Top 50 Best Digital Marketing Software for Online Marketing

Starting a business isn‘t easy. As we live in the modern world, we need to find modern solutions to promote our services and advance on the market. Luckily, digital marketing tools and software can help you there. So, what are the top 50 tools for online marketing every business should try out?

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is all in one marketing software you shouldn‘t miss. Since you need a tool that will bring your entire marketing funnel together, HubSpot should be your top choice. From blogging, over SEO to analytics, this software will help you create a comprehensive strategy.

2. Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how well your website performs? If you want to track every action your visitors make, you should implement Google analytics code to your website which will help you create your marketing strategy.

3. CoFoundersLab

Do you need a helping hand with your startup? When looking for a cofounder or a key team member, you need an experienced person with a certain set of skills. Instead of searching for them on social media or similar job boards, try the CoFoundersLab, where you can search by the specific skill you need. 

4. Blink

One of the best apps to keep your employees active and engage is Blink. Blink website allows your frontline workforce to stay on top of their game by easily accessing necessary information. It‘s handy and suitable for all kinds of businesses that require teammates to stay connected at all times. 

5. MailChimp

Did you know that 8 out of 10 marketers use email marketing? To start your email marketing campaign right, choose a tool, such as MailChimp, with over 12 million customers for a head start on your new business needs.

6. KISSmetrics

Working on your digital marketing strategy early on is one of the best paths towards success. However, implementing strategies without knowing whether they work or not can lead you nowhere. That‘s why you can keep it short and simple by using KISSmetrics to find out what works for your campaigns.

7. Buzz Sumo

Are you having troubles defining and learning more about your market? Buzz Sumo is the perfect tool for you. It helps you determine what kind of content gives the best results by analysing your audience and competition.

8. Adobe Sign

If you‘re looking for a way to make your remotely created documents valid, save paper and help the environment, Adobe Sign is the perfect tool for you. This software creates a cloud based signature that is easy to use from any device.

9. Cyfe

To track the performances from all of your platforms, you need to keep opening and closing multiple tabs. That‘s why smart programmers have come up with a software that helps you manage your progress and sales from a single dashboard.

10. Campaign monitor

If you want to step up your email marketing campaign, check out affordable tools such as Campaign Monitor. This software provides you with an easy to use interface, customisable mailing lists and personalised customer setups. 

11. Crazy Egg

Naturally, everyone wants to succeed, but sadly, not everyone has the adequate software to do so. Startups usually deal with many issues, many of which are IT related. If you use software like Crazy Egg, you‘ll prevent problems like these, and easily find out what your visitors like and don‘t like. 

12. eClincher

Did you know that people are active on social media at different times? Different niches include different types of followers, so you need to get in track of their pattern. Use eClincher as one of the best schedulers for your social media.

13. Followerwonk

It‘s no secret that social media marketing is increasingly gaining popularity. It‘s one of the main tactics in digital campaigns. This tool is ideal for Twitter, as it allows you to find accounts, analyse data and optimise your profile. Sadly, it doesn‘t work for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, however, marketing gurus can help you there. 

14. Buffer

If you want to make the most out of your social media strategy, you should go with Buffer. Besides scheduling posts, this tool allows you to measure performance as well as manage all of your social media from a single dash.

15. Google trends

To succeed in the harsh world of marketing, you constantly need to follow the latest trends. If that‘s not your cup of tea, use Google trends to make your job easier. You can search trends based on the country, campaign or many others.

16. Survey Anyplace

Since quality data is now the most valuable currency online, it‘s only logical to try to collect information that will be useful for your business. Survey Anyplace offers interactive and modern quizzes, surveys, polls and more that will engage your audience and collect necessary data for you.

17. Asknicely

Your customers probably hate being bothered by emails and texts that ask them to rate a company or a product. However, AskNicely is a tool that will help you engage your customers into giving useful feedback to you.

18. Nimble

Focusing your digital marketing strategy on social media is a great choice. However, sometimes syncing all the data can be hard work. So, use Nimble and enjoy every sort of data integrated.

19. Typeform

Since more and more people are using their mobile phones instead of computers for daily web surf, you need to optimise your web pages for mobile users. Use Typeform to get easy to read text that will engage mobile. 

20. Evernote

With Evernote you won‘t have to be bothered to search your entire mailing list to find the info you need. This tool will allow you to simply attach text or images from other documents and make your life easier.

21. SEMrush

Your business‘s best friend should always be a SEO tool that helps you analyse your or your competitors website. Even though this software is paid, it will make your money‘s worth over time. Don‘t miss a chance to find out which is the best performing page of any website and how many backlinks it uses.

22. Ubersuggest

You probably know that you won‘t get far without SEO. However, for an effective SEO strategy, you need quality keywords for your content. Since common good software isn’t free, and free tools aren‘t good, you should try Ubersuggest that provides you with necessary information about needed keywords. 

23. Mention 

If you‘ve ever wondered what your customers are saying about you, use Mention to find out what is being said about your brand on social media, blogs and forums. 

24. DropBox

If you need an online cloud where you can store documents and sensitive information, DropBox is an ideal tool. You can easily access your stored data and expand the cloud with the paid version if you need to.

25. WordPress

Ideal for simple web page creation, WordPress is a front-end tool every digital marketing specialist needs to learn how to use. It helps you easily manage your content and create an impressive SEO strategy.

26. Yoast

Yoast is a necessary extension to any website built by WordPress. It helps you improve the readability of your content, manage SEO strategy and help you rank higher on the search engine of your choice. On top of that, it helps you improve your keywords.

27. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great USA based SEO tool that will help you increase the traffic to your website. It analyses your content, detects keyword weaknesses and tracks who likes your competitors. Is there anything more you need in an app?

28. Proof

If you want to boost conversion on your web page, you should use Proof. It uses social proof messages to target the audience who is viewing your page. Since user interface and experience are crucial, this software helps you improve them for better rates.

29. Trello

If you need an app for brainstorming and managing your content, Trello is the ideal solution for you. You can easily manage your team online, assign tasks and keep track of who‘s in charge of which part of the project.

30. Google AdWords

Since Google is the most used search engine, it‘s only logical to include it in your online marketing strategy. That is a fantastic way of appearing on top of Google‘s search pages without wasting too much time on organic SEO.

31. Meet Edgar

Have you ever wondered what are the most important aspects of your social media strategy? MeetEdgar can help you create a comprehensive content for each category, reshare your posts and run A/B tests for your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

32. Birdeye

Real-time feedback from customers is rare if you operate online. That‘s why Birdeye can help you capture information provided by your audience on your social media, web pages and surveys.

33. 6Sense

If you‘ve always wanted to implement AI into your digital marketing strategy, start with 6Sense. This smart tool uses machine learning to expand your revenues. It provides you with all sorts of information necessary for a winning strategy on the market.

34. Infusionsoft

If you‘re a small startup run by a manager that plays multiple roles, software such as Infusionsoft can help you control your marketing campaigns and CRM activities. 


Another social media solution that helps you schedule your content, as well as promote it to the relevant audience. It‘s automatic and allows you to sign up with an unlimited number of accounts.

36. Oribi

A fantastic artificial intelligence based tool that allows you to get clear answers without getting stuck in endless confusing data. It updates your events automatically so you don‘t have to depend on the others when you need the job done straight away.

37. Canva

Canva is one of the must-have graphic design tools. Your goal should be creating trendy and eye-catching visuals, so use apps such as Canva to achieve that. Whether you want to create banners, posters, social media posts or something else, Canva should be your top choice.

38. Marvellapp

If your digital marketing strategy requires a mockup or a prototype you need to present to your clients or customers, one of the fastest ways to create exactly what you need is by using Marvellapp. It‘s easy to use and contains multiple tools that can be useful for designers and those who are not.

39. TickTick

Organising your work and life isn‘t easy. However, TickTick with its numerous features and tools can help you keep up with the important information about your projects. 

40. ToodleDo

We all know how easily tasks can pile up, especially if you‘re doing digital marketing. So, choose an app such as ToodleDo that will help you stay on top of the game with tasks.

41. LinkTree

To make the most out of your Instagram marketing, use LinkTree. It‘s a software that helps you create smart links that lead to your custom landing pages, which will increase conversion.

42. PromoPrep

If you‘re the type of person that thrives with visual stimuli, PromoPrep will make your life heaven! It will help you plan campaigns and promotions without endless spreadsheets and messy papers.

43. Adverity

For the lovers of intelligent platforms, Adverity is a top choice for data-driven marketing. It helps you make better and faster decisions, and sets a clear path towards the ROI.

44. Github

Even though it‘s not directly correlated to digital marketing, GitHub is an essential tool for all web developers that work in marketing agencies. Whenever you‘re in the process of designing a new software, use GitHub to make it easier for the team.

45. Joomag

Joomag is an all in one publishing platform that helps you monetize and track performance of your content. It provides you with engaging sales content that will capture your audience‘s attention and convert them into loyal customers. 

46. BugHerd

Pin clients feedback to your website by using BugHerd tool. It‘s one of the best software for detecting problems and bugs on your webpage. It‘s simple to use and quite visual, which makes it great for the beginners.

47. Marketo

Built by the Adobe company, Marketo is a leading tool on the market that helps you create and build brand value and growth. It will provide you with measurable results you can use to increase revenue.

48. AdRoll

If you want to do less but create more, AdRoll is a software for you. Simply plug it in to your website and let the experts do the work. They will help you find more customers, build better relationships and improve your overall strategy.

49. Keyhole

Even though many people may think that hashtags are the thing of the past, this number one platform is here to prove them wrong. It tracks the use of your hashtags and measures the social impact your business has. A great way of improving social media marketing strategy.

50. Adobe Spark

In case you‘re looking for a simple and easy to use app to create visual content, Adobe Spark should be one of your choices. It offers beautiful templates for affordable prices.


These are the top 50 tools every digital marketing expert needs to use in their strategy. Try them out and see their benefits yourself!

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