Top 15 Indian Food Bloggers to watch out

Who doesn’t love food? The idea of eating your favorite pizza or a mouthwatering breakfast platter brings the best food memories, right? Food blogging has come a long way since the invention of social media. However, blogging goes way back even before social media even existed. Countries like India are popular for their travel, tourism, and of course, food. Food bloggers in India skimp through the city streets and share their experiences, bad or good.

Some food bloggers turned into food entrepreneurs. Their passion for cooking food took them towards a miraculous food journey to explore new spices, new countries, and recreating a recipe altogether.

Smell the Richness of Indian Culture in their Food

India is home to a blend of various herbs and spices. India’s culinary world has let the world food bloggers interact with food lovers all over the world. Let’s dive in and see the top Indian food bloggers who are aspiring people. 

Pinky Yadav – 

That’s a cool name for a food blog, and why it wouldn’t be? The Indian food blogger Pinky Yadav was a Teacher but now known as an influential food blogger.

Raised by a home-maker mom, the knack of tasting and eating delicious food is the core life for Pinky. Besides, a stint illness made her quite conscious of what she put in her mouth.

He is one of India’s top bloggers, enthusiasm for food made Ankiet start his food blogging website that soon rated among the top-rated food blogging sites to exist. The amazing thing about his food blogs is the simple beginner’s recipes that slowly let you enter the world of cuisine.

Because millennials want everything that is fast pace, even cooking, the recipes mentioned on the website are comprised from all corners of the world. His style of living represents his way of cooking and his love for food. It’s not your regular restaurant critics, so you can scratch a typical review if that’s what you are expecting. 

What started to keep track of her family’s recipes and food secrets led Archana to create the website Archana’s Kitchen back in 2007. Steadily, it continued to grow and became one of the most popular food blogging websites in India. Although she is a software developer by profession, she loves to cook good food. She also handles her own YouTube channel and posts food videos and so.

Not only is she a great cook, but she also helps her audience grow their cooking skills. Her love for new recipes led her to share the family recipes with her followers. From a weekly meal plan to delicious Andhra Gongura recipes and more, Archana’s Kitchen is a new hub for Indian food lovers.

  • Nagalakshmi – Nags (Edible Garden)

If you are looking for some classic, traditional, or modern recipes, then step into the Edible garden world by Nagalakshmi. The recipes mentioned on her websites are influenced by the taste of Kerala, Telegu, and a fusion of South Tamil Nadu style. Food hawkers love her blogs are great photography, food styling, and recipe development (which is quite easy to follow).

She currently resides in Singapore, a place well known for traditional food. So, all the homies who travel a lot can follow the easy recipes mentioned in her blog and satisfy their native cravings.

Those who love South Indian cuisine will love Sharmis Passions. Sharmilee is a South Indian; her recipes are easy to follow that even an amateur cook can make them with ease.

Being a mother, she loves to explore healthy food choices in the most traditional way possible. Her mother drove the inspiration in her to love food, and that’s how Sharmilee began the art of food blogging back in 2009.

The love of fancy recipe drives everyone crazy. That’s what happened to Anushruthi that made her start the beloved food blog, Divine Taste. Being a photographer and a nutrition advisor, the root cause of loving food always lurked in the background.

Like any true Bombayites (Mumbians), her passion for exotic food won over the excitement. Her blog is a clear reflection of exclusive food categories. Vegetarians love to follow her blog site.

A simple Indian vegetarian recipe can go a long way and is loved by many. The best thing about her blog is that it features recipes for all occasions. Easy to follow recipes for kids, recipes for festive events, Indian vegetarian recipes, and of course, most basic cooking is covered.  

Padhu Sankar is the chef, photographer, developer of her recipes, and a web designer for her favorite blog. Being an optimistic person, she begins this blog with love for cooking and traveling. You will love her blog if you want to start from a small kitchen (as an amateur).

Best known for her array of desserts, the sweet tooth got the best of her and resulted in this fantabulous blogging site Passionate About Baking.

Deeba found her true calling in baking, and that’s what she’s been doing for the past 15 years at home! Her inspiration drove her to many adventures, including traveling for love of baked items. Her blog site shows her varied interests in food styling, nature, art, and photography.

A popular blogger is known for her versatility in vegetarian recipes. Her food blogging journey begins by keeping an online journal for her food recipes, which soon upgraded into a professional blog filled with various recipes.

The recipes are well explained, straightforward, and easy to follow. She is professionally trained in cooking, baking, and confectionery. With more than 1800 vegetarian recipes for far, you will understand and come to love the vegetarian side of life.

A chutney or a drink can do much good to your taste buds, so if that’s how you want to roll the dice, then enter the threshold of Sailus Food.

When you live in a beautiful coastal city of Andhra Pradesh, you are bound to enjoy the love of cooking and preparing the fusion of chutneys, drinks, and other sound recipes that are more than just a lousy snack. As an Indian food blogger, her vision is to reserve the Indian culinary tradition and to show her love and enthusiasm for the Indian culinary concoctions.

Who is a big foodie with a warm heart? Shilpa, a food blogger who became popular for the traditional Konkani recipes shared by her beloved mother (yes, the blog site is based on the Konkani version of the word “mother” as “Aayi”).

Creating the recipes increased the popularity of the blog site, and therefore, now she is among the top food bloggers in India. Most recipes are originated in and around the North Kanara or maybe from the south in Mangalore and Goa. So you will see a variety of flavorful colored recipes in the blog.

Imagine if a nutritionist and health freak converts into a food blogger, then how it would go? With their extensive knowledge about nutrition and their favorite recipes, Nandita created Saffron Trail. The blog site offers a perfect blend of modern recipes for today’s millennials and the modern age group. The recipes are purely healthy and filled with the right balance of nutrition.

Those who have no time to eat healthy food (can’t go out of the way) can now try a variety of blend of recipes from dhoklas to salads and what not!

An established food writer turned food critic and a food entrepreneur, Adarsh is also one of India’s top bloggers. Indians do love their food, don’t they? The Big Bhookad is all about the supreme love for food, to convey reliable culinary recommendations. 

The blog represents his food inspiration, restaurant launces, organizing, and directing food photography and other culinary experiences for the readers and followers.

Vegetarians have to face the culinary biasness in restaurants and other public hotshot places known for delicious snacks. So Kavitha took the step of encouragement on behalf of all vegans and introduced the recipes for juices, desserts, bread, breakfast, snacks, and much more.

Another amazing factor contributing to her blog site is that the recipes are not limited to Indian recipes but cover the most deliciously healthy vegan recipes from all over the world.

Documenting the food journey is a pretty amazing experience. The duo Rudra and Priyanjana have poles opposite food preferences, but that worked in their favor pretty well. This adds a little extra touch to their blog site and thus was rated in top Indian bloggers.

The blog covers various food categories from traditional Indian food to other forms of delicacies from other Asian countries.

Let the Joy of food override your senses!

Are you feeling hungry yet? If yes, then it means you love the idea of food concoctions! Follow up with your favorite food blogger to try, explore, and devour some of the best recipes of your life.

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