Top 10 Fiverr Gig Ideas to Help You Get Your Side Hustle On

Fiverr gigs are golden. They can help you do just about everything. You hire an expert at an affordable price, starting at $5 and get your job done. Easy! As a Fiverrer, someone who does the gig, you set up your jobs and fulfill them as orders are placed. Some of the most successful Fiverr freelancers make six figures per year. Wanna break into this and become a Fiverr freelancer? Here are 10 Fiverr gig ideas to get you started:

1. Traffic Generation

This is super easy to have dropshipped. Yes you CAN dropship services too.

What does that mean? You order traffic from a traffic supplier and funnel it to your customer.

If you are skilled at traffic generation, that’s amazing and you should definitely use those skills to drive traffic to your client’s website.

2. Social Media graphic design

Using a software tool like Canva makes it super easy to create graphics for Pinterest pins, Facebook banners and more. You can even design:

  • Book and ebook covers
  • Media kits
  • Resumes
  • And more!

Did we mention that Canva is free? Check it out.

3. Video editing

This is in high demand for ecommerce store owners. If you can create videos for video ads, you’ll be getting your gig booked time after time.

Video editing is not as hard as you might think. You can check out YouTube to look at some free tutorials for getting started, if you don’t feel confident in this skillset.

4. Copywriting

This is all about writing. You can write for magazines, write for bloggers, write for other writers. Here are some other examples of copywriting gigs you can offer:

5. Web Design

If you’re tech savvy and know how to build and design websites, you can offer web design and/or web development gigs. Clients will hire you to design sites, add customization, build special features and more.

6. SEO

If you know SEO then your skills will be super valuable on Fiverr. SEO or search engine optimization is how websites and companies get found on search engines, like Google. It is a fine science that is ever changing, since Google and other search engines are ever evolving to understand the needs of their audience. You can fetch high dollar for offering your SEO skills to businesses.

7. Influencer Marketing

Are you an influencer? Do you have a blog that gets 100K+ monthly page views or have an Instagram account with 20K followers? You can offer your influencer marketing right on Fiverr.

Get paid to write a feature on your blog, send an email blast to your subscribers or promote a company on your social media feed.

In addition to Fiverr, try these other marketplaces to monetize your following:

  • Famebit
  • Linqia
  • Real Clever

8. Create a Jingle

Yes, that’s right, a jingle or theme song. If you are creative and love music, try this one out.  Your clients will likely be social media or TV personalities, podcasters, and entrepreneurs who need a jingle for their business.  You can offer song writing, singing, rapping, and more.

9. Consulting

Are you an expert in your field? Did you know that you can offer consulting services right on Fiverr? Here are some examples:

  • Business or career advice
  • Financial consulting
  • Legal consulting

Lend out your consulting experience and get paid for it!

10. Online Lessons

This is too cool. Learn a lesson right online like piano lessons, language tutoring, and more.

Final Recap

There are even more Fiverr gig ideas available. Head to Fiverr and look around if you need more inspiration. To recap, here are the 10 Fiverr gig ideas we shared:

1. Traffic Generation

2. Social media graphic design

3. Video editing

4. Copywriting

5. Web design

6. SEO

7. Influencer marketing

8. Jingle creation

9. Consulting

10. Online lessons

Do you have experience working on Fiverr? Share your opinion of the platform down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Rahul Yadav is a versatile digital marketing consultant from Delhi who offers exceptional web and digital services worldwide.

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