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Do you know what is more popular than social media? CRICKET! Well, cricket is our all-time favorite sport, entertainment, and more. It’s been popular way before Lagaan (the movie) in different forms, and from the narrow lines to the international stadiums, cricket has paved its way directly to the hearts of viewers. But is it just watching cricket? No, it also involves the joy of being a part of the game and being able to play with family and friends, and in the digital era, it is also about clicking here and there with your fingers on your phone screens to score high. We are talking about the best cricket mobile games for Android and iOS in India.

Now Play Cricket On Your Smartphones!

Well, it is not news that you can enjoy mobile cricket games in India, but here we are sharing a list of the best with you so that your experience can always be streamlined and joyful with cricket. Let’s play and win the best cricket games for Android and iOS in India. 

World Cricket Championship 3

AI is leading the technology to enhance the user experience across platforms, and World Cricket Championship 3 is one of the best examples of mobile cricket games in India. You will find a realistic cricket experience with multiplayer characterization and more, with timely updates.

Simply activate your account via Google or Facebook, and you are all set to enjoy many benefits of World Cricket Championship 3.×280&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=k82f0F9NO1&p=https%3A//

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket is an epic cricket online game for players with the Asia Cup, Cricket Champions Cup, ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup, World Test Championship, and more.

It is one of the best cricket games for Android and iOS in India, with 20+ international teams and 250+ batting animations.

Cricket League

As the name implies, Cricket League is one of the top 10 cricket mobile games for Android and iOS in India for club championships for teams from across the globe. You can play not only as an individual, but also with other players to form a club and compete for the best user experience.

And you know what the best part about playing cricket leagues—the best cricket game for Android and iOs in India—is that it gives you a real-world experience from your smart screens. If you don’t believe us, then download and see yourself.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championships

Well, how can Indian cricket go without talking about Sachin? Sachin Saga Cricket Championship is your way to live the big cricket moments of Sachin Tendulkar through the best cricket mobile game for Android and iOS in India. It mimics those T20 matches and trick shots, and if you know the move, then you can re-live those moments as a virtual player.

Be the Sachin (or closer to) of online cricket games with the Sachin Saga Cricket Championships.

Real Cricket 22

Are you confident in your online cricket gaming skills? The Real Cricket 22 is your chance to be at the top of the global list. It gives you a realistic experience with many collaborations with Dream Team and more, where you can also play 1v1 matches, which makes it to the list of the top 10 cricket games for Android and iOS in India.

You can download the game on your smartphone and enjoy it.

Stick Cricket Live

Whether it is the appearance of your player or the location of your match, you can select from a range of options with Stick Cricket Live. Here, you can play live with your Facebook friends and have 1v1 matches too.

The most catchy part about this game is the characters (players) who are designed with thin and tall stick fingers, which gets it on our list of the best cricket games for Android and iOS in India.

CSK Battle Of Chepauk 2

Are you a fan of the Chennai Super Kings? Do you also wish to hold the command of this extraordinary cricket team, CSK? Yes, of course, as a cricket fan searching for the best cricket game for Android and iOS in India. CSK Battle of Chepauk 2 is your lead to lead the team and win the match with your strategic and online playing skills.

Here you can get cricket cards as well, and you can learn more about them through the game.

ICC Cricket Game

It is a top-notch cricket game for Android and iOS in India for all cricket enthusiasts, with a very realistic experience and commentators like Jatin Sapru, Ian Bishop, and more.

Join the league and enjoy online cricket gaming in India.

Real Cricket Go

The gaming experience with Real Cricket Go leads it to the list of our top 10 cricket games for Android and iOS in India, as it works feasibly well for even low-configuration smartphones.

Your phone is no longer the foundation of your cricket gaming passion.

Google Cricket Game

Ending our list, we have a mobile cricket game in India, which has been a game for all. Whether you have knowledge of cricket or not, you can play the game easily.

If you want someone to join the online cricket gaming community, introduce them to Google Cricket Game.

Cricket From Ground To Our Hearts To Online Media

After studying the passion for cricket in India, we think that cricket games for Android and iOS in India will soon be in the metaverse. Leaving aside the future of cricket, mobile cricket games in India have been the best way to entertain and engage cricket enthusiasts, as well as to expand connections with the community or people who share similar interests.

You can also enjoy online cricket gaming through our list of the top 10 cricket games on Android and iOS in India without any worry. They will enhance your experience and boost your interest in cricket.


Can I play Mobile cricket games in India without internet?

Yes, many cricket games for Android and iOS in India can run offline on your devices. For example, cricket world cup fever, and more. You can check them online by searching for offline cricket games followed by your device’s operating system to download.

Can I play the best cricket game for android and iOS in India with my Facebook friends?

Yes, you can compete in the rank charts with your Facebook friends in World Cricket Championship 3 and Stick Cricket Live. Both are on the list of the top 10 cricket games for Android and iOS in India.

Which are the best cricket mobile games for android and iOS in India?

The top 10 cricket games for android and iOS in India are:

  • World Cricket Championshionship 3
  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champion
  • Stick Cricket Live
  • Real Cricket 22
  • Cricket League
  • Epic Cricket
  • ICC Cricket Game
  • Real Cricket Go
  • Google Cricket Game
  • CSK Battle Of Chapauk 2

Can I play the same online cricket game in both android and iOS?

Yes, there are many online mobile cricket games for Android and iOS that you can smoothly play on your devices. Whether you have an iPhone or not, your cricket experience will be joyful.

Are online cricket games realistic in terms of gameplay?

Many cricket games for Android and iOS in India, for example, have proven to be the best for a realistic cricket gameplay experience, thanks to their realistic transitions and range of animations. Furthermore, AI has been integrated to improve the user experience. If you want to play cricket online in a realistic environment, you can download World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 22, and other games from the Play Store and Apple Store.

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