Top 100 Christmas Blog Post Ideas That Boost Web Traffic

Find out everything you need about what kind of things you can post to attract more readers to your blog! 

Winter holidays are getting closer and many of us are preparing for some kind of celebration.  We are generally always looking forward to this festive period because it allows us to spend time with loved ones, enjoy delicious food, etc.  As we know, this year was particularly challenging for all of us around the world and that is maybe a reason why we are even more than ever eager to meet with family and friends and jointly say Goodbye to 2020! 

In this period we also use our free time to go shopping for new clothes, decorations, gifts, etc, so it is safe to save that a lot of businesses blossom.  Unlike previous years, when people were flooding shopping malls, and boutiques,  in 2020 online shopping saw its expansion. Although it is possible to physically go to shops in most of the cities, many people choose to buy things online for fear of catching COVID – 19. 

Now, this period is traditionally very fruitful for plenty of businesses.  But there are ways to make It even better only by making Christmas blog posts that can attract more readers who might become customers as well if they like what you are writing about.  People like to read blog posts in general because they give them information that someone takes care of their needs and desires. Most companies make an effort to create good blog content throughout the year because they know that this significantly helps the business. If you own such a company, then you know already about business blogging, but you might be curious to get some Christmas blog post ideas.  If you are just starting your business, you will also like this text because you will get a lot of good  Christmas blog ideas for Christmas day that can boost web traffic.

Christmas Blog Ideas

General Ideas

  1. Create a post about the Christmas decorations wish list. Give some ideas on how people can decorate their homes; what color combinations are trendy, etc. 
  2. Write about hairstyle party ideas. Although a lot of parties will be at home it doesn’t mean that we can’t have cool haircuts and look good.
  3. DIY greeting card. You can also make a merry Christmas blog post to share ideas for super nice greeting cards people can make by themselves.
  4. Share some ideas on how to fill the stockings.
  5. One of the good blog post ideas for Christmas is to make a selection of the best Christmas sweaters. 
  6. 10 Tips to Make Your Tree the Best Decorated Christmas Tree in the Neighborhood
  7. You can also write about the best makeup options.
  8. 50 Amazing Party Wear Ideas for Him & Her
  9. 101 Recipe for the Best Romantic Christmas Dinner 
  10. Make your gift wish list.  Write about popular products on the market, most people would be interested in having.
  11. Write a Christmas blog post about the best songs for a Christmas party. 
  12. 10 movies you always wanted to see but never had the chance.
  13. 10 ideas for presents for your gym junkie friends. 
  14. Figure out how to wrap gifts with style
  15. What can you find on boxing day sales and discounts? 
  16. 15 advice for your Christmas fashion designer.
  17. Best Recipes for the Christmas cake of your dreams.
  18. What is the story with Christmas carols?
  19. Christmas morning traditions all over the world

How-to Guides 

  1. Create a how-to guide on how to dress for an at-home Christmas party
  2. A how-to guide for preparing Christmas dinner 
  1. How to choose the best clothes for a Christmas party. Mention the best options, sales, etc. 
  2. How to make sure your friends will love their gifts.
  3. How to write the best letter to Santa, and make sure that he realizes your wish.
  4. How to avoid getting weight during the festive season. 
  5. How to keep on exercising during the winter holidays. 
  6. How to plan a Christmas weekend in the cabin in the woods.
  7. How to find perfect shoes to combine with your party outfit. 
  8. How to DIY presents and be sure your loved ones will like them
  9. How to write an open letter to yourself this time next year. 
  10. How to organize the best Christmas celebration on a budget. 
  11. How to be comfortable while keeping a stylish appearance 

Money Blog Posts 

  1. Celebrate Christmas without breaking a bank
  2. Figure out how to spare cash on a Christmas night
  3. Surprise your loved ones with great gifts while being on a budget
  4. 10 best Christmas gifts under $50 bucks 
  5. Get more discounts on your Christmas shopping. 

Decoration Blog Posts

  1. 25 Coolest ways to decorate your Christmas tree
  2. Making DIY window Christmas decorations. 
  3. Best themes of 2020 
  4. Best ways to decorate Christmas dinner table 
  5. 6 decoration tips your children will love 
  6. Give a new touch to old decorations 
  7. Artificial or natural tree – which one is better? 
  8. Best Christmas table candles
  9. 10 ways to refresh your old plastic tree
  10. Make your DIY Christmas stocking.
  11. Make personalized 2021 calendar

Cooking for Christmas 

  1. Find out the best Christmas dinner recipes 
  2. Christmas cake all family will like 
  3. How to make cooking for Christmas a family activity
  4. Have fun making  gingerbread cookies with your kids 
  5. Eating out or dining at home for Christmas? Which one is better? 
  6. How to make the best eggnog? 
  7. 15 most delicious stuffed turkey recipes. 
  8. How to make raising pudding? 
  9.  What is Christmas flan? 
  10. Learn how to make gumbo and enjoy Creole Christmas
  11. Christmas dinner traditions around the world 
  12. What do people that don’t celebrate Christmas eat for Christmas? 
  13. Have fun making Christmas cookies


  1. Best presents for your pets. 
  2. How to protect your pets from fireworks? 
  3. Best Christmas clothes for your furry friends. 
  4. 5 best Christmas treats for your dog 
  5. 5 best Christmas treats for your cat.
  6. Christmas items we need to keep away from four-legged friends. 

Traveling for Christmas

  1. 15 of the best places to visit for Christmas is one of the best Christmas  blog post ideas for 2021
  2. Best decorated cities 
  3. How to plan a winter road trip 
  4. Best Christmas travel deals
  5. Cheap Christmas destinations

Christmas with Family

  1. 7 games your family will enjoy for  Christmas
  2. How to make holidays fun for children 
  3. Things kids can do outdoors in winter 
  4. Things to do on a very cold day during winter break.
  5. How to make Christmas party all family will enjoy
  6. How to help children make their wish list
  7. 10 creative ways to make a snowman/snowwoman can be one of good quick Christmas blog ideas.
  8. Cooking with children 
  9. Make your recipes 


  1. Who’s Your Secret Santa? 
  2. How to make someone know what you want for Christmas? 
  3. How to hide gifts when you are living in a small apartment?
  4. Best Christmas gifts for a 10-year-old
  5. Top 8 Christmas gifts for him
  6. Top 10 Christmas gifts for her 
  7. Best gifts for fitness junkies. 
  8. How to know what to give to someone you have a crush on?
  9. What is the Advent Calendar?  Should we make it or not? 
  10. Finding cool and cheap gift ideas
  11. Best unconventional Christmas gift ideas blog post you never thought existed. 
  12. Buying a Pet for Christmas? Good or Bad Idea? 
  13. Making your gift cards
  14. Making DIY Christmas gifts! All the advantages and disadvantages.
  15. Finding the best gift for a dog lover. 

Some Ideas for Bloggers During Holidays 

  1. How to use social media to advertise your blog?
  2. How to attract more people during the holiday season?
  3. A guide  for boosting traffic during holidays


This is the end of our list folks. As you could see there are plenty of pretty fantastic Christmas blog post ideas that can help you boost the traffic on your web!  We are sure that you are super creative, so you can use these if they correspond to your field of work, or use them as inspiration to create some of your own. Whatever you decide we are sure that you won’t go wrong and that you will have plenty of success during this season.   Do you already have some ideas that you would like to share with us? We are looking forward to hearing from you! Until we do, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope for a much nicer 2021.

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