Top 10 SEO Affiliate Programs For Internet Marketers

For the longest time, silos have been a major issue in the world of digital marketing as it limited the ability of the marketers to comprehend the complete scope of customers’ journeys. However, companies have managed to break free of that problem by investing in omnichannel marketing to gain more insights into how marketing channels integrate and add to overall performance.

In this regard, affiliate marketing deserves a special mention as one of the most effective multichannel marketing methods to improve your pay-per-click ROI and SEO. But, when looking to promote SEO through affiliate marketing on your website or blog, the first thing that you need is a good SEO affiliate program. 

Choosing the right program among the countless available in the market might not seem like the easiest of jobs. On that note, here’s bringing you the top ten SEO affiliate programs that can get the job done just how you want it.

  1. SEMrush BeRush Affiliate Program

SEMrush enjoys widespread popularity among SEOs, internet marketers, and bloggers. BeRush is the in-house affiliate program offered by SEMrush that comes with a host of Features. It provides some of the best keyword analysis and competitor backlinks to help you rank the keywords and spy on your competitors’ inbound links.

Joining BeRush for promoting SEMrush is a highly profitable initiative as it provides as much as forty percent commission for the subscription sales.

Top 5 Features

  • Ten years of assured cookie life, along with the first cookie wins model
  • Commission payments twice a month on reaching the minimum threshold
  • Payments through wire transfer and PayPal
  • The fast sign-up procedure with pre-approved affiliate applications
  • Promotional rights are given to one of the best competitive intelligence companies
  1. Link-able Affiliate Program

Link-able is a great affiliate program for all affiliates in the SEO niche. It provides high commissions for every user that you refer to the content marketer networks of the program. One of the best parts of the program is the recurring commissions, where you get to earn as high as $300 for each commission until the referred user continues to use the program. 

Through Link-able, you get to monetize from your content authors and content marketers. You get to promote it on all kinds of websites or YouTube videos.

Top 5 Features

  • Commissions up to $300 for every purchase
  • Recurring commissions for the entire duration for a referred user
  • Payouts made through PayPal
  • Customizable links and dedicated support
  • Cookie-based tracking for ninety days
  1. KWFinder Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an excellent long-tail keyword finder that also comes with low SEO difficulties, then KWFinder is the one you should rely on. The SEO experts and blog outreach services also love this program because of its affordable pricing and multiple useful products like SERP miner, SERP checker, and Rank Tracker. 

Both premium and free subscription versions are available for this program, but you will get a better keyword search limit with the premium version. The recurring commission is another major plus.

Top 5 Features

  • 30 percent lifetime commissions for every referred user
  • Faster payouts through PayPal
  • Accuracy of tracking and a robust software
  • Your customized coupon code brings extra discounts to the clients
  • Affordable products to attract more users
  1. NinjaOutReach Affiliate Program

NinjaOutReach is like an ultimate comprehensive tool that brings together lead generation and blogger outreach at one place for enterprises, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and bloggers.

The tool lets you find influencers, generate quality leads, outreach your product or brand, and save time and effort in growing traffic. Top online brands and affiliate experts trust this program, and with good reason.

This program has two products, namely NinjaOutReach academy and NinjaOutReach Software. You’ll get fifty percent flat commissions for both.

Top 5 Features

  • Flat 50 percent instant commission for every customer every month
  • Great marketing and promo materials with detailed guides
  • Post-affiliate tracking software for the in-house affiliate panel
  • Thirty days payment with minimum $100 threshold for all matured sales
  • Faster payouts using PayPal
  1. SpyFu Affiliate Program

SpyFu provides 45% recurring commissions on the service sales derived from your referral links. It is a premium keyword research tool for both organic and paid search. One of the most useful aspects of this program is that it allows you to download the most profitable keywords of your competitor for paid or organic search. 

Thus, it lets you increase website traffic, make profitable connections, and track top-ranked keywords. Moreover, this affiliate program gets managed by Viglink. So, you can also use the tracking link provided by Viglink to gain more traffic.

Top 5 Features

  • Dozens of pay-per-click keyword research tools
  • Great backlink filtering Features
  • Adwords advice for your campaigns
  • Tracking link from the highly useful Viglink network
  • Effective ways to increase website traffic
  1. LinksManagement Affiliate Program

LinksManagement is a major backlink services platform that lets you order the best backlinks for all kinds of niche and niche-based links for various profiles. It lets you purchase DA40-DA100 backlink pages having premium inventory at highly affordable prices. 

A great thing about link management is that they provide high-end natural links to ensure good ranks on Google. You won’t get cheap and useless backlinks that can be harmful to your website.

Top 5 Features

  • Give $50 worth free credits to the users by referring through your affiliate links
  • Transfer your earned revenues to the bank or get 30 percent extra through in-store credit
  • In-house affiliate systems with precise tracking for conversions and clicks
  • Offers manual link placements on top-notch websites
  • Great earning opportunities for both you and your customers
  1. SEO Reseller Affiliate Program

SEO Reseller comes with white-label SEO tools. It can resell the tools from other websites, enabling the customers to avail of the packages they need. The company is often involved with SEO agents who work to outsource SEO elements through the SEO reseller.

Through this affiliate program, some of the services and tools are available. They include lead tracking, link acquisition, content creation, keyword research, white-label site audits, and optimizing web pages.

Top 5 Features

  • A lifetime of assured cookies, along with 6 percent commission
  • Increased focus on agents compared to end-users, which benefits niche websites
  • A wide range of tools and services for SEO and blog outreach programs
  • Making payouts faster and easier through PayPal
  • Professional reports to present your clients
  1. SEOprofiler Affiliate Program

SEOprofiler offers a complete list of tools, such as keyword research and page auditing, which make your job a lot easier. The plethora of tools on offer is the most commendable factor in this program. The tools of link building and analysis, site optimization, and rank tracking are available for both local areas and mobile devices. Try their free trial before going for the premium package.

Top 5 Features

  • Recurring commissions for the entire duration for a referred user
  • Getting 50 percent for the first sale is a good step up in your affiliate income
  • Opportunity to make 20 percent when a customer pays in advance for a year
  • The free trial period, along with thirty-days money-back guarantee
  • 10 percent commissions for every sale made by a referral
  1. WebCEO Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an all-encompassed SEO product, then WebCEO is what you need. It offers a package of nearly seventeen tools, including keyword research, SEO analysis, auditing tool, and link optimizers. The content submission tool lists content in niche directories and blog communities.

It has two very well-selling products, namely Web CEO Online and Web CEO Desktop. For both of them, it provides banners in different styles and sizes to select from.  It has no initial costs, and from each sale, you can earn a commission up to 60%

Top 5 Features

  • Flat commission rate to help you figure out your sales target
  • Free trial period to let you get the hang of things before making the purchase
  • Cookies for a year to help you convert several shoppers
  • Affiliate referrals tracked through direct links
  • Content submission tool to get your content noticed
  1. Rank Pay Affiliate Program

Rank Pay provides SEO tools based on a range of marketing services, such as content optimization, blog management, site maintenance, and social media marketing. The cost of the content optimization package is $39/month, while the PPC management package begins at $250/month. 

Tools offered under this program include optimized content, on-page optimization, backlink building, content submission to related directories, and keyword research. 

Top 5 Features

  • Focus on your core competencies as the program takes care of the packages
  • Unique performance-based SEO campaigns
  • Monthly rates based on keywords chosen by the customer
  • A range of tools that covers every aspect of affiliate marketing
  • 20 percent lifetime commissions for every referred user


There is no denying the fact that there are tons of SEO affiliate programs available in the market. But, the ten programs mentioned above are undoubtedly the finest in terms of their Features and benefits. If you are planning to provide SEO services to your clients, don’t forget to try. Go ahead and scale up your revenues through these top affiliate programs.

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