Top 10 Event Management Companies in Pune

Here is a list of Top Event Management Companies in Pune; these are the corporate event, brand promotion, wedding planning, fashion show, event organizer and event management solution provider in the Pune city. Ranking process of these best event management agencies in Pune is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Prabandhan Management Services Private Limited

When a company has a simple logic towards success and that all that to give your hard work and get the best results then the company is sure to feature among the top 10 event management agencies in Pune. Under the well abled guidance of the CEO, the company has helped in the successful completion of projects like FOGSI BHARAT JAGRUTI YATRA in 2008 which was attended by a total number of 12000 or more delegates. The company also has several other appreciable works under its belt.

2 | Marrquee Events & Conferences

With the headquarters situated in the buzzing city of Pune, Maharashtra, Marrquee Events Private Limited is one of the leading event management companies in the city and state at large. The reputed clients of this famous event management industry are the likes of Zaheer Khan’s Restaurant, Aircel Limited, Hindustan Construction Company and many other well-known companies and agencies have been clients of this Even management company in Pune.

3 | Millennium Advertising & Events.
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 2005
Business – Advertising and Event organiser | Website –
Millenium Events, as the name suggests have been in the way of serving quiet too many programs and they have excelled in almost all the fields that they have worked in. The company has not just worked successfully with more than 1000 clients, but it also has provided their worth by gifting a new life to the event at large.

4 | E Factor Events and promotions
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 2008
Business – Event management and wedding planner | website –
Working in and around Pune, the Pune-based company has made quite a repute in a very little span of time and they are just reputed now as one of the top 10 event management agencies in Pune city. The company has a very intelligent and experienced set of dedicated professionals who make sure that you get the best for yourself from the event that you are presently organizing.

5 | Event dynamics
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 2000
Business – Wedding, exhibitions and corporate events | Website –
As the agency says, successful events need a formula, and they seem to have mastered it all for them selves and they are just too well equipped to provide you with the best experience that you can ever get while searching out for a great event that needs to be held without any flaw in it. The company is just too good in this pretext.

6 | Wedding planner Pune
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1934
Business – Wedding, corporate and party planner | Website –
This company has shifted its all attention to make the most memorable day of your life yet more memorable and that’s just why they have excelled as a wedding management company. The company helps you get the taste of a great event without any flaw and you can simply showcase the great moments of your life. The company is ideal in what it offers.

7 | EvePro event management company
Corporate Office Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 0000
Business – Event organizer and brand promotion | Website –
When you have just way too many options in hand, it’s just too difficult to settle on the choice that you want to make and even worse to decide if the choice that you made is just the best one, but when you have a company that has worked with companies like Axis Bank, ASUS, Cartoon Network, LG, Toyota and many others then there must be no issue when you decide and finalize on it as your final choice.

8 | J Cube events
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 2008
Business – Wedding and Event management | Website –
ITC, Sonar, Pepsi and many such companies, they are the leading clients of this company at large. Thus, you can well imagine how astonishingly stunning the company must have sufficed their even management programs so that they can suffice the need of such great and ambitious clients. The company is one of the most rapidly growing organization in and around Pune.

9 | Event 14th Event management company
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 0000
Business – Brand Promotion, exhibition and theme event | Website –
Event 14 is always the best firm to help you out, if you are planning any event, then let it be a marriage, a corporate event or any promotion of any company at large. The company is well focused to provide just the most significantly possible result when it comes to event management. The company has worked with clients like Mahindra, Ultratech, Microtex and many other reputed companies.

10 | Tulza Events
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 0000
Business – Corporate events, wedding and exhibitions | Website –
If you are looking out for the top 10 event management agencies in Pune, then Tulza Events are sure to be one of them. Not just because of the decorations and the management as a whole are the areas of attention of the company but it also takes a pledge to help you out in any event, then let it be a birthday party or a corporate meeting, the company would help you without any hesitation.

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