How to Get Google Adsense Approval (Top 10 Tips & Tricks)

The main source of earning by doing blogging is Google Adsense and many of us are getting rejections by the Adsense approver team.What are the reasons and how to overcome those? But If you are a beginner and not know about what is Google Adsense and how it works then it is worth looking first and read other later. In this guide, I will share with you a few proven google Adsense approval tips and trick which can help you to get guaranteed approval & minimize rejections & in addition, you will get an idea when your blog does not qualify for Adsense.

No matter which platform you have started blogging whether it is Blogger or WordPress, this Google Adsense approval trick is common for both and will answer how to approve Adsense fast.I did test all these for myself and none of my websites got any rejections, isn’t it surprising?Google Adsense approvers are a bot or manual viewer, but they took the time to get approved your blog, so don’t ask me how to get AdSense approval in 1 minute, just kidding!! because this time people are sending  Google Adsense approval requests for multiple accounts with the intention to sell it later.So Google Adsense approval teams is strict on this approval process.Do you know, how much does Adsense Pay for View or Click if not check our Detailed guide as you will enjoy and clear your all doubts. So hold your seat and let me brought you closer to your dream of earning a source called Google Adsense and few screenshots of Adsense earning.I’m sure if you use this Adsense approval trick you’ll never have doubt whether you get approved or not or Can I get AdSense approval with Blogger or WordPress?

Let’s start.

Google Adsense Approval Trick To Approve Adsense quickly

Make sure to use every individual trick as suggested and I am sure you will never face rejections.In summary, I must say these aren’t an Adsense approval trick or no such trick in reality exists.

These are sort of mandatory guidelines that the Google Adsense approver team is expecting. So in this guide, I will share all those guidelines which will help you to get quick Adsense approval and you can consider them as the only Google Adsense approval trick which can prove you trustworthy results.

Apply with Custom Domain Name

If you’ve started with Blogger then you definitely got a domain called ““.Such a Free domain is good only if you want to write for sharing ideas and experiences, But this time your aim is to monetize your website and that should have some more than what free website is having. So how does Blogger qualify for Adsense?On other side, If you have WordPress then definitely you look for a custom domain because WordPress doesn’t provide any such domain.So in both cases, I would suggest you buy a custom domain with a well-known extension such as .com,.org,.in,.info,.net, etc.Make sure you try to grab Top-level domains such as .com, .info, .net so you’ll get worldwide audiences.Never opt for a domain like .tk, .ooo this impact your SEO ranking & it seems like the free domain to grab some attention.Well, to give you a better idea of how important domain for the website I must recommend you check out the Top 7 Reasons ultimate guide on the domain name. So Never forget to purchase a custom domain from any domain provider such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.Make sure to buy the subscription for at least  1 year and if you’re building the blog on WordPress then you require hosting. So do purchase Bluehost hosting with that you will get a 1-year free custom domain.Grab: Hosting & domain in Black Friday offer. So First and foremost point is to’ve a custom domain, do purchase and replace it with a default domain of Blogspot or WordPress.This sends positive faith to your website. An otherwise free & unreliable domain name can create a question mark on your intention to ask for Adsense approval.I hope you understood what I mean to say and this is the first Adsense approval trick but if you are lazy enough and don’t want to read more here is a quick video on the same.

Mandatory Pages for Website

Every website must have a few mandatory pages, here I am not talking about the post.It is what the page which describe what your website is all about.

Every single pages must have a link associated with your home page either top bar or bottom menu Bar.Let me help you with what such page should be.

About Us Page to Describe Website

The most important part which approver looking for, this page should have detail about what is your website all about & what is future plan & vision for this website.Try to write at least 800 words and described all your social networks to get more visibility on your social presence and authority, for reference you can checked our About Us Page

Privacy Policy for use of Cookies 

This’ll make your site more genuine, no need to write any single word by hand.Types in the Google search box for “Terms and Conditions Template” and simply copy-paste the same for your website.Do a few change such as email id and website name in it.Don’t worry, copied content won’t have any adverse impact on your website because this is not on your post this is just pages.You can generated a free templates using this link.

Contact Us Page for Help

It is kind of helping page if anyone has, any questions in that case just create a page that has E-mail id and your contact details. So this can help the reader to connect with you in case he has any problem.So make sure all these 3 pages must be added to your website.

Optimized Theme for the Website

This is the most crucial & important deciding factor for approval. One thing must be in your mind that you’re building a blog, not an attractive platform.So make sure to have the theme template not that much shiny & dashing.Should have a simple and clear theme and as a beginner opts for a free theme that does not require to invest and help you to frame your website easily.Make sure your theme is mobile & desktop friendly.Here are the two best themes I have tested my own.

  • If your website is on Blogger then do install theme call Colored Minima three.
  • If on WordPress then do installed the Hestia theme.

Colored minima 3 is completely free theme and easy to customize for Blogger and Hestia is installed on my WordPress website on which you are currently reading blogs.But if you are willing to start with any premium theme then below listed 3 themes are my priority.

  • Generate Press – Lightweight, best-recommended themes for beginner and all.
  • Astra – Best Recommended for all types of Bloggings.
  • Ocean WP – Best Recommended for an e-commerce site.

Theme focus must be on delivering content in an easy wayn’t focusing on something irrelevant things.

Create a Social Media Profile

The person who is applying for Adsense approval must’ve some social presence of the website.So do create at least Facebook & Twitter accounts for your webpage and links them with your website home social media account.So let say approver wants to check what best you have done for future vision then he comes to know that your social media presence so you will get an extra advantage.Simply align of your social media account will bring him a signal that you’ve a social media marketing plan so it is always worth to place Ads on such a website.

Number Of Posts on New Website

Every beginner does mistakes that without publishing any quality post they just create a website and send for Adsense approval.And later looking for Google Adsense approval tricks and this is like jocking on self. Who will give approval unless you have not done or showcase anything?So for all my websites, I’ve created 10 posts which took me around 3-4 days to write. For your reference here is how you have to write your first blog post.Every post must’ve at least 900-1000+ words each. In such a way it’s creating around 10000+ word articles on your website.This seems pretty good and no one can doubt the quality of the website. While your website is in review status don’t stop writing.Keep posting a casual post in 2-3 days, so this sends them signals that you’re true contributors.This is the most influential point to attract anyone is to’ve some quality posts on your website.

Bonus tips for Adsense Approval

Make sure whatever domain you’ve purchased must be older than 15 days.If you need my pro tip then do follow below suggestions it is an important Google Adsense approval tricks.

  • Purchase a domain for at least a year.
  • Link domain with your website.
  • Write at least 10 quality articles.
  • Apply when your domain is 2-week older.

There are various ways to make money using Blog such as affiliate marketing but if your focus is google Adsense then do mind all above Google Adsense approval tricks I’m sure you will get approval.Never worry about Google Adsense approval time, ideally, it gets approved within 2-3 weeks. I have never failed with Adsense approval & always think about what after approval.Not every google Adsense approved or blog is making money because they are doing everything in a hurry one with the correct ads placement and others with not knowing the search engine ranking factors.So first learn my ultimate guide on How to start a successful blog in 7 Steps. and check my website for learning all these trick that how all are applied.I have tried to share the best of my details with  and expecting you like this post and below are the most sough queries. “google Adsense approval trick”

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