Top 100 Health Bloggers and Influencers of India To Follow

Physical fitness is gaining more popularity these days. Yes! Every individual gets access to some type of physical fitness to add in their daily lives. Around the globe, there are many people who have translated their fitness stories and their body waves have illuminated many individual’s lives. In the process of scattering awareness, many famous fitness freaks have used many social media platforms to spread their fitness mantra, and this has influenced many individuals to stay fit, healthy, happy, and to lead a disease-free life. Let’s check out a few of such fitness influencers and bloggers who have provided a big revolutionary change in today’s era.

Health and fitness influencers, bloggers in India

Though the trend of fitness regimen is becoming trendy these days, the fitness influencers and Instagram bloggers share their photos and videos about their workouts and foods they consume each day to keep them healthy and fit! There are many influencers and bloggers in India but researching the right fitness information that suits your body needs and the right food you need to stick during and after the workout goes hand in hand to meet your goals. So, if you have considered taking the beautiful path to walk on the road of the fitness journey, we have here framed out a list of top 10 fitness influencers and bloggers that you can pick from India. Just read the information about various role models mentioned below and make your fitness goals gets fulfilled! Check out each one of them below:

1. Rahul Yadav ( He pursued his career as yoga professional and he trained is a personal fitness trainer as well. He has many followers and communicated with them through social media like Instagram whenever required. Through her yoga, he influenced many individuals’ lives., for more than 10 years. He also loves travelling and a great and trending fitness blogger who shares the experience and the way yoga needs to be practised in their lives.

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2. Rashmi Rai: Rashmi Rai, a winner of many bodybuilding championships, a fitness blogger, fitness enthusiast, fitness influencer, and of course a beauty blogger as well have touched many people’s lives. She constantly follows a healthy eating lifestyle and keeps an eye on the food that she eats. According to her, people in today’s fast-paced world, especially if you are a mom running the entire day behind the kids are the first thing that every one of us does and make the day busier. If you are working women, the changes of getting busier are manifold. But, don’t think too much. Just gift yourself a simple fitness routine to shape your life; this can also bring changes in your kid as well, because, they keep watching you 24 hours around!

3. Sapna Vyas Patel: Sapna Vyas Patel is one of the most known fitness icons from Delhi. Sapna was a known nutritionist, trainer and a certified fitness trainer for Reebok. She has immense followers in social media and shares fitness knowledge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and owns a YouTube channel. She conducted many awareness programs, shared many motivational speeches, and educated people about the significance of health and fitness. She also helped many individuals to lose weight and helped them reach their fitness goal for free of cost. She also shares a live conversation with the audience and clears doubts about fitness.

4. Gaurav Taneja: Gaurav Taneja is one of the most and best fitness influencer, a great Indian bodybuilder. He runs his fitness blog named flyingBeast and a youTube channel fitmuscle TV. We have a lot much garbage about the fitness details around the world. Picking the right knowledge about fitness is a challenging chore. Gaurav through his fitmuscle TV helps us do understand and delivers information about fitness that helps to stay fit and healthy. He also shared a video on using the muscle blaze product and how it helped to achieve his transformation in flyingBeast. Check his information and invite transformation in you with the muscle blaze products. There are many varieties available in the market. Consult a nutritionist or a fitness trainer and pick the products that suit your needs. You can order your muscle blaze products online from the best online pharmacy store and avail amazing discounts on every product you choose.

5. Nidhi Mohan Kamal: Nidhi Mohan has been a fitness trainer for more than 14 years. He works hard and pushed herself to do a workout for 2 hours every day. After she met with a hand injury, she slowly turned herself from a plant-based diet to a completely vegan diet, giving up her favourite foods to ease the intolerance and allergies she developed. Nidhi also shares how she balanced her daily protein intake without consuming milk products to meet the daily recommended dosage. It’s all about the products you choose. Balance it with the right amount of nuts, beans, pulses, and grains. Yes! She influenced many individuals’ lives by explaining the advantages of going vegan and how it changed her life after 4 years of continuous struggle.

6. Rajesh Monga: Rajesh Monga has won many titles like Mr India for four times, Mr North India, Mr Asia, Mr Delhi, and many more titles. He is one of the leading fitness and bodybuilding consultant and trainer for celebrities. His success story doesn’t start at the gym; it all starts from his mind. This inspired many people around the world. Yes! The path towards success is just hard work. Hit this ground rule constantly to meet your fitness goal.

7. Rohit Khatri: Rohit Khatri is one of the best-known fitness blogger and has a memorable fitness transformation story to share with everyone. He has owned a youTube channel named Rohit Khatri fitness. According to him, every individual who wishes to see the big transformation in them needs to put a lot of efforts also, diet and nutrition play a major role without it is impossible to obtain ones required transformation journey. He has over 2.7 million subscribers in a social media platform and one of the best-known fitness consultants for fitness freaks all over the world.

8. Ranveer Allahbadia: One of the best fitness blogger who runs a youTube channel beerbiceps. He struggled hard to best tag himself as one of the best fitness trainer and a blogger. According to his fitness platform, one needs to bring fitness into their life permanently and not temporarily. So, before you start your fitness journey, draft a road map to clamp a new you. Also, once you made your mind to achieve your fitness regimen, it’s necessary to educate yourself about the calorie intake, protein consumption, the type of foods you need to add in your diet, protein-rich foods, and the type of activities and exercises you need to add on.

9. Sonali Swami: Sonali swami are the winner of many awards such as fitfactor at bodypower India 2014, muscle mania India 2014, and many fitness categories. She is an aerobics instructor, Zumba instructor, and a fitness coach. According to her, the main motto behind doing the exercise is to first pay close attention to our own body and to respect the way the body acts on you. Also, if the body is not capable of doing the same, then slow down your workouts in the way the body feels like doing it.

10. Rubal Dhankar: Yes! Rubal Dhankar is one of the best-known fitness freak, an influencer, a mentor and a police constable who is a known person for his muscular body. He became a known face to the audience around the country after he was auditioned MTV roadies X4 reality shows. Rubal is also active in social media platforms like Instagram and has owned a youTube channel named Rubal where he shares motivational transformation videos with others. He has a minimum of 2 lakh followers to see his amazing transformational journey.

There are many influencers spread out of the city, but, picking the best that suits your needs and desire is a challenging task. To help you with, we have listed a few top, leading fitness blogger and influencers from India. Check out the above bloggers and influencers to get a perfect shape, healthier, and happier tomorrow! In our shared stories of a few famous fitness individuals in this article, we mentioned a few inspiring fitness stories and the resolution they made to make their body achieve the fitness goal they dreamed for. So, follow their motivational speech; get connected with their followers to make the body fit, healthy and happy always! Also, their motivational approach had made many others get inspired and made them establish a fit, healthy, and enthusiast person!

Create more and more awareness among commoners, share your fitness stories, improve your mind set, push yourself hard, review your calories, munch on a healthy diet, increase your nutritional intake, and invite an amazing fitness regimen within you! The all you can see is a happier, healthier, and disease-free life!

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