Get Paid To Walk | 10 Free Apps Pay You Cash, iPhones & More for Walking

You frequently walk to lose weight or travel to your office or for other purposes. But, it might be surprising for all when you get paid for the walking. Walking is an activity that you probably do daily. You have a walk for different reasons, or you might use the feet for a workout, transportation, cleaning or so on. 

In the modernization world, everything is feasible, especially when you make money for walking. It’s like a double benefit that you can earn money along with health maintenance. Several apps offer the odds to earn a good amount of money. Besides, all these apps compensate for simple walking.  It allows earning extra money for the activity that you are often doing. The purpose of apps keep people motivated to do exercise, or you are now earning more money from these. 

Running or walking can be a major part of daily life, so it wouldn’t be excellent when you can earn money for doing the activity. You feel surprised with several apps that will pay for a walk. Let’s get a glimpse of popular apps that pay you to walk.


Sweatcoin is a tremendously popular application for fitness that is used worldwide.  It is one among the ranking applications on the App Store or Google Play. It offers access to get sweatcoin for walking or running outside. Beginning from December 2019, you can easily convert the steps into sweatcoin. 

For 1000 steps, you can earn 0.95 sweatcoin. You even can earn 5 sweatcoin by referring the application to friends or more. In the beginning, you start with a free plan, or you can get up to 5 sweatcoin per day. For more sweatcoin, you can upgrade the membership. You can sign-up for a shaker plan allowing you to earn 10 sweatcoin per day. The plan will provide 4.75 coins monthly. Extreme walkers can switch for Breaker or Quaker plans providing 15 or 20 sweatcoin daily respectively.  Sweatcoin provides upgraded plans that you can buy to earn sweatcoin by being fit or active. There is no need to make a credit card payment or cash. If you are fit or active, now you do not need to waste your indoor or outdoor activities.  You can monetize enough coins, or you get 1000$ for 20000 sweatcoins. 


What’s your reaction when you find that you will get money for the walking? You say yes to earn by walking. You can utilize the rover app to monetize by walking or running activities. It offers pet sitting or walking in local areas, or you will get 20$ to get the dog on a walk for 30 minutes at least. 

You even can choose to shelter the animals at home or will earn more. Plus, you can grab additional benefits to start a dog walking business. 

  • 24/7 facilities
  • Ability to manage schedules
  • Pet care education

Those who want to grab fitness goals but it could be troublesome to get, and now you can use the step bet app to offer money to all who accomplish the fitness goals on the mentioned time. Stepbet can be the best app for all to get fitness goals or mane monetization. Remember that you will lose money too if you do not get the goals. As per current fitness level, the app will regulate the goals. During the game, you have to continue for six-week unless you will miss the money. 

You can bet around 40$ on your goals. This thought of losing money can be the right way to feel motivated often. Besides, when you get your goals, you will make a side income. 


The app offers different sorts of physical activities to complete, or you can earn money with a great form of exercises including walking or so on. The app will pay you if you love to part in an exercise like running, swimming or playing a sport. Often, you can log in to the app, or it will give 6 points for sleep schedule, weight gain or loss as well as share the journey on social media. By logging the day-by-day exercises, you can grab the maximum of 80 points. You can easily take out the points as a gift card or cash with Paypal but make sure you have 10000 points in account to withdraw. 

As a user, you can earn extra points by referring to friends and being a part of health studies. 


This app uses financial enticements to motivate people to drop weight. You can set the weight loss goals, or you can see how much you will earn by using the prize calculator. As soon as you accomplish the weight loss results, you win cash. You can continue 10 challenges at the same time or win the top prize of 10000$.  Moreover, you boost points by mentioning friends or others. 


Postmate is a food or grocery delivery app. Any individual can sign-up for the app, or you can deliver the stuff on the right address by walking or any vehicle. If you reside in the urban areas; it’s feasible to get extra money by delivering the given items. Remember that timing is flexible, so you can monetize by walking or delivering. This can be a viable option or make sure you will work in a precise area.  The rural location is not accepted when you are walking. 


The app allows donating money to favorite charities when they begin to walk or run. It has a tracker that straightforwardly tracks the steps or movements of a user including biking, running or walking. Next, it will send money to the charity based on stamina. To donate money, charity miles can be the best way to do. You will not get cash from the application, but it will support charities, or you make a worthy choice. It is specifically designed to donate money, or users get rewards to charity without managing from your pocket. 


Who does not want to make use of free time, especially when you find that you will earn by beginning walking? This app provides tasks to complete in little time for 5 minutes to mentioned hours that is based on how much you want to monetize. For instance, it gives the task to get pictures of the product on the shelf or give it to store or anywhere.


You should sign-up for the app, and several compatible apps are available that you choose. It offers many challenges to complete or numerous contests that give prizes. The reward is not turning to cash, but users got many opportunities to win prizes relevant to workout or exercises. The app will connect to Fitbit or phone sensors fluently. 


Fitfetti is a fitness application that is about health. Here, you get rewards to meet with fitness goals. You can get more sponsorship weekly when you meet the goals. Right now, it is accessible for the IOS users soon the android version will be launched. 

Last words-

You always heard health is wealth, and now it makes sense with the use of these applications. Testing all these apps can be fun to enhance the reward for walking. If you do not like to walk, you can start now, or you may be surprised by the rewards you grab. You can end-up getting monetized to trim tummy fat. 

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