10 Best Job Website & Job Search Portals in Singapore

Though Singapore is a small country, still it offers a plethora of job opportunities for the job seekers which is simply amazing. Most of the jobs in Singapore are mainly in various industries and service sectors. The strategic location, minimal corruption rate, and skilled & efficient workforce have made this country as one of the top destinations for the companies including MNCs.
As the internet has penetrated in every layer of life, job hunting online has become very popular these days. Now, you can search your favourite jobs through various online job portals. There are many job sites which offer an array of job opportunities to job hunters of Singapore, still, we are mentioning top 10 job search websites which will help you to find out your dream job and will help you to make a scintillating career.

Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Singapore to apply for your new job

1. JobsDB

JobsDB is an eminent job search website In Singapore which offers multifarious job opportunities to the job hunters. Since 1998, JobsDB is giving a tough competition to Jobstreet (a leading job search website in Singapore) in terms of the online job search market. Though both sites have many resemblances, JobsDB offers more customization options under the profile segment. You can find many job opportunities here like from big banks to start-ups to SMEs. You can search jobs here either by using keywords or by job titles. Even you can search here jobs using office localities option so that you can go for jobs which are nearer to your location. JobsDB has their own app which is available for both Android and iOS platform. So, by creating your account, you can check your job status and other imperative things.

2. Jobstreet

This is a leading job search website in Singapore and they claim themselves as the no. 1 job providing website in Singapore. You can find here thousands of job opportunities from various companies as per your specialization. Here, you can find fresh job postings from different recruiters as per the needs of the companies. You can also visit the career resources segment where you can find fruitful interview tips and career tips for the job seekers. The site offers a minimum salary filter option which helps you to discard those jobs which are offering you peanuts. There is another URL and i.e. sg.jobstreet.com which is same as jobstreet.com.sg.

3. Monster Singapore

Monster is a favourite platform for the recruiters who want to hire suitable and deft candidates for various job positions. By maintaining its global quality and services, Monster is doing pretty well in Singapore also. Apart from providing job search options, Monster welcomes candidate with other services like resume services, career services, and career centre. You can create your resume and post it here, someone will definitely call you by giving job opportunities. If you are a novice in the job search market, then this is the best option for you because you can easily leave a copy of your resume here. Monster also has a mobile version and by using their app, you can view the jobs and apply them from your smartphones directly. It provides many filter options like “ jobs by functions”, “jobs by localities”, etc. which make your job hunting process simpler and facile.

4. Jobs Bank

Jobs Bank is another imperative job search platform which became a rising challenge for job sites like Jobstreet, JobsDB, etc. This is because it is a verified site and runs by the government. Jobs Bank links to another government website i.e. Mycareersfuture.sg which is the same as Jobs Bank. If you want to apply for a job listing here, you need to log in via your SingPass. After that, you need to set up 2-factor authentication for more security. You can assure that all your personal information will be safe here. Here you can find jobs in SMEs, Start-ups, multinational companies, and of course in different government agencies. Here, most of the employers who post job want to hire native Singaporeans, so you can avoid those companies who are willing to take nationalities at a low salary rate. You can filter your job search by using various parameters like “jobs with government support”. This means your employer may get some kind of incentives from the government once they hire you. Even if you are a novice, still you might have a better chance of getting a job.

5. Jobs Central

This is another renowned job portal which offers jobs in the general category. This portal is very useful for employers as well as job hunters. Here, you can find a job by entering the parameters like keywords, nature of the job, your qualification, experience, job location, etc. There is also a special section for “fresh grad job” which is ideal for you if you are a fresher or have lack of experiences. In the front page of this portal, you may find many multinational companies have posted their requirements. If you have an aim to get hired by MNCs, then nothing can be better than Jobs Central. Jobs Central is partnered with CareerBuilder network which is the largest job portal in the USA. Jobs Central provides career fair, workshops, career guidance tips, etc. so that you can upgrade your skills which will help you to get better job opportunities. This job portal also has a mobile application which makes your job searching process easier.

6. Start-ups job

The word start-up is a very quotidian word in the field of the job market. Singapore is a country which provides excellent support for start-ups and many start-ups are hiring talented people in their team so that they can flourish their growth in this competitive market. Start-up Job is an excellent portal for those who want to start their career in start-ups and want to face all the challenges for working in a start-up. The job categories that are posted here are slightly different from the usual accounting and “F&B”-type categories. This is an ideal portal if you want to make a scintillating career in the field of UX/UI, front end development, data analysis, and so on.

7. LinkedIn jobs

Nowadays, LinkedIn is not only a networking site rather it provides a chunk of job opportunities to job seekers. Many companies and recruiters are posting job ads here so that they can hire some good and talented people in their companies. If you want to make a career in tech, start-ups, media, and advertising companies you can find their job ads on LinkedIn jobs. LinkedIn also has a job search app which is very effective and helps you to find the jobs that are suitable for you.

8. Cultjobs

Are you tired with the humdrum schedules of your regular job and want to explore your inherent creativity and talent which will revive your energy and life? If yes, then Cultjobs is the ideal job search portal for you. Here, you can get jobs in the creative industries like in the art, film, fashion, architecture, animation and many more. Jobs listings that you may find here are “Trainee Leathercrafter”, “Finance & Administrative Hero”, and “Cryptocurrency Social Media Intern”. Though there are also regular searching jobs in industries like tech, media, PR firms, advertising, marketing, etc. which will help you to make a bright and dazzling career in these industries.

9. Freelance-Zone

Over the past few years, the popularity of freelancing is simply astounding. You may find many freelancers are earning a handsome amount in Singapore and are leading a healthy life. Freelance-Zone is an eminent online job search portal for the ever-growing population of freelancers in Singapore. This job portal is a one-stop solution for both freelancers and the companies who want to employ freelancers for their projects. For more than 10 years, this job search site is helping freelancers to secure projects and contracts from various companies who are ardently looking for their services. This portal works in both ways and this is the best thing about this website. Here, companies can post their requirements for freelancers on various projects, simultaneously, freelancers can also advertise their services so that they can get noticed by the employers.

10. Fastjobs

These days, you may find many people who want to earn some fast cash to meet up their expenses. If you are the same who are looking for a part-time or temporary job position for quick cash, instead of making a career, then Fastjobs would be an ideal job portal for you. This job portal is ideal for students who want jobs like “temporary admin assistant”, “subway sandwich maker”, or a “Pizza delivery boy”. This site is flooded with these kinds of job positions as well as many others. They also have a job search app which will help you to find a temporary job while you can still continue your studies or other activities.
These are some leading job search websites in Singapore which embrace you with a chunk of job opportunities. By login to any of them, you can find the best jobs for you according to your qualification, merit, and experience. If you want to add a sheen to your career, visit these websites and find the most suitable job for you.

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