Top 20 Most Popular Travel Bloggers: Best Travel Blogs in India

Everything is in place but have you checked on the places you are heading to? Much before we plan on going somewhere, we start googling about the place, the lifestyle there and the attractions that are a must-see. But do we really get all the information about these places? Are all the real life experiences related to those places put on the web? The answer is YES! Actually the answer should have been a big NO, if these people wouldn’t have come ahead and shared all their travel stories with us. Yes I am talking about the Travel Bloggers. Indeed celebrating their contribution to the Indian Travel Stories. It is them who took the unexplored path of life, chose to explore India through their eyes and share the entire buzz with us on the web. Inspiring thousands of people, they take you on unconventional places; unravel the hidden paths with their pictorial stories. And so when it comes for me to plan a trip, I read their Blogs and my travelling gets a tadka. For a little tadka in your travel experience, here is a list of some of the Best Indian Travel Bloggers who have come a long way into making World a better known place for us. Follow them and their stories, because even if you haven’t got your tickets in check, their posts are bound to make a mind-travel story with you.

1. Charukesi Ramadurai

Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer, journalist and an ardent traveler. Famous for her travel blog ‘Itchy Feet’, Charukesi writes blog posts and to-do lists on travel, food, books, art and culture and has been into full-fledged travelling since 13 years now.

She has already explored 20 Indian States, 29 Countries and has been a blogger with The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, is also a columnist with South China Morning Post. Her recent book named ‘Everything you wanted to know about freelance journalism (but didn’t know whom to ask) has been called ‘a bible for freelance writers everywhere’. Her travel stories can be read through her blog : charukesi

2. Lakshmi sharath

A media professional, who after 15 years of her job life decided to take a plunge on travel, is a well known Indian travel Blogger now. Lakshmi Sharath is an off-beat traveler with an added ooze of love towards undiscovered villages and temples in India. She has covered a stretch of about 25 countries and 5 continents. Her writing style is very enthralling and even a non-traveler reader can relate to what she writes. Being associated with several tourism boards, newspapers and magazines, Lakshmi sharath has been on the list of Top 100 Travel tweeters around the world. You can follow her on her website:

3. Desi Traveler

Also known as Prasad Np, Our desi traveler is like a regular Indian traveler who travels different places mostly with family. His blog talks about his travel tales with his friends and family, strictly believing that ‘the journey is the destination’. With a huge fan following on social websites, he has been one of the most talked about Travel Bloggers. Lookout for him at

4. Shivya Nath

Shivya – Must Follow Travel Bloggers The Shooting Star is about ‘Just a girl who travels’. That is Shivya Nath for you, a young female adventurer who quit a corporate job and set on a mission to travel and inspire other young women to travel solo and be independent. In 2013 she received the title of ‘Best Travel Blogger’ at the Indian Blogger awards. Her blog talks about her expertise, tips and how she gathers local experiences with the get-into-the-root-of-the-place style. She is an inspiration for a lot of young female solo travelers, including me.

5. Neelima Vallangi

The wandering soul’s wandering tales by Neelima Vallangi is all about a girl who chanced upon a trip to ladakh and transformed into a hopeless and incurable travel addict. Travelling long and short through the corners of our country, Neelima has constantly been sharing her stories on her blog: . She finds her attraction in the most unexplored places in the country and with her pictorial stories she has kept all the buzz about Indian Travel alive. Follow her @Twitter and Facebook to get a first-hand account of all her tales.

6. Mridula Dwivedi

‘Travel tales from India’, the blog talks about Mridula Dwivedi’s passion for travel. Honoured as the Best Travel Indi Blog at the India Weblog Awards 2007 , Mridula found herself being mentioned by The BBC and The Guardian and so she took the leap and shift from being an Assistant Professor at HR Management in Gurgaon to a full-time traveler. Read about her travel tales on Travel Tales from India

7. Sankara

A biking blogger, one of the top Indian bloggers specializing in adventure travels; Sankara is a well-known name in the travel blogging sphere of India. Having featured by top-notch media brands and travel companies, Sankara’s blog Be On The Road is for those who are looking for cheap, efficient and Indian travel stories and tips.

8. Anuradha Goyal

A travel blogger since a decade now, Anuradha Goyal is the proud owner of the famous blog Inditales. An IT background feeds her stomach and her travel enthusiasm feeds her soul. Authoring the book ‘The mouse charmers-Digital Pioneers of India’. Having blogged for almost 8 years now, her blog was rated as the ’50 best blogs on travel around the world’. She is also a city walker and often organizes walks to historical places of importance.

9. Karthik Reddy

After completing his MBA, Karthik Reddy decided to choose a different life for himself by Romancing The Planet, where he shares his travel stories. His blog is a reflection of his love for different cuisines and cultures, the quest to meet new people-new places and a lot about the pictures he takes on his travels.

10. Siddhartha Joshi

Following the #YOLO belief is this product designer named Siddhartha, who shares his passion of travelling through his blog The Wanderer. What started with just a sharing of his stories is now a source of inspiration for many travel enthusiasts around the world. What

inspired me about him were his words ‘I hope that sometime in his lifetime, there would be a world without visas and boundaries and all of us will be free to explore the world unhindered…’, and so he has been on my blogs-to-follow list always. He also runs his travel channel on Youtube.

11. Ashutosh Bhatt

Amongst the Travel Bloggers clan from India, a rising name is that of Ashutosh Bhatt, who through his blog Routeprints is taking India deeper into the travel fever. After having worked in a corporate set-up for about 5 years, Ashutosh moved on to living a Location Independent Lifestyle, sharing his travel stories & tips, and serving as a creative strategist.

12. Indrani Ghose

A freelance travel writer and photographer, Indrani Ghose has a special drift towards writing about people she meets on her journeys. Her travelblog i Share is an account of all her graphical thoughts and footprints. Having travelled through a lot of countries, Indrani finds her story in road journeys.

13. Archana Singh

Archana Singh’s blog is a double helix of poignant discernments about life and her travails, two interconnected and parallel ribbons that give the reader a unique experience. Within these, you’ll find a world of information, history, answers and questions.

TravelSeeWrite is as much about people as it is about places. The posts are full of anecdotes, stories and observations that set this blog apart from the others. With a different perspective, your own experience takes on so many hues and tints.

It is said that no two people watch the same sunrise or sunset. Our perspectives are unique, subject to our own interpretations and I look forward to others taking inspiration and painting their own lovely pictures for us like Archana does.

14. Nivedith

From the IT industry to become a travel blogger who is one of India’s best, Nivedith’s journey has been an exciting one.

Macro Traveller is a colourful blog with the variety of experiences that have been beautifully presented. It’s a virtual bazaar of sorts where all kinds of experiences in different shapes and sizes clamour for your attention.

You get a unique glimpse into the numerous possibilities available to a traveller whether its international destinations, attractions closer to home, walking trails, stories, inspirations and much more. Immerse yourself in the colourful experience.

15. Revati and Charles

Many of us have the yearning to travel but the first step of the journey can be daunting. All sorts of thoughts plague your mind especially the expenses. Revati and Charles’s blog,  Different-doors, lets you know that the finances may not be as impossible as you might imagine.

There are many ways to travel on a budget if only you knew how! And while it may be scary, you need to let go of your inhibitions. He started the blog to keep his mother, a wanderer herself, updated on his whereabouts and his experiences (awwww). The posts are short and sweet, and well peppered with pictures. Always an enjoyable read.

16. Savi and Vid

Savi and Vid is a Formula One enthusiast and a wizard with words. Her blog reflects her travel experiences with hints of her own personality and thoughts shining through, making it such a compelling read.

She has so much to express in terms of the people she meets, lifestyles she experiences etc. Tons of stories are tucked into the different sections of the blog just waiting to enrich the reader.

Bruised passports is definitely a blog you’ll want to follow if you’re looking for unique insights into different places.

17. Radhika Nomllers

It is easy to see why Radhika Nomllers’s blog has won so much appreciation and many accolades. Her blog has been declared the best travel blog of the year by the Indibloggies.

Her writing style is what makes her blog such an engaging read. Rather than being just a collection of pretty words, her writing reaches out to you and indulges your senses, making you feel like you’re actually there.

It gives you a pretty good idea of what you can explore in any place. The blog includes handy tips for bloggers and travellers alike. Plenty of beautiful pictures accompany her pieces, making it a pleasant experience.

18. Abhinav Chandel

A soul window is Abhinav Chandel’s peek into the treasures the world has to offer. His story is similar to many of ours. A job that was unsatisfactory, suffocating and did the soul no favours.

It took a while for him to admit the truth to himself that he wasn’t like his peers at all. Abhinav’s posts are candid, holding nothing back as he lets us experience his adventures with simple words and pictures.

Since 2008 he has been listed several times as a top travel blogger. His passion and joy is infectious and soon you’ll wish you could have a travel blogging job too. But he cautions you, what worked for him might not work for everyone.

19. Supriya Sehgal

The thing I love about Supriya’s blog is that each post had something unique to offer. You could say, each post is like meeting a different person, full of quirks and idiosyncrasies that make a place more lively and interesting.

A guide to the lesser known places or quotes from the people she meets, every article employs a unique way to attract your attention.

Clearly, Supriya is a person with a good eye for detail which is reflected in her writing. The passion and determination are in plain evidence and inspires you to follow your own dreams.

20. India Backpack Motorbike

Like many others, Venkat Ganesh too left a comfortable job behind to realize his dream. His posts answer many questions that you may have and are especially helpful to those just beginning what could be a life-changing journey.

He gives you a good idea of what you can expect when you travel. An enthusiastic motorbike traveller, he offers backpacking advice and firmly advocates responsible travel.

21. Vandana Yadav

The first thing that struck me when I came across this blog was the blue! So many different hues of blue! Adventurer Vandana’s talent in photography is evident in the gorgeous pictures. Since the topmost post was on a Monday, my immediate thought was that this gives a whole new meaning to Monday blues!

Imagine a world where Mondays were not the dreaded monster they are. Vandana is one of the lucky few who can wake up on a Monday morning and smile. Her writing is enchanting and a joy to read. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, a beginner or you just enjoy experiencing travel online, this is not a blog you should miss!

22. Shramona Poddar

Want to know how to be an Instagram travel star? Follow Shramona Poddar’s story to find out how she gained a massive amount of followers organically.

Also get tips on taking good pictures and presentations that will help you in this quest as evident by Joshi’s own blog with its well-shot photos and crisp writing style.

What I love about this blog is that it gives you hidden insights about lesser known places. You get to see the bigger picture and enjoy a place in its entirety. This is another blog that you don’t want to miss if you love secrets!

23. Kunzum

Author, blogger and photographer extraordinaire, Ajay Jain’s life revolves around the intricacies of travel. A travel junkie, he constantly seeks out new routes to explore.

This Delhiite has been hopping all over the world in search of unique experiences and meeting new people. Ever since his first journey to the Kunzum La pass in the Himalayas, there’s been no looking back.

Through his portraits of the people he meets, he aims to show oneness across people of all cultures, colours and religion. This maverick also aims to bring forward #100greatjourneys on this planet.

Inspired yet? Leave your doubts behind and your travelling will be much lighter!

And as you were reading through this article, these travel bloggers must have been visiting some more new places or probably be writing about it. There are innumerable people who have found their refuge in travelling. Check on, may be some stories inspire you as well and you set out on a journey that changes your life too. Because “To travel, is to take a journey into yourself ~ Danny kaye”

P.S. The blogs were not chosen in any order of preference because all of them are amazing in their own right. Each has been picked for something unique or creative that it offers or that quality that sticks with you and makes it memorable. Remember, if you plan to have your own blog, you must make it outstanding. It should possess a definable characteristic that keeps people coming back for more.

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