Top 20 Video Production Company in India

Online videos are taking center stage in social media and other digital platforms. This engaging content is quick and easy to consume, making it a preferred medium for many internet users when they look for information.

Now that more and more people are attached to online videos. Marketers out there make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to attracting more eyeballs with their marketing videos (whether they are social media videos or explainer videos).

That said, creating your own professional-looking marketing videos that attract the audience’s attention is not that easy. You need to invest in fancy equipment and robust video editing software, and you also might need superb videography skills.

But, of course, you do not have to create your marketing videos by yourself. There are a bunch of professional video production companies that are ready to help you with your video creation from scratch.

When we talk about video production companies, India is pretty well-known for its professional and popular video production. In this post, we’ll break down the top video production companies in India.

1. What a Story

This video production is located in Hyderabad, India. When you are looking for a professional video production company to craft your custom explainer videos and product videos, What a Story is one of the best options. The production cost starts from $1000 USD, making it affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

2. Triface International

Triface Internal expertise in animated video production for business. Located in Vadodara, this video production company has a wide range of clients worldwide.Triface International will help you to create animated explainer videos or any types of animated marketing videos you need.

3. Webdew

Webdew is a well-known video production company not only in India but in other parts of the world too. This video production company helps its clients create stunning marketing videos (including explainer videos, product videos, etc.). With an affordable cost, Webdew is appealing for small businesses.

4. Studiotale

Studiotale has a motto, “simplify your brand’s message.” This video production company aims to help you convey your message clearly through their stunning marketing videos. As they do high-end video production, this option is more suitable for big, high-budgeted companies.

5. Transpixel Videos

If you are in a small business or new startup and looking for a simple, affordable, yet professional-looking marketing video, Transpixel Videos can be a great option for you. This company is located in New Delhi and has a variety of clients from different industries around the world.

6. Mypromovideos

Mypromovideos does not only create your marketing videos. They also give you insight into your industry field and help you stand out from the crowd with their professional videos.


BOTVIDEOSTV is located in Mumbai. This professional animated video production company has helped big companies to bring complex ideas to life with their seamless animation.

8. Addiction Graphics

Addiction Graphics helps you create story-driven marketing videos to catch audiences’ attention right off the bat. Their production pricing starts from $1,000 USD, making it suitable for small, low-budgeted businesses.

9. Ripple Animation

As the name suggests, Ripple Animation has expertise in animation production. Whether it is animated explainer videos, how-to videos, trailer videos, this video production company is ready to create stunning ones for your business.

10. Media Designs

Media Designs focuses on delivering your brand messages engagingly through videos. It is reasonable since this video production company also has expertise in branding and business development.

11. Dreamfoot

“Soulful, Meaningful, Powerful.” Those are three principles this video production company has while creating their client’s videos. They make sure that you can reap the maximum benefits from the video you create with them.

12. Motionvillee

Motionvillee creates stunning explainer videos for businesses. Their teams are well-known for their process-oriented approach, making sure that every process in the production is perfectly done. Motionvillee produces excellent, professional-looking explainer videos for businesses. 

13. KrishaStudio

KrishaStudio is one of the most go-to video production companies for many small businesses. Located in Ahmedabad, this production company helps you create, communicate, and connect your brand messages through eye-catching marketing videos (both animated and live-action).

14. Contentteams Media

Contentteams Media allows you to create different types of marketing videos to convey all kinds of messages. If you are new to video marketing, they also guide you to pick the ideal type of video for your business and industry.

15. MadGenius Productions

For MadGenius Productions, visual stories are a great way to tell what a brand is all about. They help you create unique and captivating marketing videos delivered within the timeline and budget.

16. Visual Juju

Visual Juju is a content agency specializing in videos. If you struggle to deliver your message to the right audience, Visual Juju will help you with stunning story-telling abilities. If you want to create meaningful, story-driven marketing videos, it is a great video production service to work with.

17. Doodle Mango

Doodle Mago offers you a one-stop solution for your branding, from graphic design to video production. As you can already tell by its name, Doodle Mago can help you create animated videos for your business.

18. Pixelcarving

What matters most for this video production company is that their video brings the results for their clients. So, in the production process, they always provide input to you just to make sure that they do the whole production smoothly.

19. Bizzy Baby Media

Bizzy Baby Media helps businesses of all sizes to create marketing videos and broadcast videos. This digital media and animation studio offers you a fully customized animated video production from start to finish.

20. Fotilo Films

Even when you have no experience in creating a professional marketing video, Fotilo Films are ready to help. From concept ideas to the final result, this customer-driven video production company makes sure that you get what you hoped for.

Wrapping Up

Those have been the top video production companies in India. You can choose one based on the type of video you want to create, the budget you have, and your business needs.

Once you have your professional-looking marketing videos, make sure you host them on your website and social media profiles to maximize their exposure – so that you have more brand awareness.

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Rahul Yadav is a versatile digital marketing consultant from Delhi who offers exceptional web and digital services worldwide.

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