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Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC advertising, is nothing but a method of search marketing. In this method, advertisers get visits to their site by giving a fee each time a display ad of their company is clicked. This enables an online platform based on bids. Through these, advertisers need to bid to place an ad in a sponsored search result. Such ads pop up when a potential customer searches for a business/product category using a related keyword on a search engine.

PPC can give you instant results when we talk of website traffic or conversions for your business. This also gives higher visibility in ROI, given that it’s a platform for bid placement with the help of which one can easily control their spending on advertising while tweaking their strategies as they grow. PPC can help boost conversions and increase the revenues of a company, but handling the whole campaign on your own can be daunting if you are new to this field. A PPC agency can help you with successful PPC advertising. To help you in your search for the right partner.

List of Top 10 PPC agencies in Delhi


Techmagnate, being a Google Premier Partner, is the top PPC services company in Delhi. It has a proven track record of running several successful PPC campaigns. The team specializes in all kinds of PPC ads to help B2B as well as B2C businesses with their lead generation, eCommerce sales and branding. 

Techmagnate’s range of PPC ad services include social media advertising, search advertising, Google shopping advertising, display advertising, remarketing, and mobile advertising. Their PPC services have a history of significantly increasing organic website traffic and organic YouTube views for their clients, ultimately leading to an increase in returns on investment.

Besides PPC services, Techmagnate has been a leading provider of SEO and digital marketing services for close to two decades now. If you take your digital business seriously, you have found your perfect marketing partner. This digital marketing company can help you reach your marketing goals and assist your business in achieving the growth that you wanted.


Founded in the year 2002, PageTraffic is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company. They specialize in PPC advertising, SEO, social media marketing, as well as content marketing. They have partnered with companies in various niches, including education, healthcare, medical, hospitality and leisure. Their work ethics are completely transparent and all strategies are devised by an expert team of PPC professionals. 


This digital marketing agency located in New Delhi is known for its satisfactory PPC services. They also specialize in SEO services, content marketing as well as web design ever since the firm was established in the year 2011. Niswey mainly works with small and medium-sized clients from the IT, business services, as well as consumer product sectors. The team devises proven PPC campaign tactics that can skillfully enhance the brand visibility and ROI of their clients. 

Marketing Masala

Located in New Delhi, Marketing Masala is a digital marketing agency founded in 2015. They specialize in PPC advertising, content marketing, as well as social media marketing services.  The young team of tech savvies strive hard to satisfy each of their clients and stand with them to help in organic business growth. Their PPC advertising solutions are customized to meet the requirements of their client’s business objectives.


AdGlobal360 is a renowned digital marketing agency in Delhi. Founded in the year 2007, they provide SEO services, digital marketing services and advertising services. Their PPC services are assured by the industry experience and the market recognition they possess. This agency could be your ideal PPC partner for advising and implementing the right strategies and achieving the desired results. They offer cost-effective and budget-friendly services to increase the visibility of their clients. 


Technians is an agency founded in 2015 offering pay-per-click advertising, web design services, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. The PPC experts here are well-qualified in keyword research as well as analysis to advertise search ranking. They understand how positively a highly accessible PPC strategy can work for its clients and their sales. 


Brandhype Web Solutions was founded in the year 2006. The firm offers web design, SEO, PPC as well as content marketing services. Irrespective of the project they take up, the team works exclusively to offer customized services. They have an expert team of professional PPC experts who offer solutions for customer-oriented PPC issues. 


Based in New Delhi, this digital marketing company was founded in 2013. They mainly work with small scale business clients spread across the gaming, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Specializing in PPC services, this team is known for its extensive experience in the industry. They assist clients from across the world to handle their PPC campaigns to generate high returns on investment through better keyword targeting and constant monitoring. 

Mind Mingles

Mind Mingles is a reputed PPC ad agency that also specializes in other services like digital marketing, SEO and content marketing. Customer satisfaction has always been their priority and the whole team works hard to achieve this. They have a good experience in devising PPC campaigns and optimizing returns on investment through these campaigns. They offer amazing PPC services for their clients by aiding them in reaching out to their target audience. 


Ethinos is a full-service company for digital marketing in Delhi. The team specializes in SEO, content marketing, digital strategy, web design, and other services. They claim to be a leading PPC service provider that executes advanced PPC campaigns with the sole aim of increasing their client’s profits. They offer comprehensive PPC services with digital marketing strategies that are relevant to the market and in accordance with the goals set by their clients. 

If you have been looking for the best PPC advertising services in Delhi, one of the above-listed agencies could be your best bet. Do your homework and hire the best PPC agency to get the most out of your upcoming ad campaigns. 

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