20 Email Marketing Blogs that every Marketer should follow

In the era of social media and influencer marketing, you might wonder why would anyone care about this 40-year-old marketing technique i.e., Email Marketing. Well, here is a little surprise for you.

Email is much more than what you think. As per data, there were 3.9 billion email users all over the world as of 2019 and the figure is expected to be 4.3 billion by 2023 which accounts for almost half of the world’s population.

Not just that, email marketing is considered to be the biggest source of conversions for the business. All you need is to know the tips, tricks, and email marketing software to get the proper benefit of it.

Email is the king and you must not have any second thoughts about it. From organizing effective campaigns to creating clickable newsletters and strong emails for building segmented lists, successful email marketing has quite a lot of things.

Since there is a lot to learn so we bring to you a list of the top 20 Email Marketing blogs from where you can learn and take advantage as well. It does not matter if you are a B2B or a B2C business, these email marketing blogs have something to offer to all.

So, keep reading to master the art of email marketing.


The first on our list is MailChimp. Founded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in the year 2000, this is one of the most popular email service providers in the industry as of today. The objective behind creating MailChimp was to make email marketing services affordable for small business owners back in the 2000s.

Besides providing email marketing services, MailChimp is also known to help businesses in their email marketing efforts by providing host of services to them. Some of these include tried, tested, and out-of-the-box marketing tips, guides, and tutorials on how to get started with email marketing, the latest news about email marketing, and more.

In short, MailChimp provides you everything that you need to know about email marketing in 2021. Even if you are just starting with email marketing, you don’t need to worry. With an audience base of 4 billion people, MailChimp will keep you sorted and help you learn a lot. 


Launched in the UK in the year 2001, Pure360 is not just an email marketing blog but a marketing technology solutions provider. The aim of Pure360 is to keep businesses ready for any marketing challenges they may face. 

It provides the best marketing strategies and practices in the entire email marketing industry. If you would go through their blogs, you would see a variety of topics including both email marketing and marketing in general. 

The topics they cover include email ideas, guides on using email marketing software, tips and tricks that are easy to learn, and the common issues that entrepreneurs face while planning their marketing strategies. 


The sender provides a free plan to businesses and entrepreneurs to start with their email marketing services. The sender claims to be an alternative to MailChimp but with ease of use. 

Their blog also features everything that you need to know about email marketing including tips and tricks about improving conversions. If you have just started, you can check their blogs for best email marketing practices, free templates for newsletters, design examples, and more. 

The sender also has a feature to send a welcome email and an abandoned cart email. 


SalesHandy was introduced to improve the sales communication of businesses. As the name suggests, SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool. The owner of SalesHandy is Piyush Patel and Dhruv Patel.

The blog section of SalesHandy is very insightful and can help you with a range of topics including purchasing strategies, common email marketing strategies, and unique strategies to take advantage of specific email features. 

Apart from these, the blogs also cover product launches, comparison between strategies, and the latest news. 


Rejoiner, when launched, specialized in abandoned cart emails but as of today, it is an email marketing solutions provider. Founded by Mike Arsenault in the year 2011, Rejoiner, in the beginning, helped eCommerce to find solutions for the problem they faced with cart abandonment and hence ended up being an email marketing solutions provider. 

Rejoiner is best known to have a data-driven approach for providing theoretical as well as practical solutions related to email marketing. There is a lot that you can learn from them including tutorials, guides, tips and tricks, case studies, etc., about email marketing. 


If we talk about Stripo, it is an all-in-one email design platform that helps clients to build email of any complexity faster. With Stripo, you get 700 ready-to-use email templates along with saving and reuse email modules across different campaigns.

And not just that, Stripo is integrated with 50 plus CRMs/ERPs with which you can send an email with just one click. Stripo has a lot of in-built features such as micro-tools for email production, photo editors, banner generators, timers, and more. 

When you subscribe to Stripo’s email marketing blog, you get a chance to witness the most successful email campaigns.   


EasySendy helps small businesses with their email and social media campaigns. It was founded by engineers and management consultants in the year 2003. EasySendy’s blog and insights section can help you with powerful email strategy, writing tips to prospects, guides, and more. 

EasySendy’s blogs are driven by real-life marketing concerns and proven strategies to cover the problems easily. 

eFocus Marketing

eFocus Marketing was found in the year 2012 by Kate Barrett, an email marketing expert, and author. eFocus Marketing helps eCommerce companies and pharmaceutical companies to strategize their email marketing campaigns to the next level.

With their blog, eFocus marketing aims to help users of every class i.e., beginner, intermediate and advanced to stay updated with email marketing trends. Besides articles, they also have reviews, case studies, podcasts, videos, etc., to help marketers everywhere.


Further on our list is eSputnik. It is mainly a marketing automation software provider founded by Dmitry Kuudrenko and Aleksey Danchenko in 2012. When they started, they used to help clients manually to build and improve email marketing strategies by providing all analytics and reports. 

eSputnik works on color-coded segmentation of articles. Different colors highlight the level of strategies for beginners, intermediates, and advanced. You can also find their “how-to” guides and tutorials on YouTube ideal for solving complex email problems. 

The highlights of eSputnik are the insights section where you can find a range of interesting emails and newsletters to drive your own strategies. 


Talking about Automizy, it is an email marketing solution that focuses mainly on enhancing the open rates by as much as 34%. The aim of Automizy was to become the world’s most powerful and easiest email marketing automation tool. 

Automizy offers companies all the resources required to build an effective email marketing strategy. The blog section can help you with all that you need to know about email marketing. Also, their website has free tools like email subject line generator and subject line tester to ease the job for marketers. 

Email Industries

Email industries were founded in 2008 with the aim to help businesses prevent their mail from going to spam folders. The blog section of email industries covers all the updates and trending news about email marketing. 

Apart from the blogs, you can also check the book “How to win at B2B Email marketing: A guide to achieving success” containing all that you need to know about to succeed in email marketing. 


EmailOut is an email marketing software provider company that offers top-class flexible services that are free. EmailOut’s blog section has a range of information about business growth, email marketing, SEO, inspirational articles, and more.

If you are new to email marketing, you must follow their blogs for some amazing tips on email marketing and digital marketing as well. Besides, they also have news updates, product reviews, and free email templates for marketers. 


Being founded in 2001, Vertical Response focuses on bringing business and customers together. Through social media, email, and surveys, they aim to bring maximum engagement for businesses. 

Their blogs too feature all the latest information about email marketing such as email design tips, newsletter creation, etc. All the tips and techniques that they provide can easily be implemented. 

Email Monday

Email Monday is owned by Jordie Van Rijn having 13 plus years of experience in email marketing. Along with email marketing tips, Jordie also gives training to entrepreneurs for the same. 

His blogs focus on topics like gaining open rates, increasing optimized results, webinars, reports, and more. 


Owned by Simon Grabowski, Get Response is an email marketing solutions provider that guarantees a 99% deliverability rate. 

Their articles tell how you can grow your business and optimize email marketing for maximum results. Their solutions are tailor-made based on the challenges you may face. 

Email on Acid

Email on Acid has free templates, webinars, blogs, videos, white paper, and everything that may help a budding entrepreneur to learn some tips and tricks about email marketing. 

Co-founded by John Thies and Michelle Clan, Email on Acid’s services are suitable for all from beginner to advanced. 


Talking about Mail Bakery, the company was founded in 2010 and has helped over 5000 clients to increase their conversion rates. They create templates that are easy to use and worth buying. 

Their blog section has inspirational articles, guides, tutorials, freebies, and a lot of value-packed content for the readers. They are also known for publishing fun comics about email marketing. 


Mailjet aims at creating simple emails but with a powerful impact. They help enterprises simplify the email processes and maximize efficiency. Their blog section covers email design, template, newsletter, complex guides, etc. 


Being an email marketing company, Email Octopus focuses on making email campaigns simpler, intuitive, and interactive for users. Their blog section has case studies, tips, and tricks, real-life scenarios for improving your email marketing efforts.

They also have a section of statistics and reports for the entrepreneurs to learn from. 


AWeber is an email marketing software company that creates high-performing software to help small businesses easily achieve their targets. Their blog pages focus more on tips and tricks for small businesses

They also have pre-written email articles, HTML templates, and more things for you to explore. 

To Conclude

Email Marketing is an in-depth strategy that every business must implement to get the desired results. It is an old but effective method of attracting traffic to your business.

With that, we have come to the end of this article. We have dug the internet a lot to create the list of top 20 email marketing blogs for marketers. Hopefully, it would help you. Have any doubts, drop them in the comments section below.

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