Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs in Social Media Tools

 Affiliate marketing is an expansive industry which has quickly become a major source of online income for many professional bloggers. With more and more online based businesses becoming engaged in affiliate marketing, better opportunities have emerged for hardworking bloggers to make money, and thus create passive income surges.

A lot of affiliate marketers will use the affiliate marketing network to look for paid offers for their logs considering the wide assortment working directly with such platforms. Though, the affiliation platforms do take their own cut of the fees that has been generated, they serve a valuable role in the marketing climate 

It is in good sense to become a part of affiliate marketing programs network, since it will help you increase the bottom line. Affiliate marketing can be beneficial to everyone involved in the mix, such as for customer referrals, sales generation, and new visitors to the website. It is basically a risk free venture for both parties, and the affiliate marketer will only have to pay the referral fee when the lead is generated. 

Social Media Affiliate Programs:

Social media affiliate programs originate when the tools that assist in social media management became important. It all started with Facebook, which emerged as a site where people could share pictures, videos, and life updates with friends and family from all over the world.

 It then turned into this mammoth of an industry, where the site and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, were birthed. The social media affiliate programs are created to promote social media management applications that help the marketers control all of their publicly shared content from one source.

We have decided to share our list of social media tool affiliate marketing programs for you to take advantage of:

This is one of the first affiliate marketing programs associated with social media marketing tools. Over time it has proven itself to be an excellent way to earn some money. has become very in demand with a lot of business owners, and those who wish to grow their community. 

It is also helpful for those who want to know in detail about how they can use their Twitter platform within the online marketing community. The affiliate program is pretty simple. You will be receiving around 30% from the revenue that every customer brings in when they enter on your call.

 If you bring in free customers you would even be in line for a small gratitude bonus. All you need to do is use the unique easy to share link formulated and provided by, to join, and then place it on your website where it is highly visible to your customers. Then every single time your website’s visitors click on the link and sign up for you will get the merit of regularly appointed payments. 

Benefit: 30% revenue on every customer that gets referred along with a lifetime of commission each time one of your suggested customers renews. 


Home to the BeRush affiliate program, SEMrush is a tool that analyzes your social media strategy, content, SEO, and paid traffic inflow. It comes with a content marketing space, and is an investment worthy sell. The affiliate program will provide all of its affiliates with all the important promotional components that you need to be able to advertise in five different languages. The affiliated will get 40% consistently occurring commission inflow every time a new user joins. The commission will be coming in every new month, and not just initially.

Benefit: all the affiliates will get 40% per customer for every new user they bring in, each month. 

Social Searcher:

This is a free social media search engine which makes it easy for the influencer to be able to monitor the times and places they have been mentioned across various different networks. This is an ideal tool for instantly tracking and analyzing what people are saying about your company, product, service, and brand. 

The Social Searcher affiliate program itself is pretty remarkable, and so when you become an affiliate you can earn a commission of 50% for the first month. You then get a 10% commission for every month that follows the other, for a lifetime. 

Other than that you can even get a 10% additional on the second level affiliate’s commission. All you need to do is post the link of the affiliate on your social media page, blog, and/or website, which will then send some traffic to Social Searcher. Even if your referral is not subscribing, you can get a commission on the returning visitors for the next 90 days. 

Benefits: 50% commission on the first month, along with a 10%commission on every month that follows


This is a social media tool designed to assist you in boosting the productivity of your social media page. The tool helps you track keywords, follow RSS feeds, schedule content, view mentions, and so much more. The SocialOomph affiliate program is pretty simple.

All you need to do to earn money is to have your referral sign up for the free system, and you will immediately start earning 40% commission for  the subscription fee if the customer happens to shift up to the SocialOomph Professional. You also get a lifetime commission of the referral, a payment you will receive every month. They offer 5% commission on any referral who signs up to SocialOomph in the position of an affiliate. 

Benefit: 40% commission if the customer upgrades to SocialOomp Professional, and 5% if the referral becomes an affiliate. 


This is a straightforward social media tool that has been specifically made for Instagram and Pinterest. It allows the user to schedule bulk uploads, gather detailed insights, and also do valuable optimization.

This tool makes it effortlessly easier for the influencer to handle contents of two different platforms of social media. Tailwind also offers an affiliate marketing program that will offer a 15% commission on each sale. 

When you sign up to the program as a Tailwind affiliate, you will get a cookie for your website which will help track all of your referral based transactions of the next 90 days, and sharing with 15% on all sales. The program, in addition, also offers several pre-made assets in creative capacity which you can put up for sale on your site.

Benefit: 15% commission on all sales 


This is the one social media marketing based platform that allows the user to avail 100,000 post ideas for small businesses, or any major marketing campaign being planned. The users can simply customize the templates, and create visuals from the very beginning with the help of a built-in Graphics Editor. 

It allows the users to create not only sharp and relevant visual content, and publish it, but it will also give you space to schedule written content for Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Its advanced collaboration features will let agencies and freelancers manage the content on both client and executor levels. 

Benefits: you can earn up to 30% in sales, these are the first and recurring sales in one year, by promoting PromoRepublic on your site.


Sendible’s robust social media management solution tools make it easier for corporate marketing teams, digital agencies, and SMEs to promote, track, and analyze their brand’s performance across different social media stages.

 With Sendible you are given a one-stop shop for all of your social media marketing needs that help you in building awareness for your brand. They do this by integrating different social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest onto one dashboard.

Benefit: get a recurring commission of 30%, and also earn $716 every time a client referred by you signs up


This is a highly effective marketing toolbox, which allows its users to be able to access different social media accounts with the use of just one dashboard. 

Its features entail scheduling and writing posts, keeping the customers engaged through private and public channels, and also monitoring activity throughout different social media platforms at the same time. Its affiliate marketing program is managed by the Commission Junction.

 The affiliates are paid when the customers referred happen to purchase several add-ons like enhanced support, and also move up to the Hootsuite Pro account, and purchase the annual membership. This is also inclusive of commissions for any new people that will join the Hootsuite team on your suggestion.

Benefits: Hootsuite pays its affiliates 15% commission on every time referral purchases an add-on

Send Social Media:

This is a social media management platform that lets its users engage with people in their private and public social media realm.

 It also helps them measure and evaluate results, and also see how their brand is performing. The customers will have access to 30 and more social media platforms at the same time as social media. The paid plans tend to range between $59 and $199 every month.

 The company’s affiliate program is in-house, and so the affiliates will have full access to links, and banner ads that will help promote the service. The remarkable thing about the Send Social Media marketing affiliate program is that the payments are sent out immediately once the sale is made through a referral. 

Benefits: Send Social Media pays its affiliates 5% commission on every sale. 

Social Web Suite:

This is an exceptional social media automation tool which is similar to Hootsuite. What makes it unique, however, is that it is heavily integrated with WordPress. They offer their users technical support, and the program will integrate pretty smoothly with Twitter, Bitly, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

 The plans will start out at $23 every month, and then move up to $2388 every year. All of the plans have commissions attached to them, some of which are being paid monthly, while others are being paid yearly. The 30% rate of commission is fixed across all of the plans, which means that the affiliate marketer will get anywhere between $6.90 and $716.40 every year for each sale. 

Benefits: 30% commission rate on a broad range of plans for affiliate marketers.

Revive Social:

This is a combination of two remarkable WordPress plugins which help in building the website networks and traffic. The first plugin will re-share the old posts on the social media platform and keep the discussions going to bring in more website traffic. 

The second product will be sharing the relevant posts emerging from websites of the same nature and then mentions them. This will give way to a certain level of familiarity to emerge between identical sites, allowing them to increase their connections simultaneously. 

Benefits: 55% commission for each affiliate on referral purchase

Lyfe Marketing:

This social media marketing tool offers a vast array of online marketing services for users that want to grow their brand. 

These are all high quality features such as SEO techniques, web design, and email marketing. However, it does not stop there, Lyfe Marketing also offers services like content evaluation and editing, branding, video production, digital marketing options, and so much more. 

They also have an in-house affiliate program. The affiliates interested to join the team have to just click the request affiliate information button and fill out the form. 

Benefits: Lyfe Marketing has one of the best commission rates for their affiliates program. They offer $125 to their working affiliates on each sale that comes from customers referred by them. 


Social media Affiliate programs are a two in one beneficial cause. They not only equip you with high quality tools to help you with your social media standing, but also allow you to earn extra bucks. Just make sure to research the programs well, before you join them.

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