Top 10 Best Mobile App Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a common technique for generating substantial online revenue and driving sales. Mobile affiliate marketing is one of the examples of it. In mobile affiliate networking, there is a use of various mobile apps. Here customers are brought by an interconnected system through mobile devices like android smartphones or an iOS device. 

Mobile networking is growing faster day by day. There are near about 2 billion or more people who are using smartphones worldwide. This number is not sightless! Now, take a moment and think about how much money can be earned with this enormous amount of smartphones if we start a business via mobile app affiliate programs. 

This craze of smartphones helps the marketing industries to be more increased. Gaming, shopping is just a door away now. The biggest brands have reached their potential customers in any corner of the earth. Affiliate marketers have figured out how to use this opportunity well.

Mobile apps are the new weapon for starting the marketing business. No one has a mobile phone and doesn’t use any single app. Each app has its uses. Being an affiliate for mobile apps, one can guide people about mobile apps for different reasons. Here are some of the top mobile app affiliates described below.

Cash App:

Cookie – 14 days 

Cash App is a free money app through which users can send and receive money instantly. Cash App allows getting balance notification and uses of a free debit card to cover expenses. Customers can send money without any cost by using the app. They can also submit their paychecks directly to their account via the use of a Cash App. Users can be benefitted from a variety of discounts from different merchants who are tied up with the service. 

If you are interested in beginning an affiliate journey with the Cash App, you have to go to the app’s referral section. There is an ‘invite’ option in the app that you can invite your friends, and in return, you can get $5 when a friend accepts your invitation. Then you have to share your code with friends, and after that, you get the cashback. 


Cookie – 48 hours

Commission – give $5 and get $10 

With the Dosh app, customers can earn up to 10% cashback by linking their debit card or credit card to the app mentioned above. Customers can get various offers and cashback opportunities, even daily. Persons have to use it as a daily payment app, and the offers will be sent into their accounts quickly. 

One can send their referral link to their friends or relatives through text messages, emails, or via social media platforms as an affiliation with dosh. The link would be provided by clicking the ‘offers’ button at the app’s bottom portion. If any of your friends link their credit or debit card by signing up, they get $10 as a referral bonus added to their dosh wallet automatically. 


Cookie – 7 days 

Commission – 250 kicks 

Shopkick is a useful app for people who loves shopping. Besides shopping, customers can enjoy rewards and gift cards. By purchasing products, users earn points from the scanning items. In the Shopkick app, the rewards are named ‘kicks.’ If anyone got the reward, it would be automatically added to their account. Like other mobile apps, there is an invite option in the app. Customers can share the invite code with their friends, and the lucky one will win credits. Customers can earn up to 25,000 kicks if the first 100 friends whom he/she has sent invitation requests to accept their invitation.  


Cookie – lifetime 

Commission – get $1 for the first five sign-ups and then 30% of referrals earnings.

InboxDollars is a great mobile app that gives you cash for your daily, conducted online activities. It is a useful app to be aligned with. Online activists include playing online games, shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, listening to songs, etc. So this is a convenient way of getting a little extra money. The money you earn from this app is in cash form, not mobile wallet points that stop you from using it in different fields.  

A calendar helps you keep tracking your amount of earned money and how much money you can earn potentially. 

Ebates Affiliate Program: 

Cookie – 1 year 

Commission – give $10 and get $25 

Ebates is one of the famous and biggest cashback mobile apps in the world. Over 2000 online stores have been tied up with this app so that there are plenty of options to win cash backs from different shopping sprees. 

Here customers can earn a $25 referral fee once they have a successful referral. 

They can send referral links through email or social media platforms. 

Personal Capital :

Cookie – 30 days 

Commission – give $20 and get $20 

Personal Capital is a mobile app for online financial advice and personal wealth management. It ensures that one can save enough for a sound retirement. Customers can easily access this app and link their accounts with the app. Personal capital also provides free online money tools and expert advice. If three users join the app from your reference, you will get a $50 bonus offer.


Cookie – 45 days 

Commission – give $50 and get $50 

Chime is mainly a banking app. This app’s plus point is it has no hidden fees, service fees, money transfer fees, or it doesn’t require any minimum balance in your account. Chime ensures people’s healthier finance and spending habits.

As an affiliate, customers can send an invitation request through social media platforms or the mobile app.


Cookie – 72 hours 

Commission – $10 Groupon bucks 

Groupon is a mobile marketplace that helps you keep track of things like places to eat, products to buy, etc. It provides a different kind of service that helps us to explore our surroundings.  

As an affiliate, customers can earn a good referral bonus if you can have them come on this platform. Groupon bonus is known as Groupon bucks that can only be used in any transaction in Groupon. Like other apps, users can send the invitation link through email, text, or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  


Commission – variable 

Zanox is a performance advertising network that is situated out of Europe. This platform helps the businesses to promote their products. The app allows us to choose the Zanox suite of tools, and customers can earn a reasonable sum of money by using these tools. 


Commission – variable 

Moby Affiliates acts as a mobile ad network of mobile apps. It is mainly helpful for mobile app developer who is looking for marketing their app. 

As an affiliate, customers can access a variety of perks on the market. These customers will be introduced to different apps and can use them for their purposes. You may be the first to know about the app and start using it before it becomes so popular.

Start Sharing With Friends:

All the apps mentioned above are the easiest and handy app affiliates in the market. The referral programs for every app is very flexible. So start referring and bring more customers to the platform.

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