Top 20 Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading Everyday

According to statistics calculated by Brevet, the average company loses between 10% and 30% of its customers each year. One of a company’s many main goals is to retain its existing customers, if not acquiring new ones. The sales world is constantly evolving, making it tougher for companies to increase their sales on a monthly or an annual basis. To keep up with the changing pace of the technically advanced world that is sales, it is viable that sales reps or lead generators keep brushing up their knowledge on what’s relevant – which can prove to be helpful when they are trying to attract customers. Here are a few blogs that should be given a read. Scroll down to know more.

  1. HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot is one of the most significant and useful site you will come across. It has information that can help you from drafting a cold email, to knowing techniques that can help you retain customers, to understanding how different software works. Rely on HubSpot to give you the best advice on how to hit that sales target.

  1.  LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is one the most emerging platforms to know about B2B sales, sales enablement, sales management etc. It mostly focuses on social sales, which is quite relevant considering the era we live in. Subscribe now to get on with the trendiest ways on how to make big sales.

  1.   Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a B2B platform where you can not only find valuable information regarding sales, but also podcasts and videos about tips and techniques you can follow to increase your retention. From different strategies to coaching, they have it all covered when it comes to practical sales solutions.

  1. CloserIQ Sales Blog

CloserIQ is a platform where over 60,000 leaders come together to shed light on what tactics they have up their sleeve and help sales teams come up with solutions. In addition to that, they also offer insights on how to recruit sales professionals more successfully. Thus, they are offering strategies for both parties; sales team and recruiters. 

  1. Heinz Marketing

This blog discusses many poignant topics regarding sales and marketing. For example, knowing how to keep your customers engaged, and content marketing strategies. In addition to that, they also have an “app of the week”, letting you know what is currently relevant. You will find many podcasts here as well. Do give it a read for useful insights. 

  1. SalesGig

SalesGig offers B2B lead generation services through both full-time and fractional SDRs with an omnichannel approach to sales. This blog offers everything from the basics of sales and lead generation all the way to tips to help you crush your next sales presentation.

  1. ZoomInfo

They offer useful solutions on topics such as prospecting, demand generation, and data management. Apart from that, they have also started to give solutions on sales engagement: their newest addition. They do not limit their expertise to just sales though. Topics such as marketing techniques and recruitment are also catered to, offering insight to each.

  1. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is one of the most sought – after speakers in the world. He has successfully been running a blog that gives the reader a pretty thorough insight into how the sales world works. His writing style has been appreciated for not being too unnecessarily detailed. The techniques that he talks about are often clear and concise, making them comprehensible for his readers. 

  1. SalesPop

SalesPop is one of those blogs that also offer e-books for their readers. Their content is quite relevant for people working in sales. They offer sales managers, sales developers and entrepreneurs, guidance on how to become more empowered. You should give it a read if you are looking for some techniques and strategies to improve your salesforce. 

  1. Sales Folk

This blog focuses on teaching its readers how they can send out effective messages to their prospects. Very often, sales developers or lead generators would send out something that is too wordy or not concise at all. Go through this blog to know more about sending our message that have clarity. 

  1.  SalesGravy

Check out this space for sales enablement solutions including sales recruiting, employment advertising, on-boarding training, and a lot more. They even offer courses and workshops that will improve your sales negotiation, and leadership and communication skills – to name a few.

  1. Score More Sales

Sales expert Lori Richardson runs this website, provides consulting services, sales team evaluations, sales training and coaching, and process assessment. It is a very useful space for people just starting their careers in sales and looking for some professional help to propel a little further. 

  1. ExecVision

ExecVision is a website that is providing sales executives with all the information they need to hit big sales targets. They offer solutions on sales effectiveness, customer retention and quality assurance. They also help you measure your performance through many qualitative and quantitative KPIs that they have developed.  

  1. The Sales Hunter

Named after its creator, Mark Hunter. This blog successfully helps you guide through issues that you may be facing at work. Do visit this space if you want to feel more motivated and empowered at your workspace. You will also develop a set of leadership skills by reading books the creator has provided on the website. 

  1.  Datanyze

Best suited for sales representatives and sales managers working in the SaaS industry. You will find a new article everyday related to sales and professional tips on how to conquer the sales world. 

  1.  The Sales Leader

As a sales leader, you will come across many tools and techniques that are required to achieve effective results. Whether you are looking to feel more motivated and productive, or looking to learn how to manage your sales pipeline. Colleen Francis talks about it all. 

  1. No More Cold Calling

Potential customers hate it when sales reps call them without really knowing what to say. There is nothing worse than sales reps not well-versed on their customer profiles or buying behavior. Expert Joanne Black teaches readers how not to make cold calls. 

  1. TopLine Leadership Blog

This blog will give you sufficient material on sales training, while identifying your weaknesses and improving your strategies. 

  1. Entrepreneur

This website writes about startups and helps budding or aspiring entrepreneurs by giving insights to the different kinds of businesses being established. Give it a scroll if you are a corporate nerd and like to know about new business ventures and startups. 

  1. Inc

For all the sales representatives and managers out there, this space is for you. If you like brushing up on corporate insights and want to be updated on relevant prospects, visit this blog. 


Sales can be a tricky business. More and more software and tools are being made just so you can cater to your business needs; primarily to help it grow by generating leads and turning those leads into customers – eventually enhancing revenue. 

To do that, you need to stay updated on what is significant and relevant. Technology advancements have certainly made it easier to track leads – reading a few articles will only help you. 

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