100 of the Best Social Media Blog Post Ideas You Should Start Following Today

Sometimes, a blogger might face difficulties with finding new blogpost topics. Today I’m suggesting a list of blog topics that may help revive your blog and make it brighter. This list contains topics that can be written by a specialist in any field. 

The idea is that if your audience is interested in your professional content, you may be willing to write more about yourself. Therefore, you should keep in mind that you will be representing yourself, your person and your attitudes to the audience. So, relax and be yourself whatever you are blogging about. 

Goals and Achievements

1. Why is it important to set goals and try your best to attain them?

2. How to stop thinking and planning and start acting.

3. The best To-dos by the age of X.

4. Who or what inspires you most of all?

5. Where to find motivation for achieving your goals?

6. What looks natural but real champions never do?

7. How to master new skills with fun.

8. What are the main time killers that steal your life.

9. Why You Will Never Achieve Your Goals Unless You Stop Doing…

10. My most serious achievements I’m really proud of.

Health and Fitness

11. Healthy and affordable substitutes for junk food we often eat. 

12. 10 natural habits everyone has to work out to have a rich and vibrant life.

13. The best hobbies that will help you to stay fit.

14. A case from your life when doctors really saved you.

15. Top-10 products you need to eat to hear “Thank you” from your body.

16. The most common mistakes in taking medicals and voluntary self-medication at home.

17. Why it is vital for you to maintain your daily routine.

18. 7 gadgets that will help you to keep your health at home.

19. The main health indicators any kid should be aware of. 

20. Only 10 minutes a day to train like a prophy: a simple but effective workout routine that will make your body stronger.


21. What is food for you? What is your attitude to food? Are you a meat lover or a vegan? What affected your choice? 

22. An interesting story of a dish: how it got its name, what mistakes people make when cooking it, how to cook it correctly; why this is one of your favourite dishes.

23. 10 tastiest dishes you have tried in your life: where it was, why this was so special, is it possible to cook it at home.

24. No food – no good: Top 7 products you need to include in your diet to stay productive and healthy.

25. Top 10 common misconceptions about well-known products. How to use or cook these products correctly. 

26. What is in your fridge? How to cook some tasty food from products you have in your kitchen.

27. Culinary preferences of professionals in your field – how it affects their work.

28. 8 secret tips how to make any dish a piece of art. 

29. The most famous dishes of your city / country. Invite your audience to try them. 

30. What products or dishes you dream to try one day.


31. 10 outdoor activities that will make a picnic unforgettable.

32. How your hobbies may help you in your profession.

33. Measure twice and cut once: What pitfalls are waiting for you on the way to doing X.

34. What is your own hobby? What it gives to you and how you started doing it.

35. What equipment is better not to skimp on when practicing Y.

36. How to make your life more interesting than TV shows.

37. Laughter therapy: Why it is necessary for you to relax and have fun to stay productive at work.

38. Board games, speed dating, theme parties and 5 more ways to make a great evening. 

39. Entertainment of famous people: the most ridiculous stories.

40. When hobby is more than just a hobby. 3 stories of how people turned their hobby into a real business.

Personal Finance

41. Why is it important to control your personal finance and how you do it. 

42. The most inspiring people who motivate you to be interested in financial affairs.

43. Why the control over your earnings and spending is a key to financial freedom.

44. The financial aspect of blogging – how bloggers make money and why the support of their audience is vital for them. 

45. Top 10 books to enhance control over personal finance and financial independence.

46. What do you need money for? Are there things you have been dreaming to buy for a long time? 

47. 5 cases when you desperately needed money and they came to you “from thin air”.

48. 7 businesses you would like to start when you have such a possibility.

49. A dollar saved is a dollar made – why we spend more than we need and how you cope with it.

50. How you came to the idea of investing and how it changed your life.

Your Blog and Content Creation

51. What helps you to find new topics for your blog?

52. What things you wish you would knew when you started being a blogger

53. Make a list of your best blogs for each year / month. (This will allow your new followers see your most posts or videos issued before they joined your blog.)

54. How do you attract a new audience? 

55. What do you think of your audience? Who are they? What do you like or wish to change in your audience?

56. What inspires you to continue blogging for a long time.

57. How has your life changed when you started blogging? 

58. How would you like your audience to perceive your posts? What, in your opinion, can they get from your blog?

59. 5 topics you would never post. Why are they «forbidden» for you?

60. What it takes you to issue a new post. How much time does it take? How many people are there in your team? How are functions distributed between them?

General Posts

61. What are your favourite blogs you follow? What for – is this a professional interest, quality of the content, an interesting person? 

62. What makes you a unique blogger – your approach, your passion about creating content, your original ideas, your style.

63. Invite another blogger for a battle – think of the topic, set the contest conditions and make a video of the battle.

64. Make a collaboration with another blogger and dedicate one day to charity or some kind deeds.

65. Do a thorough cleaning at home and show the audience the results – what you threw away and what you decided to retain and why. 


66. Top 10 countries you would never go to and why.

67. 5 most memorable journeys in your life

68. If you were going to an uninhabited island what 7 items you would take and why?

69. Tips for visiting X – your personal experience and what mistakes you made when you were there. 

70. Which next country would you like to visit most and why?


71. A post on the funniest memes in your sphere.

72. How humour helped you in critical situations in your life.

73. A parody on a famous text or video.

74. 5 funniest movies you have seen in your life.

75. Collect the best jokes and citations about the sphere of your blog.


76. Top 10 fears you need to get rid of to be more successful and happy.

77. Top 7 meaningful gifts for your relatives, colleagues and friends.

78. Top 8 soft skills you need to master to become a professional in your field.

79. Top 5 sources of insights for personal growth.

80. Why is it necessary to invest in your self-education and self-development and it is not a spending but rather an investment.

81. You approach to time management – how you control your time and your schedule.

82. Top 50 goals to reach by 30 (by 40 etc.).

83. 7 stereotypes that do not let you move towards your goals faster.

84. 10 unusual things to do that will provide you new insights about life.

85. Why self-restrictions help you to grow. 

About Yourself 

86. How your hobbies help you in blogging.

87. What people you consider as your teachers.

88. If you could turn into any animal, what would it be?

89. 15 surprising and unknown facts about yourself. 

90. Your way in blogging.

91. Your most important insights last year.

92. A letter to your 20-year-old self.

93. A letter to your 80-year-old self.

94. If you could travel through time, which moment of time would you visit first?

95. Admit to a shameful act that has been bothering you for a long time.

96. When you meet the God, what will tell them?

97. What is you lovely way to spend a day-off?

98. If you had only a week to live, what would you do?

99. Describe yourself in 5 words.

100. Your greatest achievements you are proud of.

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