Top 10 Indian Food Bloggers You Should Follow

Cooking as a passion shared by millions of people around the globe and Social media has now become a life changer of all those who love to cook and share their passion with the world.

With all this, let’s take a look at our pick for 10 Indian Food & Cooking blogger you should follow right now to get daily inspiration.

1- Pinky Yadav (

Pinky is an Indian girl living in Delhi, India. She always creates recipes from local fresh produce looking and seeking her Indian roots. You will, therefore, see a little India in all her recipes.

2- @notoutofthebox by chandrima sarkar

chandrima sarkar is a self taught food stylist and a passionate food photographer, who loves to capture food in any form and every ingredient involved around a dish. she loves home cooked meals and being a Bengali she cooks all the Bengali food in home including the traditional ones. Love for baking and desserts pushed her to open her home based bakery a few days back, for which she’s getting constant positive vibes from everyone.

3- @masterchefmom by Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman is a doting mother and a passionate Chef. Her culinary journey began two decades ago culminating in her becoming one of the top food bloggers in the country, with her blog containing more than 700 recipes from cuisines across the world. To compliment her blog, she shares these recipes through her Instagram and Facebook handles too. In her Instagram you will find an amazing repertoire of dessert, snack, Fusion recipes, gluten and vegan free diets and traditional Indian foods.

4- @shivesh17 By Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh is a 20-year-old student of political science who loves to bake. He is a blogger at where he shares simple recipes for his spectacular desserts. From burning his first batch of cupcakes to having conducted 11 baking workshops last year to getting featured on Vogue’s list of 20 Under 26, he has come a long way and wished to only go forward from here.

5- @allaboutthatpalate By Alok Verma

Mumbai’s Dr. Foodie, Alok Verma, a doctor by profession but an ardent food blogger by passion documents his work on food styling and photography & delectable recipes with a twist on his Instagram blog @allaboutthatpalate. Alok is more than just your friendly neighbourhood doctor. The 24-year-old with a passion for baking received an IFBA (Indian Food Bloggers Awards) 2016 for India’s Best Instagram Food Profile in Dec ’16 and released his first e-cookbook, “Tastes Like Christmas” right in time for the festive season, featuring classic dessert recipes with a spin of novelty in them.

6- @msaggarwal by Madhuri Aggarwal

Madhuri Aggarwal is an artist and an accessory designer now turned into a food stylist. she blog at MADaboutkitchen. Food styling for her is a medium of expression, a passion that drives her and keeps her hungry for more.

7- @whiskaffair by Neha Mathur:

Right from childhood, Neha picked up on nuances of cooking from her mom and dad. In a search for her love for the food, she decided to give up her career in dentistry and get into recipes and styling. Neha is also a food expert with Saffola Fit Foodie, a consultant with Eat Fresh and helps many known brands with food consulting.

8 — @binjalsvegkitchen by Binjal Pandya:

Binjal Pandya is originally from Gujarat and now settled in USA with her husband and two kids. According to Binjal her mom is her biggest inspiration and motivation. After her college she all in her family business and rarely gets time for her real passion i.e. cooking. After her marriage she started with a facebook page just for fun.

9 — @thewhiteramekins By Himanshu Taneja:

Thewhiteramekins is a beautiful blog by Gurgaon based banker and Home baker Himanshu.
On his instagram account you will see his experiences with the recipes which he come across using various cookbooks, blogs, newspaper articles etc

10 — @siakrishna By Sia Krishna:

Born in India and raised in fun and food loving family in South India, She currently resides in a UK with her better half and a 6-year-old son. She holds degrees in Computer Science Engineering and a MBA, but literature, writing and photography are her true love and passions and that’s clearly visible on her profile. Her cooking style has a strong root in Indian culture and at the same time embraces the world cuisine with equal passion. With never ending love for food, spice and life, she is passionate about making Indian food less intimidating which reflects in my food blog “Monsoon Spice” ( Monsoon Spice is an Indian vegetarian and vegan food blog where I endeavour to showcase everyday home meals that are easy, healthy and delicious. It is my attempt to bring the simple home cooked Indian food, and steer away from the myths and popular misconceptions of Indian cuisine.

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