Rabbit URL Opener Web Tool to Open Multiple URLs at once

Rabbit URL Opener

URLs have now become a part and parcel of just so many things that we probably cannot imagine any document without links and URLs in it. For businesses and people who are into SEO side of the sector, there probably won’t be a lot of people who would like personally opening up the sites that the clients send them. The easiest technique is to open all the links at one go. That is what the URL opener is all about.

What is URL opener

Bulk URL opener is that one SEO tool that is used to open many links at one go. Like for example, for a business or a firm owner; it might not be feasible to open each and every link that has been sent to them. For such people it becomes easy to open all the websites at one time and at one go. That is the main purpose of the URL opener. All you got to do is to paste all the links in the box in the URL opener and click on the ‘open’ button; all the links will automatically open up.

The main setting still rests with the browser and how about the browser is accustomed to handling so many links at one time. If the browser settings are changed to opening many links at one time, you can get access to them without any issue.

Another setting that is available in the Web URL opener is that you either get to choose all the websites at one pop or choose to open the URLs separately. The choice is solely of the person using the tool and the browser that is been used on. These happen to be the main reasons as to why the opener is trusted with so many people associated with SEO and businesses and firms.

How can you use multiple link opener

The Multiple URL opener is the SEO tool that has been mentioned above which uses specifically the tool or the box within where you need to paste the links and then eventually open all the web links at one pop. Here are some simple steps that are involved for using the link opener:

  1. Select the multiple URLs that you intend on opening and using. After doing the same, paste all of them one by one in the box.
  2. Open the URL opener tool which is SEO operated.
  3. Paste the links that you have already copied, in the box that you will find in the tool.
  4. There’s a button named ‘Open’.
  5. Click on the button and have the entire URLs opener in the browser you are using; simultaneously.

This is the best tool to use for people who intend on using the search engine optimized links. Not just for opening up the links, this tool is also used side by side to the tool named trim URL. Trimming too is a part and parcel of SEO tool where you get to optimize the links that are already provided.

Why use URL opener

Well, to begin with; have you ever been in a situation where you have hundreds of links to be opened and you have no other option that to sit and open every link manually? That is the most frustrating part of having a business or being in one. When you are associated with so many URLs at one time, you need to have optimized tools to use the same.

Not just for opening the links at one pop, this tool is also used to optimize researches and productivity of a firm. The time and effort needed for a person to manually open each and every link becomes hectically impossible for a large scale business. Thus, the best thing that can be done is to optimize the productivity by using tools like these that are SEO supported and are helpful in every aspect. Now again, it is the choice of every firm to trust these tools. But almost firms now days go to the tools like URL opener, URL cleaner and to trim URL etc.

How to use multiple url opener

SEO stands for search engine optimization and there are many websites now that rely on the SEO for their optimum turnout and traffic. Now, how does the link of any website affect the overall traffic? That is the question that has been answered here.

When you look for a link, you always tend to look at the very basic link that has been provided. First thing is it shouldn’t be very long and should hold meaning. The second thing is it shouldn’t be a spam link. The tool URL opener also does the purpose of eradicating the links that do not help in the SEO searches and are usually spam.

How to use this tool, you ask? The answer lies in simple steps that involve the basics of the URL opener mentioned above.

  1. Bulk URL Opener is an effective app that you can use to open several URLs at once (in new tab or window).
  2. Usage: Get into each URL in new range (you can insert the record if you prefer) and then simply select the “Open All” key. The app will open all the web pages in compartments or tabs in the ms windows (depending on your settings).
  3. The distinction between this app and other identical applications is that if a URL does not consist of any SEO components, it will be made standard to HTTP. In easy terms, you may miss the method aspect for “http://” websites and enter only the significant aspect. For example — if you kind “domain.com” it will be instantly converted to “http://domain.com”.

Which browsers are supported by the URL opener

There are absolutely no issues with the browsers that support the multiple URL opener. It starts with the age old Internet Explorer and ends at chrome. Every browser that lies between all these supports the URL opener.

Chrome supports the opener and has no issue operating with the same. But people may find issue with the IE and the speed with which it operates. When you are looking forth to opening so many tabs and links, you cannot expect the IE to support the same and work efficiently.

Mozilla Firefox also supports this and has no issue with the speed as well. The speed is considerable as well and you will be able to use so many links at one pop without an abruption.

The best thing one can do to optimize profit, minimize wastage of efforts and money; is to use these SEO tools and get the benefits out of the same. Why would anyone want to waste their efforts in manually doing things when there are tools invented already, right?