Top 10 Cricket Games: Play Online Cricket On Your Windows & Mac For A Fun Gaming Adventure

Cricket is always exciting and exciting on the field, and when it comes to the comfort of your own home and complements your online entertainment, it is the icing on the cake. Online cricket games for PC are a new source of energy for cricket fans, providing a very realistic experience and top-notch gaming facilities. If you want to download cricket games for your PC, here are the top 10 best cricket games for PC and laptop to download.

Top 10 Best Cricket Games For Windows & Mac To Download

Being a fan of cricket is not news to anyone, but enjoying the authenticity of cricket through your online screens could be the best gift to any cricket enthusiast. We have compiled a list of the best cricket games for Windows and Mac to download.

Cricket 22

Topping our list, we have Cricket 22 as a popular online cricket game for PC by the house Big Ant Studio. It gives you an authentic gaming experience with access to a wide range of fully licensed international players from England, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, and Ireland.

You enjoy playing this from our top 10 best cricket games for PCs and laptops to download through their advancing story-driven career mode.

Don Brandman Cricket 17

Who doesn’t know the name of the famous Australian player, Don Brandman? Named after him, this game gives a high-end gaming experience with its top-notch gaming mode and controls. The best part about the Don Brandman Cricket 17 game is that it gives you full control over your batting, bowling, and fielding to make your experience more realistic.

You can definitely play online cricket on your Mac or Windows with this game and enjoy a very tasteful cricket adventure.

Cricket Stars Cricket Game

It is a game for big cricket fans and stars, as it has raised the online gaming bar in the industry by taking batting experience to another level. Here, you will hit different cricket shots like the Dil Scoop, Helicopter Shot, Upper Cut, and more. Additionally, the team has added other mini-games to enhance your gaming experience with Super Over.

Now practice your gaming with the best cricket game for Windows and Mac, and download Cricket Start Cricket Game.

Cricket 97

How can our list of the top 10 best cricket games for Windows and Mac be downloaded without Cricket 97? It is a legendary cricket game that has thrived in competition since 1997. With a 3D stadium and many other features, it is a great option to play online cricket while watching live matches.

Cricket 97 is a free-to-download online cricket game for PC.

Cricket Coach 12

Do you think that you could nail the matches if you were the coach? Do you have a talent for team leadership and winning big cricket matches? Then you should unquestionably try Cricket Coach 12. It is a cricket simulator that includes real-time data and statistics on your favorite international cricketers. A tip to your ear will also guide you on who will win and how they will win.

You can download Cricket Coach 12 and play online cricket on your Mac or Windows, or you can rule the game.

Big Bash Boom

It is a catchy name, Big Bash Boom! With a very appealing gaming experience for cricket fans. However, because it does not accept mouse or keyboard inputs, we recommend that you download this best cricket game for Windows and Mac only with a controller. Overall, it provides very appealing access to fully licensed players as well as mechanical powerups on Sixes to spice things up.

Download Big Bash Boom and customize your player’s uniform and caps from a variety of looks and accessories.

Cricket Gansta

Do you like gully cricket? Or are you someone who has experienced a car crash with a ball? Or do you miss those small cricket matches with your friends from your locality? Well, Cricket Gangsta is here to mesmerize those days with their very authentic gully cricket experience. No doubt it got placed on the list of the top 10 best cricket games for PCs and laptops to download.

This game has taken creativity to another level by even handling those small but realistic details of gully cricket like window smack, car crashes, and more with different bowling variations and a world leaderboard. Now you can play online gully cricket on your Mac and Windows with Cricket Gangsta.

Brian Lara International Cricket

One of the legendary players, Brian Lara, is here with an online cricket game series via Brian Lara International Cricket. They have enhanced their performance by adding their analog direction control feature and making it offline for the users.

It’s making it’s way to our top 10 best cricket games for Windows and Mac to download, along with it’s new series in India by the name of Yuvraj International Cricket.

Cricket 3D

With test matches, limited overs, multiplier players, and many more features, Cricket 3D is topping the charts as a popular and best cricket game for Windows and Mac for download. It gives players access to a large inventory of international players and a replay to see the flight and turns.

To experience realistic online cricket gaming with a PC, cricket 3D is all set to amuse you.

Real Cricket 17

Our list would be missing out on many, but we can’t miss Real 17 as a top 10 best cricket game for PC and laptop to download. You can download it and compete with your friends online, or you can enjoy the real-time multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can follow other players and keep a check on your ranking.

To play an online cricket game on your PC or laptop, search, download, and play!

Play Online Cricket In PC & Enjoy The Thrill!

A cricket enthusiast can never stop wishing to play and win in cricket, and on busy days, online cricket games have become a doze of energy. There are many games to be listed in the list of the top 10 best cricket games for Windows and Mac to download, but we have got you the best. Let’s download and play cricket online while enjoying our teams playing on the pitch.


Can I play online cricket on Mac & Windows?

Yes, there are many of the best cricket games for Mac and Windows to download. You can find the names in our list above and enjoy online gaming.

What should be the minimum configuration of my laptop to enjoy online cricket games for PC?

Well, the configuration varies with the game that you are playing. However, the recommended version of Windows and Mac for playing online cricket on a Mac or Windows in the versions after 2011 has a RAM of at least 4 GB.

Though you can check the recommended configurations in the game details on the App Store and Google Play as per the specific game,

Are there regular updates on the top 10 cricket games for Mac and Windows to download? 

The games have regular updates for which you will be notified through email or game notifications to improve your gaming experience and align with technological advancements. You can always find the best cricket games for Windows and Mac to download online and enjoy their latest versions.

Which are the top 10 best games for PC and Laptop to download?

There are a number of choices to play online cricket on your Mac and Windows, and the best are, 

  1. Cricket 22
  2. Cricket 97
  3. Big Bash Boom
  4. Cricket Gangsta
  5. Biran Lara International Cricket
  6. Cricket 3D
  7. Real Cricket 17
  8. Don Brandman Cricket 17
  9. Cricket Coach
  10. Cricket Start Cricket Game

You can search for the best cricket games for Windows and Mac for download to enjoy online cricket. 

Can I play top 10 best cricket games for PC and Laptop to download with mouse and keyboard?

Yes, you can play online cricket games on your PC with your mouse and keyboard. These games are designed to thrill you with the best online gaming experience on your PC and laptop.

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