Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Being the second-largest population in the world India has an added advantage of 70% youth population that is in the age group of 18-40. Due to this giant number, the growth in new and advanced technologies is seamless. The good, as well as the bad part of the youth, is its inclination towards complete dependence on the reckless mounting technologies.  

Smartphones have brought everything to the fingertips and have directed the foundation to many delivery applications. This has led to the creation of virtual stores for almost everything. The paybacks of these are they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. All you need is a smartphone and a decent internet connection. ‘Time is money and these applications (apps) have not only saves the time of visiting the store but also saves lots of money by giving price cut.

Nowadays, nearly everything can be delivered to our doorsteps within a tiny amount of time in few simple clicks. Imagine a situation where you crave for your beloved. But, the restaurant is miles away from your pinpoint location, and time doesn’t allow you to visit the place to relish that hot extra-large cheesy pizza. This will make anyone mad right? Here is when the superheroes from the world of the internet enter, the food delivery applications (apps). Food delivery apps save your time and also give you good deals to choose from a variety of food joints around your circle. Fantastic!! Now you can enjoy the same extra-large cheesy pizza at your home. 

Remember the time when the food delivery was done only from few food homes with huge extra delivery charges and time? Even that was subjected to the availability of runners. The food delivery apps have brought a new revolution in the food industry. The minor food joints that were unknown to masses have now reached your homes. The notion of cloud kitchen has boomed only after these apps came into huge demand. 

There are over millions of new applications that are trying to compete with the food delivery giants in India. But, as you say only the strongest and most powerful survive. Here is the list of the top 10 food delivery apps in India that are shaking the world of food and food delivery.  

  • Zomato: 

Derived from the word tomato, Zomato is the top giant in the food delivery industry. It is unbearable that foodies won’t have Zomato food app on their phones. Zomato was originally only into the restaurant reviews and information. Gradually it evolved to table reservation tailed into food delivery. It is now operational in 24 countries around the globe. Zomato is now the food delivery partner no matter how big or small the food joint is. The advanced GPS filter has made it very convenient for users to select the places around their vicinity. 

New in town and searching for a good place to dine in or order something? Don’t worry Zomato has got you covered with a complete menu, past experiences/reviews of the customers, per-person cost, preferences of cuisines, and contact information. With COD (Cash on delivery), online payment, and live tracking option Zomato is the most loved delivery apps in tire 2 cities.   

  • Swiggy:

With around 40000 restaurant tie-ups around the world. The Bangalore-based start-up has made its position in top food delivery apps in a short period. Starting to serve only in Bangalore this food delivery app is now functional in 25 cities of India.

Live tracking of delivery person was initially introduced by Swiggy. You can advance filter the search result by restaurant, cuisine, rating, reviews, and location for rapid food delivery. If someone looking for a single serves meal at a low price, Swiggy Pop will help at price as low as Rs 50. This saves lots of food waste resulting while fulfilling the minimum ordering criteria. With reckless delivery and prompt service, Swiggy is now on the top of the food delivery ladder.

  • Uber Eats (Now Zomato): 

The subsidiary venture of popular cab service provider Uber, headquartered in California became very popular in India after its launch in 2014. Uber Eats now owned by India Zomato operates in many countries along with around 1000+ cities in the world. 

Choose to pay on delivery or online Uber Eats gives options to cherry-pick from a range of restaurants based on price, distance, time of delivery, and cuisine.

  • Food Panda:

Operating in over 40 countries in the world, Berlin app Food Panda made its entry into the Indian market with the tagline of ‘make food delivery easy’ in the year 2013. Whether you are in tire 2 or tire 1 city the app will deliver food to your doorsteps for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With over 10000+ tie-ups in India, Food Panda has solved the problem of midnight cravings.

Lightning-fast delivery with a minimal cost helped the app to enter every smartphone closely. With features like Cash on Delivery and live tracking, this app is moving fast in the race to become the top delivery app in India


  • Faasos:

Founded in 2011, this leading food delivery app from Pune is now operational in 15 cities of India. The concept of hunger anywhere anytime made Faasos the leader of the food delivery apps in tire 1 cities of India. Fassos is all about ‘Food on Demand’. Let it be Dinner, Breakfast, or Lunch Fassos serves you the type of food you like snacks, main course, or desserts. 

With all the major payment options and features of the basic food delivery app, Faasos is all ready to kill hunger at anyplace and anytime. 

  • Box8:

When you order food online, all you want is hot, mouth-watering food delivered to your doorsteps as soon as possible. Box8 in founded 2014 has enclosed all of these. Currently functional in 4 major cities Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Pune have perfectly nailed the demand to supply graph in the food delivery sector. Operating on 3 major columns desi taste, tech, and logistics Box8 makes sure the user gets the utmost enchanting and continent experience. 

Box8 delivers food in 38 minutes which is completely possible as along with delivery it controls all its operations like food preparation and packaging and even sourcing the ingredients. Satisfy your hunger even at midnight as Box8 is operational till one in the night and accepts all major payment options.

  • Pizza Hut:

Not just an amazing pizza outlet having a huge range of desserts, pasta, and pizzas. Pizza Hut also has its delivery app that emphasizes majorly on prompt delivery. Opening from Bangalore in 1996 Pizza Hut is now operational in almost all the cities in India. With offers, discounts, and quick delivery Pizza Hut mobile app is now there on every pizza lover’s mobile. 

Planning for a pizza party after seven days? Place the order today and relax as your hot pizzas will be on your doorsteps right on time. With online payment options, the mobile application offers you a delightful experience always.

  • TravelKhana:

No individual likes the food from the pantry cart on the journey from the train. The only option available till 2012 in India was to compromise with hunger, eat what is available or ask your friends or relatives to bring food if you happen to cross from the same city. 

Now, you can order your favorite food from 1200 vendors delivered right on your berth. 

TravelKhana serves 250 major stations with 4000 trains. This unique delivery app will serve you hot food right on time even if your train gets delayed. Now tied up IRCTC eat whatever you want any time just by providing PNR number, train number, and basic personal details along with the station name. Food will be ready on your arrival subject to the service on the train.

  • Domino’s:

Don’t want to visit your favorite Domino’s outlet and wait for your turn in long queues? Domino’s has launched its smartphone app for you. With features like heavy discounts, priority service, and quick delivery this app is now most in demand between pizza cravers. 

Whether you want pizza, pasta, or favorite choco lava Domino’s guaranty you delivery in 30 minutes subject to the predefined terms. Customize your order and pay securely with simple navigation are some key features of this app.

  • FreshMenu:

A foodie but a health freak wants to try something new and fresh daily. FreshMenu as the name provides food prepared with fresh ingredients daily from the finest chefs. Started in 2014 and now hunting the hunger of foodies from Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Delhi this app lets you customize meal with on time delivery.

But, you need to plan your meal as it goes stocked out super soon. Live Tracking, convenient checkout options, and daily new menu uploads are some of the key features you will love about this app.

These are the top 10 food delivery apps of India in 2021 which made food delivery easy than ever before spreading smiles on the faces of both the customers and the vendors.

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