Top 30 Health and Fitness Blogs in India

The health and fitness industry has grown exponentially in the past decade, with many people becoming more conscious about their physical well-being. More than ever before, individuals are looking for information that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Blogs offer an excellent way to find out all kinds of tips and tricks on living a healthier life. In this article, we’ll present you with 30jl of the best Indian health and fitness blogs that will make your job much easier when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

1. Med India 

Med India is a health and wellness blog that provides information about diseases, mental health, fitness, and nutrition. This blog has been created by three brothers skilled in medicine, technology, and business who have a passion for teaching people about their own healthcare. 

Med India has a separate section of recipes for healthy eating, and an extensive resource section with information about diseases and treatments.

2. The Health Site 

The Health Site is a blog that is created to provide the public with important information concerning health, fitness, and wellness. It covers everything from nutrition tips to weight loss advice in order for readers to achieve their personal goals when it comes to taking care of themselves.

Some of the most popular posts include recipes, meal plans, and fitness programs. Professionals review the information provided on this website.

3. Fortishealthcare

This is a blog mainly focused on medical care. It contains extensive Health-related information. It also tells you how to identify your problem, find a doctor and find a hospital near you.

You can go to their blog section to read the content they publish regularly.

4. Only my Health 

The Health Site is a blog that presents extensive and in-depth knowledge of health and lifestyle. It has some brilliant writers who present advice related to health issues or lifestyles issues.

The team of writers for this blog are professionals, including dietitians, gynecologists, urologists, etc.  

5. Healthifyme 

In this blog, there are plenty of articles available. Most posts are written to provide advice about how to stay active, what types of exercise should be avoided, information on food and dieting, as well as other health topics that are relevant today.

They have a team of dietitians, fitness trainers, yoga instructors for authentic and credible information.

6. The Picky Eater 

The Picky Eater is a blog created to help people make healthier food choices when it comes to food. By providing helpful tips about healthy eating.

This blog also aims to help people find out more about nutrition and how it can improve one’s health in the long term. 

7. Healthy Celeb 

This blog has been designed to provide readers with tips and tricks that will help them overcome the challenges they may face in their quest for better health.

The blog offers advice on topics such as weight loss, workout tips, diet, nutrition.

8. Health Beckon 

Health Beckon is an online platform that provides readers with useful and practical information on leading a healthier life. The blog also helps readers identify the best diet and exercise plan for them and other health-related topics.

Readers can find plenty of advice through the various articles that are available on this blog.

9. My health tips 

This blog provides plenty of information about diets and different ways they can help readers lose weight without any mishaps. This blog also discusses a number of other health topics that are relevant today.

These include information about food and dieting and some articles that provide helpful tips for keeping fit and healthy in the long term. It also has home remedies, how-to blogs, and beauty care.

10. Diabetes in the know 

Diabetes in the know is a blog designed to provide information about diabetes. The focus of this information is on educating people about the disease and how to manage it.

Many people may not know what it entails, and hence, there is a need for improving awareness and educating people to create a better quality of life for them.

The blog provides readers with in-depth information about diabetes, including what it is, its symptoms, side effects, and more. This blog is highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about diabetes but has limited knowledge on the topic.

11. TrendToFit

It is an excellent place to learn more about mental and physical health as the blog posts are written in a very simple way. More importantly, it does this with a specific focus on India. 

This blog was started by Srishti Gupta after her heart surgeries. She founded it to document her own journey, spread the awareness, and help people improve their lifestyle.

Srishti shares her personal experiences, detailed guides to exercise routines, and the credible health information backed by science and Ayurveda.

12. Gyanunlimited 

This is a great blog for health and exercise tips. It mainly focuses on topics like alternative medicine, health and wellness, and personal care.

Gymunlimited also has vast information about yoga, nutritional advice, and different exercises for a healthy lifestyle. One of the benefits of reading this blog is that it offers a lot of unbiased information on the topic. 

13. Findhealthtips 

This blog is designed to provide readers with plenty of tips on improving their health, increasing height, losing weight, managing their diabetes, etc.

The blog provides readers with information about various lifestyle changes that are necessary for people nowadays. Readers will get plenty of help concerning different health-related topics.

14. Dr. Workout 

Dr. Workout is a blog that discusses different ways in which people can lead healthier and more productive lives. The blog provides readers with plenty of advice and tips on how to stay healthy and fit.

The blog discusses not only physical fitness but also mental fitness and general productivity. It also has information about what supplements are helpful for various conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc.

15. Snap Fitness India 

Snap Fitness India is a training company that has managed to help people find the right fitness plans for them. They provide personal fitness trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, and all other relevant services.

The company also offers weight loss plans that suit the needs of each individual person. They believe that each person should have their own personal training plan to help them manage their weight effectively. 

16. DGS Health 

This is a female-oriented blog. It includes blogs related to pregnancy tips, periods, cramps, etc., presenting a complete health guide for women and tips for all-female health issues.

The also focuses on beauty tips, mental health, and tips related to the professional workplace.

17. Sues Nutrition Buzz 

Sue’s Nutrition Buzz is a blog related to nutrition with gluten-free recipes to help people know what they are putting in their bodies. The blog also has other healthy recipes.

If you’re failing to follow your boring diet routine, you can follow this blog to help yourself. 

18. Fitnessvsweightloss 

The blog provides information about what fitness and diet plans can do for you regarding weight loss and how it actually affects your body internally and externally.

This blog discusses the importance of proper diet plans for weight loss.

19. Hemalayaa

This blog is dedicated to helping people find their way towards fitness through various kinds of exercises, diet plans, and general information on health and fitness.

Some of the topics discussed in this blog are yoga, exercise routines, weight loss tips, etc.

20. DietBurrp 

DietBurrp is a blog that focuses on healthy eating and living. The food tips at DietBurrp are always diverse, tasty, and mindful of your nutritional needs.

Plus, the workouts are clear, concise, and quick. With DietBurrp’s resources, you can quickly get in shape while eating lots of great meals.

21. Hrelate 

Hrelate is a blog that talks about beauty, pregnancy tips, weight loss tips, and many more topics. It offers its readers great knowledge, and it shares information on different health and lifestyle tips.

22. Healthy and Fitness

On this blog, people can learn how to stay healthy and get the physical and mental exercise they need daily. The author provides helpful information for those looking to keep sharp and maintain focus at work. 

23. Healthizen 

This blog is related to the health of the mind and body. The blog contains tips that can be useful for people who are looking to live a healthy life.

The author of this blog is a certified yoga instructor. He writes about information related to yoga programs, etc.

24. Healthonline 

The topics that are covered on the blog include nutrition, weight management, stress management, literacy & communication, fitness, and lifestyle.

It also answers the queries of people related to health and also contains topics related to mental health, holistic healing, etc.

25. Put That Cheese Burger Down 

The blog teaches how to use the power of the mind to control what you eat. The author shows us that by reprogramming your subconscious, you can actually train your brain to crave veggies instead of junk food.

This blog is a valuable resource for those who want to learn about using psychology and other similar ideas to teach yourself how to change your diet without feeling deprived.

26. KetoforIndia 

KetoforIndia is a blog about ketogenic living in India. This blog covers everything from keto basics to how to thrive on a keto diet in India.

The blog also includes recipes for Indian food favorites, tips for travel/holidays, and stories about life as an Indian keto dieter.

27. Medical island 

Medical Island Blog is very informative. It provides information on topics that are of interest to the reader. The blog also gives insights into some of the newly emerging medical technologies.

The topic includes signs and symptoms of different diseases and their cure. 

28. Sign Symptom 

The blog provides information in the form of symptoms, causes, and treatments in order to help you figure out what is wrong with you.

First, it will walk you through how to find the most common symptoms for your condition to eliminate some of them and narrow down on what’s going on.


This blog talks about how to improve health and fitness by eating a healthy diet. The main topics on this blog are fitness, food, and lifestyle.

It also has an online training program to help people achieve their fitness goals.

30. Hindi health point 

This blog is in the Hindi language, and It provides Health care tips. The blog also provides links to help people with queries on their health.

For example, if you’re looking for weight-loss programs in India, you can visit the Health Point website for information on popular diet plans or fitness routines.

This website is best for those looking for Hindi health articles on health topics like diabetes or cholesterol.

Wrapping Up

If you are trying to gain knowledge about a healthy diet, health, lifestyle tips, or fitness tips, these blogs contain extensive knowledge on these topics. You should still take medical advice after consulting the doctor and diagnosing your problem. Still, you can follow these blogs for general topics which can be helpful for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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