20 Indian Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow for Style Tips

Small businesses, nowadays, are working extensively with food, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers in India to improve sales and visibility.  As a small business, it’s challenging to reach out to your customer on a small budget.

Here’s where beauty bloggers can help you.

Bloggers are influencers who play a very interesting role in the buying decisions of your target market. They are the voice of trust for your consumers. 84% of your consumers purchase a product after reading or seeing someone use the product on social media or blogs.

These bloggers have a following of thousands and even more. They talk to your target market on a daily basis through social media. They can inspire and sway your consumers. That’s why you should be piggy banking on their reach to talk directly to your target market to get your business out there.

Top Fashion Influencers From India You Should Know

If you are nail beauty brand looking to promote your products in India, here are top beauty bloggers you could potentially hire to promote your salon:

1. Pinky Yadav (Rasbhari.com)

Pinky Yadav started as a food blogger (Rasbhari.com) but over the years, she has ventured into travel, beauty, and photography. She has collaborated with a number of Indian beauty companies including Nykaa, Myntra, PC Jeweller, Tanishq and more.

2. Beautiful Buns

Cheryl of Beautiful Buns is an ex-journalist and editor. Apart from working full time as an editor, she blogs daily about beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Cheryl has many blog awards under her belt including Beauty category winner for the inaugural HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards in 2016, the Most Popular Beauty Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, and top 3 Best Beauty Blogs for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014.

3. Parade of Love

Roanna T, of Parade of Love, is your quintessential beauty junkie. In her words, ‘I eat makeup’. She blogs exclusively about beauty products offering her opinions, tutorials, reviews, passions, tips and also the occasional sponsored posts. She started her blog to help out her followers with her beauty reviews for Singapore based beauty products and it grew from there.

4. Roseanne Tangrs

Roseanne Tang is an inspiring role model for many Singaporean Women. She’s a professional, certified makeup artist from the London School of Beauty and Makeup. On her blog, she shares make up tips, tutorials, and her beauty tips. She has been featured in Designare, The Straits Times, Her World, Cleo, and Urban. She is also the founder of Bloom Kit Cosmetics, a premium makeup brush company.

5. Love For Skin Care

Leane Ho, the beauty guru behind Love For Skin Care is the 45-year old mom who shares her life, beauty routine and her style advice on her blog. Leane Ho is your go-to blogger when it comes to targeting older women successfully reversing the process of aging.

6. The Beauty Desk

After decades of experiencing as a beauty editor and makeup artist in both India and Singapore, Smita started beauty desk to offer her styling and beauty advice to her followers. Confidently embracing her silver locks, you’ll see Smita sampling many of the makeup samples she receives working as an editor for CLEO Singapore.


Clara, aka double chin, started blogging in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2010 that she ventured into beauty blogging. Her blogs on beauty reviews got a lot of positive response which gave her the confidence to get a license as a Professional Makeup Artist in Cosmoprof. She continues her journey as a professional makeup artist and blogging during her a free time. She has been featured in quite a few magazines including Aesthetics and Beauty Singapore Magazine and Glow Magazine.

8. Belly Welly Jelly

If you’re looking for a fresh, passionate beauty blogger, then it has to be Christabel Chua of Belly Welly Jelly. Christabel documents her beauty and travel diary through her blog. Known for her on-point makeup, Chua also ventured into entrepreneurship with her accessories brand kāi.

9. Xin Lin

A Dancing enthusiast and a seafood lover, Xin Lin blogs about her life, beauty picks and favorite travel spots. She is one of the most influential beauty bloggers in Singapore.She started blogging in 2007 when she was just 14 and has been able to build her online presence through unpretentious reviews and opinions.

10. Celine Chiam

Celine Chiam is a beauty, food and travel blogger.  Her blogging journey is marked with various accolades including being the 2015 Official Blogger for the Marina Bay Countdown, Ambassador for Clozette, Nux Miss Prodigieuse Winner 2014 and more. Celine hopes to help her readers with her beauty tips and recommendations.

11. June De Jour

A Digital Marketing Specialist by profession, June started her blog in 2013 as a journal of her life. Since this, this self-proclaimed beauty expert has gone on to become The Best Beauty Blog Finalist for  Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and also the finalist for ION Orchard Insider. She is also the editor at the Blackbox Singapore and Clozette.co

12. Beautybyrah

An English Teacher by day, Sarah started blogging to offer insights and reviews on makeup looks and ideas. Apart from beauty, she blogs about travel and life.  She was also the SG Best Beauty Blog 2015 Finalist.

13. Vivian Tian

Vivian Tian uses her blog to write about her life, travel and beauty adventure. Vivian is a film student at LASALLE College of Arts which means you can expect some beautiful pictures on her blog and Instagram.  Apart from working part-time on her blog, she also works as a full-time blogger for ViewQwest as their blog ambassador.

14. Katelyn Tan Hui Ping

This Singaporean Fashionista blogs about beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her blog offers her readers reviews and useful tips she learnt. She not only blogs but also runs an online shop, Yours Truly, with her fiance.

15. Fionna Seah

Fionna Seah is a Singaporean Chinese who has been blogging since as early as 2004. She’s a Communication Studies graduate of WKWSCI at Nanyang Technological University with a Media and Communication diploma from Singapore Polytechnic. Fionna loves shopping and considers herself a makeup junkie.

16. Beauty Affair

Mommy to an active toddler, Charlotte Ashlene is one active beauty and lifestyle blogger. She not only blogs about beauty and motherhood, but also runs an online baby store, HelloBaby Sg, and an online bouquet store, Love You Beary Much.

17. Blog For Beauty

A Beauty Editor and a makeup artist by profession, Renee, from Blog for Beauty, wants to make makeup shopping easier for the average customer with her reviews and tutorials. Renne started blogging in 2005 when beauty bloggers were quite rare. Since then, she has evolved to offer insightful views and tutorials on her blog.

18. Ju Ann

Sneaker-loving, mommy to two, Ju Ann started out as a beauty blogger but evolved as a parenting beauty blogger after having two kids. Ju Ann wants to help out other mommies achieve beautiful looks while taking care of their kids. NgJuann has been the finalist for the best Beauty Blog in Singapore’s Blog Awards for three consecutive years (2011, 2012, and 2013).

19. Viva Woman

Sesame, from the blog Viva Woman, sets herself apart from the best of Singapore’s beauty blogger with her passion for organic skincare and holistic beauty. Sesame started blogging in 2006 when she realized that most skincare products that she had been using on her skin were actually doing more harm than benefit. She then ventured into organic skincare and since then has been helping women help their skin.  Sesame has managed to collect quite a few accolades in her blogging career including being the Top 20 Beauty Bloggers Worldwide you must follow by YouQueen. Viva Woman is also the ranked among the top 5 beauty bloggers worldwide.

20. Makeup Stash

Makeup Stash is another Singaporean beauty blog run by makeup junkie, Mag. Mag offers product reviews, news, giveaways and all things beauty related on her blog.

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