Top 100 SEO & Internet Marketing Blogs to Read

Want to start a career in SEO? Do you wish to know more about SEO? Are you still not confident that you can do wonders being an SEO Expert?

If yes, read some great blogs or articles from those who are already in SEO field. Staying on the top of best SEO practices and learning how to meet the ever changing needs of customers is crucial for continued success in SEO industry.

We all know that, SEO is constantly changing and we saw some major changes in search engine algorithm. There is a significant increase in the importance of semantic SEO due to the additional of new features and functionalities. One of the best ways to stay updated with latest SEO news is to follow top SEO blogs. However, with the availability of hundreds of blogs, it is difficult to navigate through all of your choices.

Here, I have listed the best SEO blogs that have great potential

I have been reading and following some of these blogs for years. I can say one thing – whatever I learned is because of these blogs.

Top 100 Must-Read SEO & Internet Marketing Blogs

1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land, founded by Danny Sullivan is one of the popular and successful sources of SEO news that also covers the latest trends in expert analysis, search engine trends, how-to guides and tips.  This blog is always the first to break the news and you will find dozens of posts on a single subject. In short, all of your SEO queries can be answered right on this blog.

2. Search Engine Watch

This is the other important SEO blog out there on web. It is one of my favorite SEO blogs, as it typically covers the news first and seems to publish frequently, adding a bit of additional information. Following these both SEO blogs is very beneficial, especially if you want to succeed in SEO. This website is meant for readers to share blog posts made by search engine marketing experts across the globe.

3. Search Engine Journal

This is a popular SEO blog that thrives on guest posts. So, you can hear different voices on a wide range of topics. It also covers SEO news and latest happenings like the above two sites, but seems to have some of the best content than any other site. It focuses on SEO, content marketing, social media, paid search and other online marketing topics. You can expect 5-10 new posts on a daily basis that includes quality guides and how-to’s for online marketing community.

4. The Moz Blog

If you have been around SEO world for some time, you are more likely to hear the term Moz. If you are not following this SEO blog, you are missing a lot. I am a frequent visitor to Moz Blog and never miss a Whiteboard Friday. Paying attention to this blog will ensure that you won’t miss anything related to SEO industry.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is another top rated SEO blog that is known for its unique way of writing. The best thing I liked about this blog is the conversational tone of the articles that humanize the content, making it easier to understand. This blog help you find SEO advice and covers wide range of topics such as web design, sales, academy etc and I would recommend checking these topics.

6. Google Webmaster Central

If you have a blog and want to learn ways to run it successfully, you should follow Google webmaster central blog. This is one of the best SEO blogs that help you learn new ways of blogging.

7. SEMrush

SEMRush is another best SEO blog that offers competitive SEO analysis tools along with powerful blogging platform. It allows SEO & online marketing professionals to share their opinions, thoughts, expertise and many more. All the articles or posts are published, if and only if they are approved by the editors. So, one can stay assured about the quality of posts.

8. Yoast

Yoast is a user-friendly SEO blog that is meant to provide knowledge on a variety of topics related to SEO, site analysis, social media, and conversion rate optimization etc. This is a WordPress optimization tool that allows you to add Title tags, Meta tags etc to your posts. This site gives vast amount of information on how to use SEO and optimize your website in such a way to reach huge audience.

9. Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is one of the popular sources when it comes to SEO and SEM. It is run by Barry Sehwartz and is a great site for webmasters who want to improve their blog statistics. This site also provides latest SEO updates which are beneficial for every website owner.

10. Rahul Yadav’s SEO Blog (Mine)

RahulDigital.ORG, my personal SEO blog focused on providing actionable SEO tips. (Of course, these tips are based on my experience and practical knowledge of SEO). I publish blog once per week on Wednesday. You can subscribe my SEO newsletter here.

11. HigherVisibility

This is one of those SEO blogs that is focused on the important aspects of SEO that are beneficial for you. You will not find anything related to latest news or current trends, but will find the right path to put something in place that enhances the visibility of your site. If you want useful advice about SEO, you should read this blog.

12. Content Marketing Institute

This SEO blog is focused on providing the best content and offers quality information on the best SEO practices. Though this SEO blog is similar to other blogs, you will find unique topics and content. The content provided in this blog is too crucial for success, and you can’t afford to miss it.

13. SEO Book

SEOBook was founded by Aaron Wall in the year 2003 with the purpose of providing training in search analysis, online business tips, marketing tips, web evolution and many more subjects. Aaron offers training sessions with effective videos, tutorials and forum. It is considered as the best SEO training program available across the internet.

14. CopyBlogger

Copyblogger is the perfect SEO blog for you if you want to learn most of the SEO work. This blog is a wonderful writing source and involves writing.  This site focuses primarily on copywriting and SEO friendly content. It educates the viewers on creating outstanding content that manages to drive traffic. Imagine – how amazing it is to get a complete library of seminars, ebooks, forums and discussions for free.

15. KISSmetrics

Kissmetrics was launched by Neil Patel, the renowned digital marketer. He is an SEO guru who has in-depth knowledge of SEO. This SEO blog is about analyzing and optimizing your website with enhanced SEO techniques and help you stand ahead of others. It is an SEO encyclopedia, where you can find everything about SEO.

16. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout by Neil Patel provides lot of information on traffic and analytics. This SEO blog is unique from others and you will find some practical tips that are quite effective. You will get addicted to the way Neil explained everything in his blog.  Neil highlights many types of techniques in his blogs that help you analyze them in a clear and concise manner.

17. Clickz

Clickz is all about the latest updates on SEO industry. It keeps you informed about what is happening in SEO world. You can learn a lot of SEO methods that will work out efficiently to make your website run successfully. The events and seminars hosted by Clickz are very beneficial for SEO professionals.

18. Distilled

Distilled, an online marketing agency explains every aspect of SEO. Whether it is SEO consulting, creative writing, technical SEO or any other thing, you will find in-depth information of everything. If you want to know how SEO is acquiring the digital world, you must read and follow this blog.

19. SEO Hacker

SEOHacker provides the best SEO guides on each and every aspect of SEO world. It gives you the insight of conversion rate optimization, rank tracking tools, increasing return visitors and lots more. If you want some new ideas in search engine optimization, you should consider reading this blog.

20. Seer Interactive

Seer interactive is a reputed marketing company that provides ideas on how to optimize your blog. Seer Interactive provides in-depth knowledge of best SEO tools, paid search, SEO for business, optimization of your website and other relevant information. It is run by SEO specialists and you will get information on wide range of topics.

21. is all about latest SEO and digital marketing trends. It includes a number of topics related to the industry. You will learn a lot about SEO techniques like- link building, content marketing, content analysis, social media optimization, image optimization etc that makes your SEO skills perfect.

22. SEO by the sea

SEO by the sea is an SEO blog that explains the SEO topics evidently and very intensely. The learners can understand the content with ease. The best thing about this SEO blog is that it tells about future ranking signals in Google and helps you use SEO tools in the best possible way.

23. iAcquire

iAcquire is an SEO blog that offer different perspective of online marketing strategies. It adopts a unique outlook of analyzing the psychology behind different SEO techniques and finding out what really work. They also have an interactive weekly video segment that helps you solve your queries.

24. BacklinkO

BacklinkO is one of my favorite SEO blogs. Brian Dean is the brain behind this wonderful blog. This is amongst one of the fastest growing SEO blogs and today it became one of the best 100 seo blogs. To grab the attention of online viewers, Brian provided hundreds of practical tips and tricks related to SEO. I suggest checking this and would personally recommend it.

Must Read Blogs

25. TopRank Online Marketing

TopRank Marketing help companies and organizations retain more business with a variety of integrated marketing services. Whether it is content marketing, SEO or SMM, you can avail their services. They have a blog that provide in-depth information on the best SEO strategies.

26. Google Analytics Blog

Google Analytics blog provides useful information about who is visiting your blog. You will learn a variety of blogging tips and techniques. Companies that spend lot of money on marketing should read this blog, as it tells them whether their marketing efforts give fruitful returns or not.

27. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page conversion and optimization blog that help you improve SEO health. You will get an opportunity to go through unique blog posts.

28. ExactTarget Blog

Follow the blogs from ExactTarget Blog that guides you through best SEO practices. This blog earned higher customer satisfaction and largest market presence.

29. Raven Tools Blog

This is the best source for internet marketing. Whether it is about online marketing or SEO, you will have access to the landfill of valuable information on digital marketing. Whether you are a professional or individual, you should take advantage of this SEO blog.

30. SEO subreddit

SEO subreddit is a roundup of great SEO, social media and analytics subreddits. A lot of SEO professionals and marketers give tips and advise you on the best SEO strategies.


Woorank is a web-based SEO checker tool that generates instant website reviews. You can optimize your website based on the review. The blog covers many topics related to SEO, SMM, and local SEO etc that are very important to generate traffic.

32. SEOprofiler is a well-known internet marketing tool that helps online businesses to get higher rank on search engine results. The main agenda of this blog is to provide its readers with high quality information on digital marketing trends.

33. Searchmetrics

If you want a competitive insight of digital marketing analysis, then is the best source of information. Go through the important SEO factors that take your SEO campaign in the right direction.

34. SEOchat

In, you will find articles and posts by authors about current issues and solutions in the field of SEO and online marketing. Their posts keep you updated with latest SEO news, link building, Google optimization help and many more.

35. Crazyegg

Crazy Egg blog provides the latest insights of digital marketing trends that help professionals stay up to date with what is happening in the world of SEO. The blogs are written by Neil Patel, famous digital marketer.

36. Monitor Backinks

This has been identified as the best source of SEO, especially link building. SEO professionals and enthusiasts can get quite useful information that helps them in implementing the best SEO tactics.

37. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the popular digital marketing service providers, whose blogs provide valuable information on how to improve your existing SEO strategies.  This blog can be a great source of information for fresher.

38. Attracta

Attracta is one of the popular SEO companies with more than 3.6 million websites registered with that company. You will find tips on the best SEO solutions and tools in this blog.

39. Inbound provides detailed information on topics related to quality link building, content development, SEO strategy and many more. Following this blog regularly will help you manage your SEO campaign effectively.

40. Webconfs

The posts at Webconfs provide you comprehensive information on local SEO, content marketing, link building. You will find variety of articles on almost all the SEO topics.

41. Bruce Clay

This blog provides the best information on SEO and how-to articles on a variety of factor that are essential for a blog. Of you want to learn ways to drive huge traffic to your website, follow this blog. This site delivers topics on wide range of SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics and related services.

42. Ahrefs is one of the biggest sources of SEO news, advice, opinion, reference and research. This blog helps you know SEO in a better way using detailed tutorials, case studies, opinions of SEO experts etc. Follow the weekly posts to keep you updated.

43. ProBlogger is a unique platform that provides useful information on how to earn money online. You will get blogging advice, in-depth tutorials, and tips about the latest blogging trends. The SEO category of Problogger covers a broad array of subjects related to local SEO, SMO, Penguin Penalty, content marketing and many more.

44. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is an online platform for individual marketers and marketing teams. It is a great resource for training materials, strategies, marketing tools and many more. The SEO blog covers topics related to local SEO, website performance and other related things.

45. BloggersTown

This SEO blog is a great source of information for digital marketers. You will find loads of information on SEO that will help you build successful online business.

46. Seo Sandwitch

This SEO blog is an informational source for SEO, digital marketing and social media. The main goal of this blog is to provide its readers with important information to get deeper understanding of organic research.

47. SEO Theory

The blog from SEO Theory provides information on the best practices that are regularly changing. They provide the best SEO practices and help you seize the opportunity to grow.

48. Wsol

If you are looking for information regarding content optimization, you should read this blog. You will find everything from the latest updates by Google to the impact of ads on sites. You will find all the useful information that brings necessary changes in SEO strategies.

49. Vertical Leap blog

This blog is run by a search marketing firm that brings digital marketing and technology together. It mainly includes all the topics related to digital marketing and SEO.

50. Evolving SEO

The SEO blog of evolving SEO is one of the must to read blogs. It includes lot of information on the use of relevant SEO tools and strategies. Turn on your SEO partnership into meaningful business by following this blog.

51. BrightEdge

If you want to know how to use the right SEO tools, you should read the blogs of Brightedge. Using right tools at the right time in a right way can help you resolve issues easily. SEO professionals should keep themselves upgraded about the SEO guidelines provided in this blog.

Worth Going Through blogs

52. Goinflow

This is a digital marketing agency that provides information on latest SEO news and advice to get seat in this highly competitive industry.

53. Positionly

Positionly Blog is meant to discuss prominent topics such as backlink profile analysis, SEO audit, role of SEO, SERP, SEO strategy and many more. The main aim of this blog is to help professional grow in their online business.

54. LunaMetrics

When it comes to quality SEO content, Lunametrics is considered as the best. You will know why we added it in this list, if you visit the blog and read a few posts.

55. Web SEO Analytics

This SEO blog provides you substantial amount of information on the SEO facets. Through this blog, you can learn how to reduce bounce rate, SEO checklist, manage SEO campaigns and do many more.

56. Hobo-web LTD

This SEO firm provides the best SEO audits to the website to know why the website is losing traffic. You can gain learn how to gain more traffic by reading their blogs.

57. Sistrix

Sistrix is an SEO tool that provides information on the importance of SEO. This SEO blog is known for its descriptive posts that are highly beneficial for SEO enthusiasts.

58. Stone Temple

The blog of Stonetemple is a great source of help for SEO professionals and experts. This blog provides practical information on plenty of SEO topics.

59. Wordtracker

Keyword research is the most important aspect of online business. The blog of ‘Wordtracker’ includes latest events in online marketing industry, SEO mistakes and many more.

60. State of Digital

The blog of state of digital help you know the ways to use SEO tools and provide information on custom features. Most of the topics discussed are related to SEO and their solutions.

61. Single Grain

The blogs of Single Grain are a good source of information for web masters. You will find plenty of posts on backlinks, white-hat SEO, content marketing and so on.

62. Portent

Portent is a digital marketing company that provides various services such as SEO, SMM, and PPC etc. This company provides a variety of digital marketing tools. You will find plenty of tips in its SEO blog.

63. Wpromote

This SEO blog from the owner of Wpromote provides information on digital market news, suggestions, research and facts.

64. Techwyse

Techwyse blog features an SEO category that clears all your doubts related to SEO. The blog covers almost all the major topics related to SEO.

65. Techmagnate

This SEO blog has earned good name in the SEO world since its launch. This provides worthwhile information about the facets of SEO campaign.

66. RankScanner

Rankscanner was an SEO tool developed for use by business owners to get high ranking on SERP. This blog comprises of SEO guides and tutorials that will help marketers optimize their website for Google.

67. ReliableSoft

If you want to get the latest updates from an experienced digital marketing company, you should consider following this blog.

68. CognitiveSEO

This SEO blog aims to provide cost effective solutions to meet the key requirements of SEO professionals. The blogs posted on this website are well researched and help in boosting online awareness.

69. Dex Media

This blog is committed to help companies provide relevant marketing solutions. You can get better ranking in your business, if you follow this SEO blog.

70. UpCity blog

Upcoty is an inbound marketing solution provider. One can find a lot of SEO solutions in news, events and trends category of this SEO blog.

71. Branded3

Branded3 is an established digital agency whose blogs serve as a hub for information related to SEO. You can get latest insight of news and latest trends of SEO.

72. ShivarWeb

This blog is focused on the importance of prominent SEO benefits, accelerated mobile pages and many more. You can stay updated with the latest SEO trends by following this blog.

73. WebNots

Webnots is a web Services Company started in the year 2007. Its blogs provide valuable information about SEO that help you think in the right direction.

74. Search Engine People

This SEO blog will provide valuable information on latest SEO tips and tricks. You will also get insight of prevention and management of negative online review by following this SEO blog.

75. Blue Fountain Media

Bluemountainmedia is a digital marketing company in New York that is known for its unique blogs. You will get an insight of latest industry trends in digital marketing.

76. WP Site Care

This blog is meant to provide information on different features of WordPress that will help you grow business online. It provides important information on how to develop a blog that rank high on SERP.

77. Daily Blog Tips

If you want best SEO support for your business, this SEO blog is for you. You will be able to make money online after following this blog.

78. SEO Andy

SEO Andy is a pioneer name in the SEO industry that provides important information on SEO. This blog flashes each and every detail about online marketing.

79. V9SEO

Read these highly informative blogs that provide comprehensive knowledge on different aspects of SEO. This SEO blog will let you know about Google algorithms, SEO techniques, SEO tools etc.

80. Receptional

This SEO blog is all about the blindly believed myths of SEO industry. You can turn your ordinary website into a better performing website by following this blog.

81. SoloSEO

If you want to bring success to your website ranking, you should read the blogs of soloseo. Whether it is about the role of keyword optimization, link building or any other SEO strategy, you will find all the right information here.

82. Top Net SEO

The blog of Topnet SEO serves as hub for readers around the world, providing very important information on SEO and related topics. You will learn a lot about SEO after reading this blog.

83. SEOinc

This SEO blog is developed in an interesting manner. Readers will get an opportunity to go through the best topics such as Google Panda, Penguin, and Possum etc.

I hope the above SEO blogs helped you know more about SEO and how can you reach great height by enhancing online presence.

Are there any must-read blogs we missed on this list? Let us know the blogs you’re reading in the comments below.

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