Top 10 Indian Fitness Influencers who will Motivate You To Gear Up Your Health Routine

There was a time in our country when being healthy meant eating desi ghee, paranthas, and everything else until we make a pig out of ourselves. But now the time has changed. Small portions of food have taken place of large desi thalis, green tea has become a substitute for masala chai and the gym is a second home to many. 

Also, in recent times, most of us get our motivation dose from social media and blogs. Especially now when we are at our house due to the current pandemic. Taking care of our health is of utmost importance, be it by sanitising our hands or by maintaining social distance we all are doing our bit to keep ourselves healthy.

We are in an age where all our diets, training, and workouts are influenced by bloggers and influencers. But as the use of social media as a source of information is rising, the number of influencers is also increasing extensively. In such a scenario, it becomes very difficult for laymen like us to figure out whom to follow. 

Hence, here we bring to you the best 10 health and fitness bloggers and influencers of India. These people will provide you with all the motivation and information you need to begin your health transformation. 

1. Rahul Yadav (

Well known as ‘Fitness Anytime Club’ Rahul Yadav has got all the motivation and good vibes to give to her followers. From impressive fitness photos and videos to mind striking fitness challenges, he knows very well how to keep her audiences on the track with her. 

Rahul Yadav is a well-trained yoga professional and a personal fitness trainer. he has excelled in the field of yoga with consistent practice and experience of more than ten years now. 

He is one of his kind, working hard to keep the essence of yoga alive and flourishing.  If you are a diehard fan of yoga as a workout, Rahul Yadav is who you need. 

2. Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah is a board-certified health coach. She owns her blog named The Picky Eater. Other than being a health coach, Anjali Shah is a food writer, an author, and a nutritionist. Her blog focuses on promoting the idea of healthy eating among individuals and their families. She believes that it is not necessary to eat junk- unhealthy food to satisfy your taste buds. Her blog has amazing ideas about how you can turn your boring healthy meals into delicious ones.

Being a mother of two, Anjali Shah also has outstanding tips and recipes that you can use if you have picky children around you. Her recipes will help you feed your ‘Picky eaters’ healthy food items without compromising with their taste buds. 

3. Sapna Vyas

With around 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Sapna Vyas is one of the best health and fitness influencers from Delhi. She is a weight management specialist certified by the American Council on Exercise(ACE). Therefore, if you are planning to shed some pounds you must follow her.

Sapna Vyas also owns a blog named ‘Staywow’. In her blog posts, she talks about lifestyle changes that might help you in maintaining excellent health. She has also conducted many programs related to health and fitness, and given motivational and guidance speeches. She has been spreading awareness among society regarding the importance of fitness for many years now. 

So, if you are fond of mouth-watering grubs and always worried about how you can get proper nourishment out of it, Sapna Vyas is your helping hand. 

4. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia, or as we all know him “Beerbiceps” is a well- established health and fitness influencer. He started his journey as a YouTube in the year 2014.  In his Youtube videos, he basically exhibited his personal fitness journey and lifestyle. And now, he has achieved a remarkable place in the field of social media influencing. 

With a following of about one million on Instagram and two million subscribers on Youtube, Ranveer Allahbadia has become an inspiration for many. 

Ranveer Allahbadia also owns two brands now. The first one being BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd which runs two Youtube channels, one in Hindi and the other in English. It also deals with many social media blogs regarding health, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and much more. 

Moreover, he also owns a podcast called ‘The Ranveer Show’ which brings to you some of the most remarkable and inspiring success stories. 

5. Bani J 

Gurbani Judge or VJ bani or Bani J, she is known by many names, but on the top of all, she is known as one of the best Indian female fitness influencers. She started her journey from Roadies season 4 as a contestant and won the position of runner-up. Since then, Bani J has been winning our hearts by her outstanding work and personality. 

After winning Roadies season 4, Bani J has always been a part of it. She hosted the show for many years and hence acquired fame as a video jockey. After that, she also participated in the famous reality show Bigg Boss. 

From her bodybuilding and fitness posts, Bani J has certainly broken down the stereotypes of women being unfit for muscular work. She has proven that bodybuilding isn’t limited to the male gender and that females are capable of everything. 

When you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will be smitten by her perfect abs and solid muscular physique. But, the struggle behind this perfect body is what makes her such a strong woman in and out. 

6. Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan started his career as a Bollywood actor and then became an incredible fitness influencer over time. He worked in many blockbuster movies like ‘Xcuse Me’, ‘Aladin’, ‘Style’ etc.

It turned out that Sahil Khan achieved more fame as a bodybuilder rather than an actor. He has a huge fan base inspired and motivated by his bodybuilding and fitness strategies. Sahil Khan has an Instagram following of around 5.3 million and a Youtube family of more than 2 million. 

Sahil Khan is well known as a youth influencer as well as a fitness coach. He also is the proud owner of India’s biggest and classiest gym ‘Life Fitness’. 

Sahil Khan has also been honored with many awards like the Rajiv Gandhi award for fitness icon. 

7. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, this name doesn’t need any introduction as this woman is a legend on her own. From a top-notch Bollywood actress to an even better fitness influencer, she has shown that there are no limits if you want to achieve something. 

With an Instagram following of 14.5 million, Shilpa Shetty’s fitness routines and tips motivate a huge fan population. 

8. Namrata Purohit

Apart from being a health and fitness instructor, Namrata is the youngest Stott Pilates instructor. She has also written a very famous book ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit’. 

Knowing the fact that she became a Pilates instructor at the age of 16, tells us how amazing she is. So, if you are looking for some serious motivation, go follow this talented beauty. 

9. Dileep Subramanian

Dileep Subramanian is a famous health and fitness influencer in India. He has reached about 56k followers on his Instagram handle. 

Dileep belongs to Bangalore and loves to motivate his fans with amazing fitness routines. If you go through his Instagram feed, his splendid physique is going to blow your mind. He has also endorsed a few brands like Fish Oil. 

10. Anupriya Kapur

If you are someone who loves running and is very passionate about it, then Anupriya Kapur is your guide. Anupriya started her career as a blogger sharing her running experience and strategies. Gradually, she received immense love from her fans. 

Anupriya Kapur, a mother, a fitness blogger, an entrepreneur, and a traveler, is an all-rounder woman excelling in many fields. Her blog and feed comprise tips related to health, fitness, running, parenting, and much more. In short, Anupriya Kapur is a one-step solution for many of your fitness-related questions. 

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