100 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today For More Traffic

100 SEO Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today For More Traffic 

Thinking about what to write on your blog can be the most tedious job. If you are looking for inspiration you have come to the right place. We share with you over 100 ideas that you can write about in your next blog post.

·          Motivational and inspirational

·          Useful Blogs

·          Recommendations and reviews

·          Lifestyle Blogs

·          Personal Blog posts

·          Influencers and celebrities

·          Round up Blog posts

·          Educational  and How to Blog posts

·          Time Based

·          Controversial Blog posts

 Motivational and inspirational

Give your readers some inspiration with these blog post ideas.

1.      Make a list of successful people and their life’s journeys’ as examples

2.      Figure out how other people succeeded and share their strategies.

3.      You might have seen various get fit challenges on the internet, create a challenge for your readers.

4.      Make a list of inspirational quotes. People love inspirational quotes.

5.      Write down your own success story and the path to achieve it.

6.      Motivational quotes you swear by.

7.      Your morning routine and how it helps you in being successful.

Useful Blog posts

8.      Create a mini Dictionary of your industry terms with all the latest additions to it.

9.      Create a checklist to help people with forgetfulness to achieve more.

10.   Create an FAQ; answer all questions commonly asked about a topic.

11.   Compare and contrast products or services.

12.   Compile a list of helpful books you have read and give your insights about them.

13.   While we are at reading, create a list of blogs you follow that keep you up to date about your industry.

14.   Write down the pros and cons of an important decision.

15.   Tell your readers why they need something essential.

16.   List all-new tools or applications that you have started using and which are most helpful out of them.

17.   Ask your readers what kind of problems they face, give solutions to those problems.

18.   Help readers make decisions.

19.   Summarize books or podcasts.

Recommend and review

20.   Recommend the best industry blogs to follow.

21.   Recommend the best books.

22.   Review products or online services.

23.   Review a movie.

24.   Do a detailed comparison of two products.

25.   Review a trending product and tell your readers if it’s worth the hype.

26.   Create a list of the best products in your niche.

27.   Recommend the best videos/podcasts/books for success.

28.   Give a list of all the blogs you followed when you started.

Lifestyle blogs

29.   How you stay motivated.

30.   Travel essentials.

31.   Ways to save money and time.

32.   How to stay organized.

33.   Gift ideas, for him, her, etc.

34.   Movies you want to watch this year.

35.   Things you do to stay fit.

36.   A list of Instagram or your favourite lifestyle blogger to follow.

37.   Tips on saving money.

38.   Tips for better skin, hair, etc.

39.   Free fun activities to do on the weekend.

40.   Things you do to unwind.

Personal Blog Posts

41.   Things that make you happy.

42.   What would you say to your younger self?

43.   A recipe for your favourite homemade dish.

44.   Things you have learnt from your parents.

45.   A list of your favourite movies

46.   Your greatest success and failures in life and what have you learnt from them.

47.   What a perfect day for you would be like.

48.   Try something new and share what you learned from it.

49.   Share your day to day life.

50.   Tell your readers how you started your journey and the hurdles you faced.

51.   Essentials you carry in your bag.

52.   An embarrassing story that changed your life.  

Influencers and Celebrities

53.   Cover the life and impact of an influential person in your industry.

54.   Interview a celebrity or influencer.

55.   How a celebrity did “x”. You can cover anything from a makeup look to the fitness routine of a celebrity.

56.   A list of all celebrity blogs that you follow.

57.   The success story of your favourite influencer or celebrity.

58.   Introduce a new influencer/celebrity you think might make it big in the industry, for example, Elon Musk.

59.   Collect advice on a topic from various influencers.

Roundup Blogs

60.   Interview various experts in your field, and create a comprehensive guide on the subject.

61.   Create industry statistics and give your opinion about it.

62.   Share a list of top posts from your blog.

63.   Collect important data from your industry and share it.

64.   Make a compilation of the best blog you have recently read.

65.   Create a list of ‘people you must follow’ in your industry.

Educational  and How to Blog posts

Do you remember the last time you read an instruction manual? Never, right? People hate reading instruction manuals, we’d rather Google stuff and figure out how to do it. This is the major reason why WikiHow became so popular. People literally Google anything and everything.

Is there something in your niche that you feel might need an online instruction manual? Write about such topics. It can be something as simple as assembling a product or something complex like how to analyze data in a certain field.

66.   Write the history of your industry.

67.   Important insights you have  learnt last year

68.   Walk your readers through a process step by step.

69.   Teach beginners how to become experts.

70.   Create a success roadmap.

71.   Create an advanced guide to a topic

72.   Write a case study.

73.   Write about how to fix something.

74.   Create a list of things you wish you knew when you started.

Time-based Blog posts

75.   Discuss the latest industry news or trends.

76.   Talk about how a new trend, disease, a culture will affect people.

77.   Make predictions about future trends in the industry.

78.   Create a holiday post.

79.   Share your monthly or yearly success update.

80.   Write a review of a new product.

81.   Write about news rumours you think might be true.

82.   Write about skills that everyone will need in the future.

Controversial Blog posts

83.   Write an open letter to a politician, celebrity or influencer.

84.   Share an unpopular opinion about something.

85.   How legalities affect your business in your country.

86.   Things you’d like to change can range from the climate to your habits.

87.   Write about why a certain thing in your industry failed, and which strategies to not follow.

88.   Make a fact vs myth post

89.   Summarize a modern debate and give your opinion.

90.   Your most passionate industry detail.

91.   Outdated things you wish people would stop doing/saying etc.


92.   Give people a look into your office space with pictures.

93.   If you can draw or know someone who can, make a comic strip or various and share it in your blog.

94.   You can make a list of industry jokes, use jargons that only industry insiders will understand to make it more appealing.

95.   Create an A-Z post of a topic.

96.   Renew an old post. As time moves ahead, your thoughts and ideas about things change. Update your blog to your new ideology.

97.   What are your hobbies outside of work?

98.   Create infographics

99.   Make a behind the scenes Blog post

100.  Share your travel bucket list.

If these blog ideas seem uninteresting or irrelevant to you you can use tools to find new ideas. 

  • Google keyword planner
  • Google trends
  • Check out your competitor’s blog
  • Lastly, you can check social media to figure out what is trending in your industry

To pick content that has SEO potential, it is important to be sure to use the right kind of tools. 

Buzzsumo is the latest rage in the keyword market. You can have limited access to the site if you don’t want to purchase it. It gives you insights on trending keywords, how many blog posts a keyword has, how well a keyword is doing. With all this data you can make sure that you are writing about topics that aren’t excessively written about but are still searched enough to drive traffic to your website. 

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