25 Unique Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

Traveling is most people’s dream. Discovering new places, knowing new people and hogging on a new cuisine, who wouldn’t love all that. And, on top of that, those exciting adventures that you get to experience — those stunning beaches, beautiful mountains, crystal clear river valleys, bright and colorful botanicals, the world is full of mysterious yet beautiful places that have kept many of us on toes. There are so many Travel Bloggers worldwide who have gone to various places and have explored the unexplored.

The beauty that nature offers is what makes one take up travel as a passion. Everyone wants to travel least to their closest destinations of not big fat travel dreams, but on the other hand, we do have people who take up travel full time. All the best travel bloggers are a prime example of this. Some even take it so seriously and end up making a living out of it, which indeed is the best occupation that one can have. Travel brings new experiences and connects new people. It makes the world a better place by bringing harmony and bringing together various cultures and traditions. Besides, tourism is also one of the most significant sources of income for a country. Countries with the most exotic places have a great deal of money flowing in through tourism. This forms the niche that luxury travelers operate in. Egypt, Bali, Indonesia, Australia, Europe are some of the places that can be named.

When people take up travel as a hobby and passion, they tend to write about their experiences which are then shared with others. They believe by doing so; they can make people aware and give them a taste of how travel is excellent and also about various undiscovered places. We do have some famous luxury travelers in our country who have seen and visited a number of places and blog about it so people can read them. Let’s dive in and take a look at who are the top 10 travel bloggers:

The Most Popular Travel Bloggers: My Current List of Favorites

1. Lakshmi Sharath

With having traveled over 25 countries, Lakshmi Sharath first started as a media professional. She was an ardent traveler, travel writer, and photographer. A travel blog for an Indian Backpacker is her blog where you can find inspiration to keep traveling to various places. Her tip to all travelers is that they take up vacation during the weekdays and offseason. Her favorite destination is Nilgiris. Her pick would be to sit by the hills and endlessly gaze at those beautiful mountains and sceneries, listen to the birds’ chips and embrace the cool breeze.

2. Gulshan Bafna

Gulshan Bafna is one of the best Indian travel bloggers. He (along with his wife) has travelled to places with beautiful destinations and writes about them. He is one of the best luxury travel bloggers in India. Being a businessman, he tries to balance his work and travel just fine. He took up travel as his passion after having completed civil engineering. If you come across Gushan’s blog, you are sure to go on a journey just by reading it.

3. Archana Singh

An award-winning travel blogger, she has traveled over 60 countries and has 40K followers on Instagram. She is one of the top travel bloggers in India. Her blog, Travel See Write has gained awards under various categories such as adventure, culture, solo travel, and luxury. She is also a brand consultant, influencer, photographer, and public speaker. Her travels have gained a lot of popularity because of her unique perspective of different places.

4. Seema Gurnani

With over 22.5K followers on Instagram, she is certainly a travel blogger that needs a special mention. Apart from being an award-winning travel blogger, she has also been featured on The Hindu, Zeebiz, IndianExpress, Deccan, Yourstory, Femina & more. She writes exclusive reviews about restaurants she visits and must-try food items from there.

5. Neelima Vallangi

With 46.8K followers on Instagram, Neelima is a storyteller in her own words. A solo traveler with great photographic skills, she blogs as fabulously as she photographs. Her story is said with images as it is with her words. She focuses on offbeat and adventure travels.

6. Ami Bhat

Feisty, a person with a truckload of energy, Ami Bhat is the person that gives you a trip along with photos that will rock your world. She believes that travel is thrilling and she says it in her words. Her work has been published in Lonely Planet, Huffington PHost, and so on. Her USP is that she travels and loves every moment of it. She is one of India’s best travel bloggers.

7. Nivedith Gajapathy

193K followers and counting on Instagram, Nivedith g has been making the news alright. He is an Award-Winning Content Creator who writes about travel and food. He has traveled over 28 countries and over 23 states in India. He is one of the best ranked as a social media influencer. He calls himself a Macro traveler and that is what he identifies as, a person that deals with food, travels, and culture.

8. Kamya

A proud budget traveler she travels places where no one has gone before. She is an Indian Travel Blogger who is a wanderer in spirit and practice. She breathes to travel, and she wants to do none else. She calls herself a digital nomad, and rightly so. She goes everywhere and makes the trip worth the while. She travels in India and abroad, and shares both the experiences with the same vigor.

9. Indrani Ghose

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. She is an ex-Indian Air Force employee, do we need a better introduction for a person that has lived it up? She has traveled the world through her job and talks about her exploration and her life. She has had a lot of mentions in different publications including Thrillophilla, Holidify, Travel Triangle, and more.

10. Sudha Ganapathi

A traveler, she calls herself a book nerd, an editor, and more. She is a photographer and documents it well. She showcases all of it in her blogs. Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, and various publications. For decades she has documented her story because she thinks it must be heard.

11. Joshi Daniel

A photographer. That is him. Look at his pictures to know the life he has traveled. His conversation is through his photographs. Well-traveled and well photographed. He walks around and absorbs the world as he wants to tell it. He absorbs the lifestyle as it shows itself, in black and white, his preferred colors. Look him up if images are the stories you want to hear.

12. Anuradha Goyal

Started way back in 2004, Anuradha Goyal has traveled the world to help us see the wonders. She has traveled over 18 countries and has also taught students about her travels. She believes the world is better when one travels and her pages show it for sure.

13. Mayuri Patel

A solo traveler, Mayuri describes herself as a travelholic. She is a digital nomad and she also documents her travels that make for an interesting read. She travels on a budget making travel both affordable and also fun. She travels to places that must be seen but also offbeat routes.

14. Ajay Sood

An avid traveler Ajay Sood tells stories through his photos. He has been published on Condé Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, JetWings, Travel3Sixty°, Smart Photography, Taj Magazine, GoGetter, and more. A featured writer and photographer, he tells stories and is the winner of the Best PhotoBlog Award by Gujarat Tourism and Innovative Council of Indian Tourism (ICIT) in 2018.

15. Kiran Keswani

Want to go local, Kiran Keswani is a blogger. She does bazaars. She brings to our homes the cultures of the bazaars. She is a blogger who photographs. Kiran covers the markets and gets there to get the story and loves the stories she narrates. An R.K. Narayan fan, Kiran tries to capture India the way she sees it.

16. Venkat Ganesh

A biker, he is an Indian travel blogger who does it by road. He writes about bike trips, about exploring the world on a bike and the experiences. His blog is all about inspiration, how to travel on a budget, and exploring the world with a different perspective.

17. Shivya Nath

For all those who are planning to travel or a budding traveler, she is the inspiration. Her story will wake you up and give you some real-life travel goals. At the age of 23, she gave up her regular corporate job and decided to travel. Later on, she gave up her home to be a nomad and sold her belongings to move around freely with no anchors. She is a social entrepreneur, an enthusiast, a solo traveler, a digital nomad, and an Instagram. She is a vegan, and that is the best thing about her. She published a book, ‘The Shooting Stars’, where she wrote about where and how she started her travel journey and how it went. It has been the best seller and is currently on for the fourth reprint. To cut down air travel, she decided to take up slow traveling. She sets her terms and makes her choices wisely. Of so many others, her travel places include Thailand, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Africa, Gulf, and so on. She is not set to stop any sooner.

18. Karthik Reddy

Thirty countries and still traveling, Karthik reddy is one of the most passionate bloggers, with one of the best travel blogs in India. He says he’d rather stand along with the paddy fields and gaze at those golden brushes than stand in front of a bunch of managers. His favorite travel quote is “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler who is foreign”. His any day go-to place would be Vietnam which made a significant influence in his life. He likes to spend time with people and wander around new places. Romancing the Planet is his blog where you can get to know about a lot of new places.

19. Arnab Maity

With the name of ‘The Wireless Wanderer’, Arnab Maity is one of the best travel bloggers in India, who loves to embrace new places. All of his travel began in 2009 when he went on a bike ride to Bhutan. This made him realize that all he wanted to do was to travel. He loves to explore the treasures of this planet. He wants to know more about people, cultures, and elements of nature. He started his blog to share his thoughts and experiences. He is a freelance travel writer and does photography as well. He finds the best of places, shoots the best of pictures, and works with a lot of other people to bring to you the best of his experiences.

20. Sankara Subramaniyam

He is a professional travel blogger. The road is where he feels home. He gave up his corporate sales and marketing career to travel full time. He likes nature and the ecosystem and loves to explore new places. His interests lie in adventure travel, going for wildlife holidays, exploring amazing vegetarian cuisine, motorcycle traveling and curating budget travels. He has a unique dream to explore and cover as many places as he can before he turns 45. He also wishes to open a complete and 100% green hotel in the western ghats of India.

21. Ankita Sinha

Anki on the Move is the catchy blog name of Ankita Sinha’s blog, which is quite popular as one of the best travel blogs in India. She’s been traveling since 2011 and has been on the go since then. She is also a speaker and has spoken in one of the TEDx events. She has won a few awards for the passion that she’s taken. She associates with various brands, reviews, and writes for them as well. She is a passionate traveler and loves discovering new places. Through her blog, she reaches out to people by sharing her travel experiences.

22. Siddhartha Joshi

Reading about him would be the stories of an Indian traveler across the world. As one of the best travel bloggers in India, he has traveled to Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, The States, and of course a lot many places in his home country, India. In his blog, he beautifully curates his travel experiences and posts them along with some stunning pictures that he captures while on his travel. Undoubtedly travel is his niche, and he has been doing a great and fantastic job with it.

23. Deepak Patel

A small-town boy, Deepak Patel, finds his interests in digital marketing. His blog Travel and Thrill is an attempt to bring out the best of tourism places in India. Being a digital marketer has given him the benefit of handling his blog and making it the right way to make sure it reaches people. His love for the Indian culture and heritage has made him take this step. He says that traveling to new places alone is not traveling but then finding out the beauty in heritage spots and unexplored mythological sites are also traveling.

In his blogs, he not only writes about the place and the attraction but also about the native cuisine, people, and other traditions and cultures that people follow there. He gives great importance to pictures as he believes that they create a significant impact on the readers. Travel is all that he wants to do to keep his curiosity on the go.

24. Parnshree Devi

That curious girl and her journey are Parnashree all about. His blog, ‘My Travel Diary’, is all that you need to read to feed your curiosity about various places. It’s her passion for travel that made her start her blog. It was later that her passion became her profession, and she has been doing it right since then. It is her love and curiosity to find something new and unravel the beauty of various places on this planet. She embraces new cultures and traditions. She has always loved discovering new places.

There are so many Indian travel bloggers out there. Travel does shape a person. Once you start traveling, it will change the whole perspective of how you see things. You will get to meet new people, learn new things, and see a new side. Far or near, distant land or the next village, for once pack your bag and take a trip. This will show you how beautiful the world out there is. Also, what’s better than eventually taking up travel as a full-time profession!?

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