The 10 FREE Online Data Entry Jobs From Home, Totally Legit

The world as we know it has changed permanently. The crisis bought down upon us by the novel coronavirus is unlike anything our modern civilization has ever faced. Half the globe has been forced to shut themselves inside their homes, many have lost their jobs, and livelihood while many more are threatened to be shoved further down the poverty rabbit hole. Almost 20 million people have lost their way of earning due to the ongoing pandemic, with the number rising as you read this article.

However, with all our misery, we are also blessed to be living in an era dominated by the World Wide Web. Internet has opened doors to many lucrative ventures that were not present nearly a decade ago. One of those opportunities just so happens to be the online data entry job market.

Data entry jobs were a bit of a craze even before the pandemic hit, providing millions of students, professionals and housewives/husbands with an opportunity to make a quick buck on the sidelines. If you are someone hard strung for cash amidst such difficult times, then this is one opportunity you must try. You don’t have to be an expert at data entry as well. All you need is a reasonably brisk typing speed, a computer, a fast internet connection and you are set.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best data entry jobs you can try online to turn your luck for the better.

Top 10 Best Data Entry Jobs from Home

1 – Upwork

Upwork formerly known as Odesk has been a veteran in kick starting the gig economy online. It offers a job marketplace for those who want gigs and those who want freelancers. Perhaps it is best known for the ample amount of data entry gigs you will find on this platform. 

Upwork allows you to create your profile, and then makes it visible to prospects who would want to pay for your services. The clients here are vetted and 100% legit. However, there is a major drawback of this platform. 

Getting your profile approved on this platform can be a bit challenging. We suggest you keep trying with minor changes to get your profile approved and activated. Upwork works and offers a competent playground for freelance data entry professionals to make a living for themselves.

2 – Fiverr

 Another in a long line of free gig market places, Fiverr literally allows you to open your data entry shop online. You set up your profile, establish your portfolio, display your work and set your price. Clients who are interested will reach out to you. Fiverr is a very populated marketplace; as such you have to create a profile which stands out among the crowd. Once you start getting clients, your rankings will make it easier for you to acquire more work on the platform.

3 – Craigslist

Craigslist in recent years has indeed garnered a bad name for itself for harboring too many shoddy players ready to take advantage of the naïve. Still Craigslist is one of the most ubiquitous platforms for one to find data entry jobs that pay. The site is currently available in multiple countries, cities and town, thus expanding your reach across the globe. You have the opportunity to establish your brand by catering to clients coming from all corners of the world. Words of caution though, check your client’s credentials before you pick up a job here. Ask for half the amount in advance and half when the work is finished.

4 – The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd offers plenty of opportunities for budding data entry professionals. Its online platform is littered with data research, language, testing and other jobs, making for a great online and offline platform for aspiring and existing data entry professionals alike. There are a variety of different data entry verticals you can tap into here.

From posting ads, to digitizing handwritten documents, there are just too many opportunities here to not give this platform a try. You can get clients from multiple countries here and make a killing in foreign currency.


Xerox is a company that frequently hires data entry professionals to take care of their data entry tasks for them. Not many know this, but if you check XEROX’s official job board on their website, then there is always some opportunity listed for verification or data entry experts. If you are enthused about such an opportunity then you can give this one a try.

6 – Clickworker

Click worker is a crowdsourcing giant, with multiple opportunities for an array of different freelancers. Writers, translators, designers, virtual assistants can all have a blast finding new gigs on this platform. As for data entry jobs, there are just a plethora of clients here desperately seeking professional help in relieving them of their data burden. The payment on this platform is usually done on a per-work basis, with payments being released to freelancers every week. 

7 – Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities lives up to its name, offering seasonal jobs in a variety of fields (including data entry). All you have to do is register on the platform, create your profile and clearly detail your skills with an immaculate portfolio of your previous work. You can also apply directly by sending your resume on their official email address.

8 – SigTrack

SigTrack is another one of those platforms that have plenty of seasonal data entry jobs to offer everyone who visits their website. You need to register here with your state’s personal voter –ID. There is also a catch when doing data entry for them; they expect utmost perfection in the work delivered to them. Errors are penalized with deduction in the amount paid. So if you have confidence in your skills then this platform is for you. We wouldn’t recommend this platform to those who are just starting out in the data entry business. Only experts with confidence in their skills survive here.

9 – Freelancer

A veteran in the online freelance business, Freelancer has also been providing its subscribers with plenty of good, well-paying job opportunities in data entry since a long time. Unlike Fiverr, Freelancer allows you to reach out to the clients directly, and negotiate with them personally. Although there are many opportunities to have in this platform, there is also plenty room for fraud here as well. Job givers here are not vetted properly, so you need to be extra cautious while approaching someone on this platform for a job.

10 – Try a Third Party Service Providing Firm

The recent boom in internet has only enriched the data entry industry with a plethora of players seeking to cash-in on the lucrative profession of data entry. As such, you can reach out to one of these firms who are always on the hunt for capable data entry talent. Almost all of these companies have a job-board frequently open to accepting new applications for data entry aspirants and professionals.

The industry is filled with good, reputed companies like Perfect Data Entry and more, whereas at the same time being home to some of the most incompetent firms in the business. Choose your alliance wisely. You can do some research for yourself, read some client reviews, map-out their official website and settle on a name that will do justice to your talent. 

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