Top 10 Health & Fitness bloggers and influencers in India

Nowadays, health and fitness have become more discussed, particularly among the young generation for the last 5 to 6 years. Apart from this, people love to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle due to the unlimited physical and natural benefits of keeping their bodies healthy and strong. As a result, gym and yoga clubs have been engaged by the young as well as aged people to attain maximum fitness goals. We all know that body fitness goals lead to a change in the routine life of everybody by making him physically and mentally stringent and flexed. 

There are plenty of fitness and health bloggers in India to lead the young generation for a fit and active life by making blogs and fitness videos for fans. Moreover, the role of influencers in changing the minds and bodies of people by directing them in the exact path and schooling people by motivational health and fitness goals. These fitness bloggers and influencers are contributing towards the overall growth of the Indian nation as healthy and energetic. Consequently, it will appear as productive for all sectors of India.

In this article, you can find top 10 health bloggers and influencers of India. 

1. Sapna Vyas

Sapna has got a wonderful fan following, especially on Instagram, about 1.8 million followers due to it’s love and devotion towards fitness and health. She is also nutrition adept at the same time a fitness and health advisor for people. As Sapna hails from the popular minister of India of health departments, she has laid the example of being the daughter of a health management sector of the country by guiding lots of people to be a fitness seeker. She is truly a fitness freak and influencer for people in India because her posts and videos, especially on YouTube, are focused on enticing the people towards applying health and fitness-based attitude. Also, she makes videos on diet plans for both men and women.

2. Anjali

She has more than 320K fans on Instagram, as she is a famous Indian fitness motivator and coach. She has been influencing her fans to get the motivation to form her fitness goals as well as providing various tips and guidelines for fans to remain fit and more muscular. Moreover, she is currently running a fitness gym and is regarded as the most inspiring girl physical trainer and blogger, encouraging India’s youth to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle. Though she is a woman, she is a leading example and fitness coach for both genders in India. 

3. Multiple

One of the most following fitness and health blogger as well as the influencer on twitter and Facebook is Multiple. He is running a medical dialogue named blog as currently, the most acknowledged blog on health and fitness for this year. He keeps his fans engaged in health topics and fitness motivational videos to help them boost their stamina and confidence for grooming their body. 

 4. Sangram Simha

The fitness freak having more than 20,000 fans following on Facebook, Sangram, is famous for his blogs on health. He has named his blog as style craze as one of the most interesting blogs on physical maintenance of the body. Moreover, being an influencer, he has provided healthy tips for grooming ways and maintaining the body physique fit. His blogs are not only famous in India but worldwide.

5. Vineetha

The owner of the Health beckon blog, Vineetha, is becoming the top leading health and fitness blogger in India as he has got lots of fans on different social media sites. He has categorized other foods types and effects on the human body with possible healthy diet plans for people out there. Moreover, he is always supportive of the fan by motivating them to have more fitness routines in life. 

6. Ranveer AllaBadia

Here is the one emerging and most admired fitness blogger and influencer from India, Ranveer. Being a fitness motivator, he is always suggesting people take a healthy and nutritional diet to become powerful and proactive. He also runs a Youtube channel where he gives different lessons on exercise types and diet plans for youngsters. Moreover, being an influencer, he also suggests everyone trendy lifestyle tips, dressing tips, and essentials, which are necessary for human grooming.

7. Rohit Khatri

Rohit is mostly acknowledged across the country due to his useful tips and bits of advice on fitness, which has made people able to reduce their body fat, and people are now following him more on Instagram as compared to other sites. He is a well-known blogger as well as a nutritionist for youngsters as he always keeps them up to date with healthy food tips and daily exercise suggestions. 

8. Amaresh Ojha

One of the fantastic fitness bloggers and influencers in India is Amaresh Ojha. Being an excellent influencer for people on Facebook and Instagram, he imparts the latest and trendy fitness exercise and strategies which should be followed by every individual aiming to be a fitness freak just like him. He is an amazing fitness blogger as always mentions amazing fitness pieces of advice and diet plans for his fans on his blogs. 

9. Neha

Fitness guidelines and diet hacks can be beneficial as these provide people with accurate ways to remain in shape. That is why Neha’s blog is a stupendous blog to read for people looking for some real fitness and health hacks. Her blog guides you well on how you can energetically spend your time by getting the necessary exercises to be fit and healthy. 

10. Kanan

She is another wonderful health and physical fitness blogger, as well as an influencer in India. She has become famous due to her blog Fitness versus weight loss, which is admired in the whole country because it gives full fitness goals and methods to reduce the weight. In the blog, she has described all her journey of weight loss from above 90 to below 70. Besides, her blog contains diet plans for people who want to reduce weight. She also has an amazing fan following on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope this article will help you find sources for getting good health related information.

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