Top 30 Wellness Blogs to Keep You Happy and Healthy

People today make wiser food choices, manage their stresses more effectively, and include regular exercise in their daily routine. 

Part and parcel of the explosion in health awareness is the exponential growth of health and wellness blogs. Today, thousands of blogs compete for the attention of health-conscious consumers. Choosing the right blog to follow can be daunting if you don’t exercise diligence.

Not to worry, as we bring you the top 30 wellness blogs to keep you happy and healthy. 

1. Mercola

Established by Ultimate Wellness Game Changer Awardee Dr. Joseph Mercola, this website has tons of helpful information to make your life healthier, happier, and more fulfilling. You get information on nutrition, fitness, pets, health trends, and more.

2. ACE Fitness

With workouts designed by the American Council on Exercise and made available to everyone, ACE Fitness is a treasure trove for fitness lovers everywhere. You get other wellness tips, too.

3. Blogilates

While it is safe to assume this blog focuses on Pilates, you’d be surprised that YouTuber and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho also includes tips on body positivity, food, and general health.

4. Daily OM

There is no better way to start your day than getting inspiring stories and uplifting bits of advice from Daily OM. This blog empowers you to take charge of your life more positively.

5. Running on Real Food

Healthy recipes do not need to be bland and unpleasant. This blog shows you how you can make fascinating plant-based meals perfect for the whole family.

6. FWDFuel

Food not only nourishes the body. It can also be an excellent adjunct to conventional treatments in helping the body recover from illness and other health problems. 

7. Delish Knowledge

Professional dietitian Alex shares her knowledge of the vegan lifestyle to improve your health. It has cooking videos and shopping tips, too.

8. Dear Therapist

With sound tips on improving your emotional and mental well-being, this blog is perfect for those who want to strengthen their social relationships and maintain emotional health.

9. Zen Habits

Learn the art of Zen with this blog by Leo Babuta. It offers relatable and invaluable life lessons without sounding preachy.

10. The Art of Healthy Living

Its name says it all. From fitness to healthy eating and general wellness topics, you have all the information you need to be happy and healthy.

11. Tiny Buddha

This blog offers simple wisdom for today’s complicated lives. From letting go to work fulfillment and healthy habits, it’s just what you need to lead a happy life.

12. Avocadu

Good health starts from within. Bloggers Alex and Lauren believe that there is a better way to achieve optimum wellness than following fad diets.

13. Healthline

This website is not your average blog. It offers everything you need to lead a healthier life, including the latest health trends.

14. Fit Bottomed Girls

It’s all about body positivity, empowering women to feel their best. From Zen living to delicious and nutritious eats, this is a blog all women (and men) should follow.

15. The Real Food Dietitians

Forget fancy cookware and cooking appliances. This blog shows you how you can prepare nutritious and sumptuous meals using your slow cooker.

16. The Healthy Maven

This blog offers recipes for the soul and helpful tips on self-care and self-improvement, regardless of your work or lifestyle. Quick workouts complement healthy meals to ensure a happier you.

17. Nerd Fitness

A fun and relatable read, the posts you get from this blog can hit the home run in healthy living. It is an engaging blog that comes with free resources, at-home workouts, and a reliable coaching program.

18. Sarah Wilson

If you’re looking for practical answers to your health and wellness concerns, Wilson’s real-life expertise can be a treasure chest. Wellness tricks become knowledge tidbits with her honest take on a happy and healthy lifestyle.

19. MyFitnessPal

Tech-crazed health buffs will love this blog for its special morphing of sound fitness advice with advances in digital health. Leading a healthy life is easier and more fun with this blog.

20. BeliefNet

Part and parcel of optimum health is one’s spirituality and psychological well-being. This blog inspires everyone to nourish the soul and provides enough sensible advice to lead a happy and contented life.

21. Well+Good

This blog is perfect for those who want to stay abreast with the latest trends in boutique fitness, natural beauty, modern nutrition, and more. It is a premier lifestyle blog dedicated to advancing one’s health and wellness.

22. Steve Pavlina

With his relaxing tone, Steve Pavlina can be an exceptional motivator for anyone who wants to lead a life of wellness. His blog covers the basics and a few other topics to get you on track.

23. Calm

If you’re seeking to improve your mental health, this blog is for you. You also get tips on how to practice meditation and cultivate mindfulness right in your home. 

24. HealthyPlace

A healthy mind equates to a healthy body. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge about different mental health concerns should help you create a more beautiful mind.

25. MindBodyGreen

This website offers different wellness topics for the health-conscious consumer. Every wellness tip has the backing of empirical evidence to give you peace of mind in your wellness efforts.

26. Sleep Junkies

Dedicated to helping people achieve a more peaceful sleep, this blog offers evidence-based articles that underscore the relationship between good-quality sleep and optimum wellness. 

27. Student Minds

Designed for students by students, this website offers invaluable realistic advice about health and wellness issues confronting today’s youth.

28. Harvard Health Blog

You cannot get any sounder advice than from the experts of one of the world’s most trusted educational institutions.

29. Mayo Clinic Connect

One of the world’s leading health organizations is offering its expertise to anyone who wants enlightenment in different health conditions. It is also an excellent platform for sharing experiences with others.

30. Mellowed

Stress is a part of life. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to it forever. This blog helps you fight or at least reduce the stress in your life.

There are more than 30 top wellness blogs that can help you stay healthy and be happy. You can research your favorite blog to follow and start leading a healthier, happier life. Or you can create your blog by employing the proven techniques of a digital SEO marketing expert.

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