Top 50 Digital Marketing Companies in Dallas, TX

1) Revlocal

RevLocal is a leading Digital Marketing agency in Dallas. They work with restaurants, medical firms, the automotive industry, and more. They offer quality digital marketing services in the Dallas area. They specialize in:

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation management
  • Paid marketing

They enable new and existing businesses to reach their sales goals. Contact them for a free demo to learn more. 

2) Multiview

Multiview has a strong presence in the Dallas area. They enable companies to connect and engage with their audience. They work mainly with B2B clients. Multiview has worked with some of the top firms worldwide. They specialize in email marketing, PPC, SEO, content marketing, and more. They have a reputed team of experts and are a Google premier partner. 

3) Idea Grove

Founded in 2005, Idea Grove is a leading B2B digital marketing agency. They offer services ranging from PR to content marketing. The content team consists of skilled writers and editors. All work is done in-house. They focus on great content to position your brand. Their clients include leading companies like Amazon. The company also offers web design services. 

4) Digital Success

Digital Success is a complete digital marketing firm. They offer end-to-end services for all your needs under one roof. Known for SEO, PPC, Social Media, and content marketing, Digital Success uses a metrics-driven formula for great results. They follow the Agile process. Regular audits and reports data are shared with every client to measure success. 

5) Haitna

Haitna is one of the top Digital Marketing firms in Dallas. The company was started in 2017. It helps companies of all sizes with their SEO, PPC, Content, and social media marketing needs. Their clients range from small businesses to enterprises. They also offer social media marketing and reputation management services. They are featured on the Moz recommended list of top companies. 

6) Seota

Seota is a full-service digital agency. It offers SEO and digital marketing services such as PPC and social media management. They have a strong in-house design and developer team. It has developed a unique and proven model called SOSTAC to deliver great results. They offer several packages. You can choose one that best fits your marketing needs and budget. 

7) Redonk

Redonk is an advertising, branding, and digital marketing agency. They are great at mapping a user’s journey to decide on the best plan to get more sales. It offers design, development, strategy, and optimization services. It focuses on great design to boost your brand. They have expertise in working on mobile and web apps. 

8) AVX Digital

AVX Digital has more than two decades of proven experience in the digital world. It offers top-tier digital marketing and consultancy for large and small firms. The main services are SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web design. Reputed companies recognize them as a leader in their domain. They use AI and machine learning to deliver exciting results. 

9) Runner Agency

RUNNER is a Dallas firm offering digital marketing along with branding services. Their strong areas are healthcare and medical. Get more patient leads with their SEO and marketing campaigns. The company has a strong in-house team. They have worked with leading companies in the field for many years. They also have certified Ad experts focusing on Medical and healthcare domains. 

10) Atomic Design & Consulting

Atomic Design is a digital marketing agency based out of Dallas. It offers SEO, social media, inbound, and email marketing to clients. Founded in 2002, they have many certifications to their name and house a skilled staff of design, SEO, and tech experts. The team consists of more than 15 talented designers, developers, and copywriters. 

11) Brandastic, Inc

Brandtastic has won many awards for its work in the SEO and PPC space. They offer personalized digital marketing services. They are certified by Google, Magento, and Shopify. Brandtastic has a team of talented writers and designers. They are experts at social media and SEO content marketing. Payment plans are flexible, and they offer a free consultation. 

12) Tarika

Tarika technologies offer email and brand marketing for small and large companies. Founded in 2006, they have honed all the desired digital marketing skills. They offer SEO, PPC, Social media, content marketing, and more. The client portfolio is diverse and has both small and large firms. Choose them if you need the best balance between quality and pricing. 

13) Authority Solutions

Authority Solutions specializes in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social media, and Web design services. It has cutting-edge in-house tools for reporting and analytics. The agency has won many awards and is recognized as a top SEO firm in the Dallas area. You can hire them for reputation management and keyword research as well. 

14) Jsl marketing

JSL specializes in SEO, Social media, and content marketing services. They are based in Dallas and were founded in 2014. They use a blend of modern and proven techniques to drive sales and position your brand. Their team consists of 40+ designers and content experts. The company has done most work with IT, Finance, Real estate, and healthcare domains. 

15) Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal Digital Marketing delivers SEO and PPC services. With a focus on sales and conversions, their campaigns are customized as per client needs. The company was founded in 2009. They have a loyal client following with a proven record for timely results. Expertise areas are legal, healthcare, education, and small businesses. They are a certified Google partner. 

16) E67 Agency, LLC

E67 is a respected digital marketing company in the Dallas area. They are proud of their Christian principles and strive to follow principles of honesty and integrity in their business. They offer SEO and online marketing services. You can choose from affordable packages that offer SEO, Social media, PPC, and more. A good choice if you are on a budget. 

17) Firetoss

Firetoss is a digital marketing agency with a large presence in Dallas. They have expertise in the e-commerce segment. They are flexible working with any budget and work largely with B2B clients. You can count on them for great SEO, PPC, and Social media campaigns. Firetoss is a Magento-certified partner with a string of projects that delivered great results. 

18 ) Jemsu

Jemsu offers a wide range of services to meet all your online marketing needs. They have years of expertise in SEO and PPC. Many of their team members are Google Ads certified. Jemsu is also a Google-certified partner. Jemsu has expertise in Facebook Ads management and helps brands reach their targets on many other social media channels. 

19) Dallas Media Group LLC

Dallas Media Group offers several digital marketing services ranging from SEO to PPC. They aim to enable you to reach your full business potential. They create custom strategies for companies that help you save on marketing costs. They have worked across several domains. Some of these are health, transport, and finance. They take on both national and global clients. 

20) Witmer Group

Witmer group has been delivering digital marketing projects for more than ten years. They have helped local, and national firms grow. Witmer creates custom campaigns for each client. Their brand-building strategy covers blogs, content marketing, Ads, case studies, and more. They offer a data science-driven analytics service. This helps owners track and measure their growth. 

21) Agency Entourage

Agency Entourage has years of experience as a digital marketer. They offer blog writing, Analytics, and Data visualization along with SEO and PPC services. You can get a whole range of services for a flat monthly fee. They have won many awards, including recognition from Google. You can also hire them for traditional advertising and branding services. 

22) PMG Worldwide

PMG is a leading digital marketing company in Dallas. They have a strong sense of creating bold content for brands. The company uses leading technology to build winning campaigns. Alli Marketing Intelligence Platform is their own platform to gain marketing insights. They offer:

  • Marketing review and audits
  • Technology implementation
  • Training and consultation
  • Media strategy and campaign support

23) Ambrose Media

Ambrose Media excels at data-driven digital marketing. They help small and big companies drive sales and gain customers. They aim to deliver the best ROI for your investment. Ambrose Media offers SEO and Social Media services. They have a talented team that works to drive organic growth for your brand. Book a free consultation to get a quote. 

24) Radiant-hosting

.Radiant Hosting is a full-service digital marketer. They use their own SEO tools and methods to drive traffic to your site. They have in-house experts for web design and content strategy. They offer the following services:

  • SEO and Local SEO
  • Data-driven PPC
  • Real-estate websites
  • General Web design and development
  • Fast managed WordPress hosting
  • Online reputation management

25) The Bullseye Agency

Bullseye Agency offers tailor-made sales and marketing solutions. They are great at online marketing and help brands with strategy. Services offered are SEO and Social media management. They have created Ads across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can hire them for training sessions on marketing for your staff as well. Top clients include Ericsson and Home Depot. 

26) Jives Media

Jives Media consists of several top designers and brand experts. They were founded in 2012. Core services offered are SEO, PPC, and social media solutions. You can also hire them for Google Ads, video marketing, and web design. The company has a great portfolio and has worked on 5000+ projects. They were voted as a premier marketing agency in 2012.

27) Belo

Belo + is a renowned digital marketing firm in the Dallas area. Founded in 1999, they have decades of experience working with traditional and digital marketing. Key services are Content, SEO, Branding and creatives, Web Development, and more. They are a Google and Hubspot partner. The company has worked with top brands such as Pizza Hut in the past. 

28) Enormous Elephant

Enormous Elephant is a data-driven digital marketing agency based in Dallas. Founded in 2018, they work with clients all over the world. They work with both B2B and B2C clients. Offerings include SEO, PPC, Social media, and Performance marketing. They specialize in Amazon and Email marketing. They offer unique programmatic ads services. It helps your brand target specific audiences. 

29) AdsRole

AdsRole is a digital marketing and events company from Dallas founded in 2011. Their chief offerings are SEO, PPC, and Web development. They work with a diverse set of clients from many industries. Some of these are education, healthcare, and finance. AdsRole has expertise in IT and design and has worked with Google and Wipro as their clients. 

30) Aezion

Aezion is a full-service digital marketing company. They are more than ten years old and have worked with 120+ clients. Digital marketing expertise areas are SEO, PPC, Social media, and Adwords. Aezion comes with a team of technology experts with years of IT experience. They can help you get started with a marketing strategy or reboot an existing plan. 

31) Edesen

Edesen are digital marketing pioneers from the Dallas area. Their services range from SEO to digital ads. Their creative team helps companies build Ad strategies for all platforms. Their unique ROI calculator lets you see how well your campaigns are faring. You can sign-up on the site for a free business audit report of your company. 

32) Miller Ad Agency

Millers has worked in the marketing and Ads space for over 30 years. They have experience in both traditional and digital marketing. They use technology like geofencing and CRM targeting to get your brand out there. Millers offer many services under their banner. Popular offerings are SEO, SEM, Social media outreach, PR, and Online reputation management.

33) DigitalAkki 

DigitalAkki helps B2B and B2C company reach their goals. They offer quality digital marketing services and are an official Google partner. They have worked with 40+ clients across the world. They offer core digital marketing services like SEO, Social media, and PPC. Their pricing plans are competitive. The company offers free support for its services. 

34) Regexseo

Regexseo is a digital marketing agency with years of experience. The team helps companies manage digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. They offer SEO, PPC, Ad Words, and email marketing services. They have won multiple awards and are a Google partner. Hire them to give your content a fresh look and driving more engagement with your visitors. 

35) My Legnd

My Legnd is a digital marketing agency in Dallas. They have worked with startups and large companies to deliver services. They offer a wide range of marketing and conversion services. It includes SEO, PPC, Social media, Email marketing, and Reporting. Getting better sales for their clients is their focus. They offer proven CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) services as well. 

36) Executive Digital

Executive Digital is based in Dallas. They offer top-tier digital marketing services. The company has worked with both small and big firms. They are a global company and offer a range of services. Popular ones are SEO, PPC, Social media, and conversion campaigns. It uses the most modern technology to execute projects. Reach out to them for a free quote. 

37) Intltech

Founded in 2015, IntlTech offers a wide range of services. Their digital marketing services are tailored to company needs and culture. Key services are local and global SEO, PPC, SMM, and branding. Other expertise areas are Facebook and Insta Ads and conversion optimization. You can ask for a free audit to help you decide which services are best for you.

38) V Digital Services

V digital services enable brands to boost their brand presence on the web and mobile. They offer SEO, PPC, and Responsive web design services. A dedicated account manager is aligned for each project. They are a Facebook and Google official partner and bring the latest algorithm learnings to boost client revenues. They also provide print media services. 

39) Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive enables a business to grow by providing smart digital marketing services. They offer a huge range of services. Their services range from SEO to Paid media. Unique services offered are Franchise SEO, CRO, and link building. Their campaigns are data-driven with a strong reporting system. They have more than 10-year experience and comprise a team of industry experts. 

40) Fahrenheit 

Fahrenheit is a digital agency founded in 2008. It is a trusted name in the Dallas area and has worked with top brands such as Gatorade and PepsiCo. Services offered include SEO, PPC, social media optimization, marketing automation, and more. Their skilled team has proven experience in digital marketing. They have worked on all aspects of its technology and design. 

41) YellowFin Digital

YellowFin offers strategic digital marketing services in Dallas. The main services are SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, and Web design. Each client works with the company. They tailor custom solutions based on your business goals. You can hire them for video and content creation and marketing services. Their other expertise area is Amazon marketing services. Contact them for a free quote. 

42) Kotler Digital

Kotler Digital is a Dallas-based company that works with clients globally. They offer customized digital marketing services. They work with firms of all sizes. Services provided are SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Social media Ads. They can also help with lead generation and email marketing. Their skilled team has 10+ years of experience. Request a free quote on their website. 

43) TECHsan Media LLC

TECHSan Media offers many digital marketing services under one roof. The main offerings are Local SEO, PPC, and Web design. You can hire them for quality graphic design as well. Their specialty is Local SEO. They have helped many Dallas businesses grow with their SEO methods and research. They are a Google trusted partner and have won many awards. 

44) Kriti Online Marketing

Kriti Online Marketing is a trusted name in the Dallas area. They enable companies to gain more leads and conversions by creating tailored campaigns. They offer SEO, PPC, SEM, and content services. They have expertise in curating campaigns that generate sales and builds brand awareness. They have clients globally but work with a focus on the local audience. 

45) 3Headed Monster

3HeadedMonster is a unique digital marketing agency. They lean towards creative concepts to drive sales. Services are focused on brand building. Some of these are strategy, social media, content strategy, and more. Their clients include top brands like BMW. Their campaigns combine storytelling, marketing, and technology. This creativity gives them an edge over other players in the scene. 


WPromote provides world-class paid media and owned media services. Founded in 2001, they have decades of experience. Paid media offerings are PPC, Amazon marketing, and programmatic. Owned media offerings are SEO, content, and email marketing. They have done work for big brands like Adobe and Samsung. They have a diverse and talented team of 250+ people. 

47) Icrossing

Icrossing is a digital marketing agency with branches all over the world. Founded in 1998, they are part of the Hearst media group. This enables them to gain deep insights into user behavior. They offer SEO, PPC, Social media, and user research services. They have 850+ employees globally, and their clients include giants like Coca-Cola. 

48) 214interactive

214 Interactive is a digital marketing company from Dallas. The company was founded in 2013. They deliver top-tier services with a clear focus on your company goals. The main services are SEO, Social media, content creation, and more. They are a Google and Facebook partner. This enables them to deliver the best marketing practices to their clients. 

49) B3Net

B3Net is a leading digital marketing company founded in 1999. They have decades of experience working with clients from all domains. They provide quality SEO and PPC services. They also offer marketing automation solutions to deliver great ROI. B3Net uses the Zoho CRM tool to streamline all its projects. They have expertise in Laravel, WordPress, and other platforms too. 

50) Wired SEO

Wired SEO was founded in 2013 and offers a broad range of services. Their digital marketing services include SEO, PPC, and Social media. They offer many services under each of the categories. Each campaign is custom-made to meet your business goals. They cater mainly to the small and medium business segments in the Dallas area and the USA. 

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