our creators. We understand the frustration that creators may experience when facing channel block/ban or copyright strikes on the platform, and we are here to help them every step of the way.”

Another significant benefit of joining Yoola MCN is the ability to appeal strikes. Creators on YouTube can face strikes for violating the platform’s policies, which can result in demonetization or even account termination. Yoola MCN has successfully appealed over 5,000 strikes. 

Yoola MCN also provides cross-platform development solutions for businesses and musicians looking to monetize their fame on YouTube. To join Yoola MCN, you must meet the requirements of AdSense monetization, comply with YouTube’s policies. 

Join Yoola MCN today and take advantage of the benefits of joining a YouTube MCN https://yoola.com

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