Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Are you looking for the best high paying affiliate marketing programs for beginners? You are in for such a treat. I’m going to share my top secret favorite high paying affiliate marketing programs that are totally newbie-friendly. Keep reading to get the scoop.

What’s the Deal with Affiliate Marketing?

You refer products and earn a small commission if your efforts result in a sale. Pretty straightforward, right? A lot of people go nuts for affiliate marketing because you can gain financial freedom and work a flexible schedule, being your own boss. One affiliate referral can earn you pennies or thousands of dollars.  This article will share higher paying programs to help you make the most from your effort.

Think about it.

If you refer one sale valued at a $50 commission for you. You’d need to do that 100 times to earn $5,000 for the month. That might sound like a lot, but think about if you receive 10,000 or 50,000 visitors to that offer in a month.  Of those tens of thousands of visitors, do you think 100 people will buy? Maybe more!

Affiliate marketing is desireable because as shared above, it’s flexible and financially rewarding. You can finally work for yourself, be your boss, escape your 9 to 5 and spend time doing more things you love!

I ventured into affiliate marketing seriously about 3 years ago. Since then, I was able to quit my day job, and enjoy a flexible schedule that has allowed me to create my dream day, enjoy occasional long lunches with hubby and school lunches with my son, not worry about asking for time off or permission for doctor’s appointments, schedule home repairs and utility provider visits during the week with no hassle, enjoy a morning hair appointment with no traffic and no congestion in the salon, and more.

These might sound like little things and they are, but how often do you get to enjoy the little things in life?

Ok, so here is my roundup of high paying affiliate programs for beginners:

1. Shopify

Shopify is a store platform that lets users create an online store.  This is perfect for existing retailers and businesses that want a website or startups that are looking to create an online space for their business.

From personal experience, I can tell you that Shopify is stellar. They are a one-stop shop for all your business needs. You have access to unlimited support, community, themes, experts, free and paid tools and apps, plus so much more.  Business owners love how affordable monthly web plans are, with Shopify.  And, the free 14-day trial is a great way to help newbies to the platform get their feet wet and take the platform for a spin before they make their final decision.

You enjoy a 200% bounty and can earn up to $2,500 per sale with Shopify.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is a popular hosting platform. Anybody that needs a web host for their site should try out Bluehost. I’ve hosted many sites with them and have had an incredible experience. Amazing support, tons of free options and perks and the low price of $2.95/month for hosting cannot be beat!

Enjoy a generous $65 per sale with Bluehost if you sign up through their site.

3. Website Flippers University

This blogger-made course shows you how to buy, grow, and flip websites for a profit. More and more people are flipping domains and websites every year.  You can make $2,500 per month on a part-time basis. This really is a lucrative way to make a nice income.

This program is on a monthly membership and affiliates earn a generous 40% commission per sale.

4. Cracking the Code

This blogger-made ebook shows you how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing. Arguably one of the tougher ways to earn through affiliate sales, this mom cracked the code, earning $5K to $7K per month on her new blog, primarily from the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

Amazon’s program is pretty easy to make money with but, the hard part comes with how much you can earn. The categories are lower paying, going up to as high as 10% commission per sale. So, selling high-priced items or selling many lower-priced items seems like the way to go from the outside however, there are some tricks of the trade you want to adopt to make a killing with this affiliate program.

If you want to learn the ropes, check out the ebook. You have to be a customer in order to join the affiliate program, which pays a handsome $40% per sale. I’ve earned a cool $1,000 from this affiliate program myself. It’s a great book. Get more information here.

5. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This blogger-made course helps you earn almost $100 per sale! You might notice a theme here, right? Blogger-created courses pay well! It really is a win-win because you can buy the course, ebook, guide or program for yourself. Soak up the knowledge and then refer to your audience to make a lot of money.

This course teaches you about affiliate marketing. I made back 10 times my investment within just 3 weeks of completing this course.  It is a gamechanger. Learn more about it here.

6. Ebates

I really love Ebates. It’s a nifty little resource that helps you save money.  It’s free to join and there are no strings attached. It’s so easy to refer and get referrals and you can earn a cool $10 per referral, sometimes more during special events.

How it works? Join for free, then get the free browser extension and when you land on partner websites like Old Navy, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or more, you get a popup showing you how much cash back you will earn upon purchase. You make your online purchases as normal and get rewarded with cash back for doing so.  That’s it!

Wanna try it for yourself? Claim your free $10 here for signing up and when you become a member, you will get your affiliate code automatically!

7. Tailwind

Earn $15 per sale when you refer others to Tailwind. Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool. You can schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts on autopilot. It’s great for businesses, bloggers, affiliate marketers, lots of different folks.  If you’re on social media and it helps you make money as an influencer or otherwise, you’ll wanna try Tailwind.  I’ve been a member for 2 years and I actually have multiple Tailwind memberships.

Interested? Check it out here and take advantage of their free 14-day trial to try it out!

8. Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles pays 40% commission on sales (70% commission if you are a contributor). They put together a really cool  “bundle” of eProducts throughout the year, focusing each bundle around a specific theme like healthy living, blogging, photography, etc.

I have bough multiple “bundles” on several occasions. You get something like $5,000 worth of goods at 98% off or something crazy like that.  It is a DEAL!

It is easy to refer the bundles because it’s so much amazing value for the price and it’s a limited time only. Once the bundle is gone, it’s gone forever.

Join their affiliate program right here.

How to Promote

And there you go, 8 high paying affiliate programs for beginners!

You can promote products to friends and family, your following on social media, email list, followers or fans on a website you run, etc.

Share products in your blog post. Are you a blogger or website owner? Talk about products on your website. If you don’t have a site and are interested, grab hosting (includes free domain) and do the one-click install to get your site ready in 10 minutes. Then, add a theme and your content (blog posts). You’ll be ready to go in under an hour.

Send an email blast to your list. Do you have an email list? Send a message to your subscribers and share products. This is one of the easiest ways to get sales. One email can literally be worth $1,000 or more, no joke. An engaged email list will almost always do better than a blog post.  Don’t miss out on this!

Create a review. You can write a review or film a video review. Put it on the web, YouTube, Reddit or other sources, along with your referral link to get sales that way. Better believe that people are hunting for reviews. If you’re like me, when making most purchase decisions, especially big purchases, I am looking for a review!

Your Turn

Now to you! Time to take what you’ve learned and put it to use. Do you have some favorite affiliate programs for beginners that you think are newbie-friendly? Please share down below so we can keep expanding on this list!

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