Top 10 Best Airline Affiliate Programs

Just like the name states, an affiliate program is when a known website associates itself with another online entity, as a way of bringing more traffic to their page, in exchange for an arranged commission. E-commerce websites, which are the most common ones with affiliate programs, take great advantage of this system to sell their products or services and get more possible clients from their affiliates.

Airline companies can do this, as well, offering the chance of someone interested earning some cash every time clients get to the airline’s website through their own page or blog. For someone directly working with traveling, such as travel blogs or independent agents, this could be a great opportunity to make an extra income. These programs have a lot of potential and for someone already with some online influence and traffic, the commissions can reach high levels. That’s why, today, we are taking you through the 10 best programs you can affiliate with, in the airline industry. Some private jet charter companies are also getting themselves into this business, and for the best ones at the moment, click here. 

1.Travelpayouts Travel Affiliate Network 

This company has several different affiliate programs, from different areas, and around many websites, and it might be the best channel to reach other programs in the airline section. When associating yourself with this brand, your affiliate link will be the main source of your income, because when someone visits the website through your link, for 30 days, it will stay in the user’s system, so even if the user, during this time, visits the company’s website directly, it will still count as through you. Also, you’ll receive credit for all purchases made during that time, and you don’t even need a traditional website to join this program, any online platform works. Now, if you have good traffic in any other place, it means more income for you. Lastly, these affiliate programs offer a great system, capable of easily helping you with any question you might have about them. 

2. Expedia Travel Affiliate Program

A business capable of giving its affiliates a chance of worldwide opportunities, thanks to its huge line of airlines and hotels, all over the world. When you register yourself to join the program you need to get approved, but once that process is completed, you are ready to start your journey here and monetize your page. Affiliates will get 6% commission per sale! However, there’s a catch, as it’s only available for US Travel agents.

3. Wego Travel Affiliate Network 

Ideal for anyone interested in earning some extra money, with the great plus of allowing a good number of different sources to be used, for example, social media, blogs, forums, advertising networks, among others. With a proper customer service team, always ready to help you with anything you need, this amazing platform has an even bigger perk – you don’t get paid by the commission, instead, they use the “Exit Click”, where you get paid even if the user doesn’t buy anything. It’s all about clicking through your affiliate link. Payments can range from $0.05 to $0.40 per click. 

4. Kayak Affiliate Program

Are you ready to take advantage of your website’s traffic, and turn it into an extra income source? Kayak offers great opportunities to make whatever website or blog you have, going forward. You can easily earn up to 50% for every flight booked through your affiliate link, yet, on the contrary to the other programs, this one only has a 30 minutes duration on a user’s system. You can apply from the Travelpayouts account, and after two days, if your account is approved, you are ready to make it happen. 

5. Tripadvisor Affiliate Program 

Everyone has already heard about Tripadvisor, surely – a website with large popularity around the traveling world. Its affiliate program is wide in services and in different sectors in the tourism industry, giving your visitors a range of choices, and consequently, making more people click on the ads. You get 50% commission when a user goes to the website through your link, and there are also some incentive programs to the affiliates, offering payments to those whose traffic drives more people to the website. Payments are sent monthly, via Paypal. 

6. Skyscanner Flight Affiliate Program

Skyscanner focuses mainly on flight tickets and welcomes to its program, websites with a lot of traffic. It works with the “Exit click” method, as well, and its affiliates earn $0.15 to $0.25 per click. However, it comes with a disadvantage – in case your page is getting low traffic or poor quality one, Skyscanner may block your account without sending the money you have earned, even if it’s already credited to you. 

7. Momondo Affiliate Program

Momondo is also quite popular around the traveling world, however, when it comes to its affiliate program, it can be more restricted to the websites it accepts. You also only get paid for the users who actually book flights, from 75% for the US and 65% to the rest of the world. As a way to motivate its affiliates, Momondo has started campaigns with higher commissions, so if you work with a travel blog or traveling related websites, you might benefit more from this program. 

8. Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

Launched in 1998, Qatar Airlines is one of the most recent ones flying the skies, and it too as an affiliate program. Anyone with online business and relevant traffic can join this program, not excluding anyone or any kind of website. The Qatar website has a searching engine, so, this way, the affiliates will have a better outreach. This program is definitely a one-way ticket for some extra cash. 

9. Jetradar

Jetradar is dedicated to helping users find the best deals in flights, searching by dates and destinations. For anyone joining this program, they will be earning up to 70% from every sold ticket, through the associated link. This program is also part of the Travelpayout network, so if you already have an account there, you can use it on this website too. 

10. ClaimCompass Affiliate Program

Different from other companies, this one focuses mainly on the “after experience”. It’s a website where people can claim for situations that happened to them, like canceled flights and things of the kind, no matter how much time has passed, ultimately receiving money compensation. Their program doesn’t do commissions in percentage, but uses an already marked value of 14$ per successful claim. When a user goes to the website through your link, it stays in their system for up to 90 days, being the program that offers the longest data storage. 

In Conclusion 

There are many benefits of joining an affiliate program, where you can easily register your website and earn more cash, adding to your normal ads income. Make sure to, first of all, read all the terms and clauses of these deals, so your affiliation is exactly what you need or desire. Airline flight programs are a growing source since everyone loves to travel, and if your page has great traffic, you will only benefit from it. If you are considering applying, I hope this piece helped you figure out the most suited one for you, so now the only thing left is to take the leap. Thank you so much for reading!

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