Top 10 Chatbot Affiliate Programs

No one ever imagined that we would be using a smart tool to converse with humans just like naturally. And this buzz word got a boost in the past few years. Businesses and even people at home find it interesting to interact with chatbots and add seamless ways of executing a trade and other personal things such as shopping, searching out information, playing their favorite tracks, and much more. 

With the advent of technology, the chatbot platform became more intelligent and led companies with a new means of the tool for their marketing mix. With AI-powered and NLP based chatbot marketing, businesses got a huge benefit to succeed in the high-end market. 

With the increasing use of chatbot builder, manufacturers or service providers have also raised many opportunities for people. Eventually, it has resulted in a lot of competition among companies and users to earn from these opportunities termed as- an “affiliate program.” Indeed, with the whole scenario, chatbot platforms are immensely growing by supporting others via a Chatbot affiliate program. 

Now the first question that would arise for newbies would be, “what is an affiliate program?”

What is an affiliate program? 

In general, affiliate programs are also known as associate programs. They are an arrangement in which an online merchant site pays an affiliate site a commission to send them traffic or support in engagement. This agreement is ordinarily based on the number of people the affiliate sends to the merchant’s site. In some cases, they pay according to the number of visits. 

Top 10 Chatbot Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a hot topic worldwide; many people are already into it, some fail to make a way to succeed. It would be preferable for you not to worry, that I have this ultimate guide to help you get started and win immensely. Going on, here’s the top 10 chatbot affiliate program. 


Another excellent affiliate program is “BotPenguin.” It is a SaaS-based chatbot platform, offers support for lead generation, customer support, and appointment booking via conversational AI. It has two types of programs. By just educating enterprises and businesses to implement BotPenguin, you can earn a lot of revenue for yourself. 

You can even talk via mail to experts in case of any query. 

Benefits: Affiliate program: for every sale, you’ll get around 20% recurring revenue according to each renewal to plan. And even the one who’ll purchase will get 10% off! 

  • In case you guide any client on how to install BotPenguin, then on each sale, you’ll get 30% recurring revenue. 


It is the subsidiary company of Mail Chimp. It offers a chatbot affiliate program for free and even on other products. You will find necessary and pro plans at a very reasonable rate, making it an ideal choice for most businesses. This means not enough you could earn, but there is never wrong to start with minimal. 

But on the other hand, its team plan rates are a lot higher than other plans in comparison. So, it might help you earn a perfect commission if you opt for this plan. 

Benefit: 20% of Annual / Monthly Billing(s). 


As you already know, it is the oldest one in the era of chatbot marketing. It offers pretty exclusive rates in their affiliate program. It doesn’t have any fixed rates of commission. Instead, it depends on the number of referrals, quality, and type, which will set a different price every time. 

This program is mainly beneficial to your brand or site’s digital branding. It helps in getting your brand featured on the Drift. 

You can earn around 20% of the Drift software’s revenue share.

Benefit: 20% of the share of the revenue.  


Tars is a simple and one of the most powerful chatbot builder. It is an ideal platform for small businesses and even marketers. People use the Tars chatbot affiliate program to drive better conversion rates. Somewhat like having a 24/7 sales rep and helping out each visitor. They offer the highest benefit to their affiliates. Anyone can join irrespective of any specific terms or conditions for free! They also provide a dedicated dashboard that helps keep track of the traffic via their affiliate link. 

The primary reason it is one of the most beneficial platforms to earn that even after getting a 30% share in total billing is the costliest bot among all, and thus people can gain a lot out of it. 

So, if you have premium users, you must go for Tars! 

Benefit: 30% of Annual / Monthly Billing(s). 


It also offers a 30% commission like the Tars affiliate program. It is free of cost and can be joined by anyone. As compared to Tars, its plans and pricing of their bots are less than half. 

Moreover, apart from the billing commission, collect. Chat also allows affiliates to earn a $50 bonus on every 10th customer they close. So, if you have a lot of traffic, it might be an excellent option to go for. 

Benefit: 30% of Annual / Monthly Billing(s) + additional $50 on every 10th customer. 


Surprisingly, it offers a 35% commission to their affiliates. But the drawback is even after paying the highest until now; it doesn’t benefit much compared to Tars or Collect.Chat. The reason behind this is that it’s chatbot’s price is lesser than both. Moreover, it doesn’t have many features, so people might not go for it. But, if you would be successful in persuading, then it might be an excellent fit for you. However, it can be a feasible choice that needs a cheap and straightforward chatbot. 

Benefit: 35% of Annual / Monthly Billing(s).


Engati is always the believer in creativity, doing things differently, and doing quite similar to its chatbot affiliate program. Like other companies, it doesn’t offer a commission on the billing. Here, you can sell their product under your brand name by paying a pre-set basic license fee at a price you wish for. And in return, you have to pay the original price of their bot after the sale. Now you might be wondering how it is beneficial. With this program, you will earn money and raise your website’s branding value. 

Benefit: sell under your brand name. 


It is not one of the successful or popular chatbot platforms. But surprisingly, its bot’s features are mesmerizing, especially for the e-commerce industry. Its affiliate program is free, and the benefits are not disclosed. 

Moreover, by every lead you’ll bring, you’ll be paid accordingly. And if the client goes into a signing-up long-term agreement, the reward will be more. So, join it for a more incredible feel and money. 

Benefit: it varies as per the leads. 

From its beginnings, the company has enjoyed a great deal of recognition and success in the digital market. Their bots are full-fledged and highly futuristic. The company’s pricing structure is quite different from other industry platforms. And they don’t offer a monthly subscription option. 

You can visit their site to get to know regarding perks and benefits. 

Benefits: N/A 

Virtual spirits 

Virtual spirits offer chatbots at different prices ranging from as low as $10 per month to around $240 per month. This platform has supported many businesses and made them more productive. They have an affiliate program, and to get more information, you need to sign-up and move further; you have to meet their eligibility criteria. They pay affiliate commission on several leads and orders. 

Benefit: N/A 


As you got ample information regarding some of the top chatbot affiliate programs. If you are looking for ways to earn and raise your brand value, then you can take support from these programs. Choose what kind of traffic you can bring and go on with an ideal plan for yourself. And these would benefit you, for the long-term. 

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